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Be Mine, Sweetheart - Sweetheart Colorado

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Aria Cole, Mila Crawford

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Riley Crane had a good life in Chicago; everything was going well…until it wasn’t. After a tragedy rocked her world, she packed her bags and headed for Sweetheart, Colorado, opening Urban Bloom and trying to forget her past. She never thought she would fall in love with the charming town or fall for one of its heroes.

Holden Summers is one of Sweetheart, Colorado’s most eligible bachelors. The townsfolk never understood how the handsome captain of the Sweetheart Fire Department hasn’t been caught by anyone, but Holden isn’t interested in dating. He is too focused on other things…until the day when he steps into Urban Bloom and takes one look at the sweet young owner.
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Aria Cole, Mila Crawford



I couldn’t see anything. The smoke was billowing so high, forcing itself into my lungs. My feet hit the ground, and the cherrywood floor didn’t have its typical cool greeting. I yanked my foot back to avoid the burning heat the floor radiated. Lori. I called her name over and over again, desperate to find her. Last night we drank too much. It was too late for her to drive home, so she stayed on my couch. I put my feet on the ground again, the heat making me cringe. I covered my face with a sheet and started to fight my way through the smoke.

“Lori,” I called out, hearing nothing in return before the ceiling in front of me collapsed, blocking my path. I didn’t know what to do. Panic rose within me, taking over, mixing with the smoke and making it hard to breathe. I searched around frantically, looking for any way to escape. I saw the flames peeking at the side, and then everything went black.

The next thing I knew, I was in a hospital bed, parts of my body wrapped up in gauze. A few nurses and doctors hovered over my bed, talking about things that I didn’t understand.

“Lori,” I said, shocking myself with the rasp in my own voice.

“She’s up,” one of the nurses stated the obvious before rushing at me with a chart.

“Where is my friend,” I demanded, trying to get up and regretting it instantly. My body felt like it was being dragged through glass every time I moved.

“Please try to relax, Miss Crane,” the doctor said as she smiled sweetly at me. “You’ve had quite an ordeal. Rest is what you need at the moment.”

“Lori… Where’s my friend? She slept over. What happened? Can someone tell me what happened?”

“There was a fire in the apartment above you. It spread rather quickly. You’re lucky to be alive, let alone with minimal injuries.”

Lucky to be alive? Her words echoed in my mind, vibrating at full volume until, like a noose, it constricted my neck.

“What about Lori?” I asked, my voice barely audible even to myself. “She was there with me. Is she in another part of the hospital? Lori Carlson. Can someone please check?”

“I’m sorry, Miss Crane. You’re the only one who was brought here from your residence, but we will check on your friend for you.” The doctor nodded to a nurse, who rushed out of the room. A few moments later, the nurse came back, glancing anywhere but at me directly. I knew before she even said anything..

“Please,” I begged, “is she okay?”

“I’m sorry. Lori Carlson was pronounced dead on the scene.”

Chapter 1


"My niece is coming for a visit." Mrs. Richards smiled as she placed her withered, sun spotted hand on my arm. This was a common occurrence for me in town. Apparently, a thirty-six-year-old single man was a shocking horror story in Sweetheart, Colorado.

"I'm good, Mrs. Richards, but thank you."

"Holden, are you into boys? If you are, I've got a nice man I could set you up with."

"Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not," I said, trying to pass her as politely as possible. I poured my coffee, holding it up to her and hoping that was enough of a cue for her to stop asking her questions. "I'm just focused on the job at the moment." I took a sip of my coffee and started to walk towards the cash register, hoping she'd finally get the hint. I didn't have such good luck; she looped her frail arm in mine and followed me.

"That job isn't going to keep you warm at night," she said.

I almost spat out my coffee. I didn't want Mrs.Richards thinking about things that kept me warm at night.

"I've got hot cocoa for that," I said, pulling my arm away from her, dropping a five on the counter, and not caring about collecting the change. All I wanted at that moment was to be as far away from the old woman as humanly possible. "Well, you have a good day," I said before storming out of there.

The walk to the fire station wasn't long, but it was enough time for me to finish my coffee and get a moment of peace. I wasn't blind to all the looks I got every time I walked down the street. The idea of a bachelor in this town was unheard of. I kept my head down, afraid that if I made any type of eye contact, another conversation about how they have the perfect girl for me would begin. It wasn't that I didn't want a relationship or a family. I just never found anyone who made me feel like she was the one. I grew up with two people who set the standard pretty high. My parents had been together for fifty-five years. They were wholly dedicated to each other as much today as they were when they met at the ripe old age of sixteen. When I asked my dad when he knew that Mom was the one, he said he was sure from the first day he saw her. Knowing that was possible, I wasn't going to settle for anything less. So I threw myself into my job. Helping people became my calling in life. The only downside was that when you spent ten years doing a job that helped people, it made people feel like they had a right to meddle to make your life perfect, whether you wanted them to or not.