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Dirty Rich Betrayal - Love Me Forever - Mia & Grayson by

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Lisa Renee Jones

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Grayson Bennett returns.

A powerful man, the king of the world to some, but he is nothing without Mia Cavanaugh. She is his life, his heart, the reason he breathes. Shaken by an attempt on her life, Grayson is ready to marry her, love her, protect her, but the threat isn't over. He has lost everyone he loves before Mia. He will do anything it takes to protect her and call her his forever.
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Lisa Renee Jones



Ocean wind teased with salt washes over Grayson and I as we exit the lighthouse, our special place, and head back toward his Hamptons mansion. I glance down at my finger, where the gorgeous emerald-cut diamond with hints of blue was placed only minutes before. It’s beautiful and it should never have left my finger, but it’s back now. This Friday evening has brought proof that love, real love, never dies, no matter what evil tries to destroy it. But it’s still painful for Grayson and me to know that I let Ri, a man who was eaten alive with jealousy over Grayson, use me as a weapon against him. Now Ri is dead.

“Does it bring back bad memories?” Grayson asks. “Because if it does, you can pick a new one.”

“This is my ring,” I say, stopping to turn to him. “I love this ring. You had it designed for me. No one gets to take this from me ever again.”

He cups my face. “I don’t want anything that will muddy up our future. Not again.” He strokes an errant lock of hair behind my ear. “The ring—”

“Is perfect. I am back where I belong.”

“Yes. Yes, you are.” He motions to the house, and we turn and start walking again, his grip on my hand firm. He still feels like he could lose me again. And I get that. He quite literally just lived through a man holding a gun on me, with the intent to kill me. So did I, but that isn’t where my head is right now. I’m worried about Grayson, not me, which is why my eyes land on the gorgeous mansion that is our destination, with such a heavy heart. It was his father’s. When I left Grayson, we lost the chance for his father to be a part of our wedding. I loved that man. I still can’t believe he’s gone. And with that, my eyes burn and my mind slides back into the past. Back to the day we told him we were getting married, back before Ri tried to destroy us.

“I feel so nervous,” I say as we park in the garage of the Hamptons house where Grayson’s father is waiting on us. “What if he doesn’t want me to be your wife? We’ll be here with him. It will be awkward.”

“Baby,” he says, killing the engine and turning to me. “He loves you.” He takes my hand and kisses it. “I love you. He sees that and frankly if I didn’t, the man would call me a fool. You won him over from the moment he sat across from you and you met him.” He strokes my cheek. “Let’s go in.”

I nod and we both reach for our doors. By the time I’m stepping out of the car, Grayson is there, pulling me to him and kissing me. God, I love this man. I love him so much and when my palm lands on his chest, his heart thundering under my hand, I know he’s feeling the same thing because that’s how it is with him. I feel him, and he feels me and from the day we met, we connected, inside and out. From the first time we were here in this house, I could no longer breathe without this man.

He kisses me. “Come on. Let’s go share our news.”

“Maybe I should take off the ring until we tell him?”

“The only time I ever want you to remove that ring is when we’re saying our vows and I’m putting it back on you.” He takes my hand and leads me forward, his words and actions warming me all over. Everything he does is right.

We enter the house and find his father in front of the TV watching the Yankees play. “Holy hell,” he shouts at the TV. “Hit the damn ball.”

I laugh at the behavior that has become familiar these past few months and somehow makes him far more human than the billionaire businessman would be otherwise. He turns to look at me. “Mia,” he says, motioning me forward. “Come give me a hug.”

I warm with his invitation that is also now quite familiar. He treats me like the daughter he never had and has since that night at the gallery event when we’d come out of the closet. I hurry forward and give him a hug. “Don’t worry,” he says. “I have a hot date tonight. I won’t be here bugging you and Grayson.”

I pull back to look at him. “A hot date? That sounds promising. You’re finally going to start dating again?”

“A date with a whole lot of money,” he says. “She’s about twenty years younger than me and a client, but the money works. I’ll take the money.”

Grayson steps to my side and pulls me under his arm. “It’s time, Dad. You need to date.”