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Claimed By Her Enemy

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Flora Ferrari

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I’m going to hate him. My dad’s so-called best friend thinks he’s taking over my company with his billions? No way. But when he walks into our first board meeting I can’t help but notice how hot he is…I want him. But can I trust him? When he asks me to go away with him on his private jet, I know I have to find out once and for all.

I didn’t make my billions by not being ruthless, but something about this woman makes me want to leave the rat-race behind. She’s completely inappropriate for me my best friend’s daughter in fact yet I have never craved a woman so much. If ever. I always go for what I want, and I want her. More than that, I want to protect her…because something is telling me that she could be in danger, and not just from me…
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Flora Ferrari

Chapter One


I’m going to hate him.

That, as far as I am concerned, is a done deal. Certainly, more so than whatever he’s planning to do with my Dad’s company. No, my company. Since Dad passed away a few months ago, and left his majority shares to me, I’m now the director of Iona Wellness, a company I had big plans for...until this man stepped in with his takeover bid.

The fact that he was supposed to have been my father’s best friend just makes it even more of a betrayal, in my eyes. Of course, the implication is that he is trying to help, to prevent us from going under, but it seems more than a bit fishy to me that he’s suddenly decided to step in now that Dad isn’t around anymore. I’m almost sure that this isn’t what Dad would have wanted, but Frank, our finance guy and another old family friend, reckons that we have no choice, not if I don’t want Iona to go into liquidation. And of course, I don’t want that. I would feel like a complete failure, taking the reins only to watch it collapse.

Of course, it’s hardly my fault...instead of inheriting the thriving company that I was expecting, I seem to have inherited a ton of debt instead. Dad had been sick for a while, but I never thought he would have let things slip so badly. From suppliers not delivering to distributors not paying what they owe, it seems a lot of people were only too happy to take advantage of him not having his eye on the ball. I wish now that I had paid more attention in my business studies at college... I always knew it would be mine someday, but I guess I hadn’t thought that it would happen so quickly.

I glance at the clock and over at Frank, who rolls his eyes.

“Mr. Bigshot has a reputation for being late,” he says. It’s only one minute past the hour, but I return Frank’s grimace anyway. Like I said, I’m going to hate him.

“Mr. Bigshot” is Alistair Lawrence, a dot-com whizz kid turned ruthless business tycoon. He met my Dad in business school, where they became fast friends and remained so until Dad passed away. I haven’t set eyes on Alistair since I was a kid, and don’t remember much about him other than he was built more like an action movie star than a Silicon Valley nerd. I wonder if Dad gave him free Iona supplements.

“We really have no choice?” I ask Frank again, for about the millionth time this week. Frank gives an exaggerated shake of his head.

“I’m afraid not Izzy...not if you want to keep Iona going in any form. I did warn your father...but of course he was failing rapidly towards the end and I think it was affecting his judgment. You know how stubborn he was.”

That makes me smile. Yes, I do know. I remember how mad he was when I dropped out of school to pursue my dream of becoming a social media influencer for the cosmetics industry...he even stopped my allowance. But I also remember how proud he was when I hit my first million subscribers and started getting big brand sponsors.

“Maybe we will start an Iona cosmetics range,” he had said with a grin. That had been my next goal...but now it looks like it will never happen. Not without Mr. Bigshot’s say so anyway. And I don’t want anything from him.

Finally, the door opens and Mary, my father’s secretary – my secretary – looks nervously around the door.

“Mr. Lawrence is here. Shall I show him in?”

“Please,” I say, trying not to pull a face.

A few minutes later a stony-faced woman and an older man with a briefcase walk in, followed by a man who can only be Alistair Lawrence. I stand up to greet him...and my jaw nearly hits the floor.

He’s gorgeous.

I mean, I’ve seen him on the cover of Time on a few occasions since I last saw him in the flesh, so I thought I knew what to expect but actually seeing him standing in front of me is entirely different. He has thick dark hair with the slightest hint of grey at the temples and the sort of sculpted, aristocratic good looks that suit his rich British image. Piercing blue eyes and a body that Jason Statham would be envious of...that expensive tailored suit is doing nothing to hide his impressive muscle tone, broad shoulders and barrel thighs.

But it’s not just the way he looks...he has this almost magnetic aura, as if the very air around him seems to heat up and crackle. He moves like he owns the place.

Which of course, he soon will. Remembering that this is the man I’m determined to hate I fix a steely look on my face as I reach out to shake his hand. As his large, unexpectedly rough hand closes firmly over mine, I feel my mouth go dry and force the sudden image of those big hands running over my body out of my mind. But I can’t stop my nipples from stiffening under my blouse and my panties from growing damp.