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Filthy Vegas Nights - The Trifecta

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Logan Chance

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I’m a male exotic dancer. Yeah, I said it. And let me tell you, it’s an end to a means, my friend.
My brothers and I are the kings of Las Vegas. Owning our own male revue club has been a fantasy of mine for a long time. And now that dream is finally a reality.
My nerves are shot. The stress is real. And I need just one night to let loose. But, after a night I won’t soon forget it’s time for the club’s premier.
And the new bartender, Shayne is late. I’ll have his head for this. But when Shayne shows up for his shift, he’s not exactly what I was expecting.
Shayne’s a girl. A very pretty, no, beautiful woman with striking green eyes. The same eyes I gazed into the night before.
My life just got a whole lot more complicated. Because I’m the boss and I can’t fraternize with the employees. But, there’s just something about Shayne I can’t stay away from, and pretty soon I won’t be able to stay away no matter how hard I try.
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Logan Chance



“We fucking did it.” Axel slaps me on the back with a smile, causing my drink to slosh all over my hand. My brother’s enthusiasm only gets stronger the more alcohol he drinks. But it’s ok. Because, I’m fucking excited too.

“Hell yeah, we did,” Ben says, throwing his arm over Axel’s shoulders.

Yes, I never thought my triplet brothers and I would ever own Big Willie’s. But, we do. And celebratory drinks are in order. And in the case of my brothers, many celebratory drinks.

Lifting my glass, I salute them and they clink their drinks with mine. We finish them off in one synchronized movement. This is what we do, we’re the Trifecta, triplets until the end. And we do everything together, well at least we used to. Ben and Axel are now engaged to their soul mates and they’re happier than I’ve ever seen them. But, don’t worry about me. I’m married to our new club.

Clara kisses Ben’s cheek before sipping on her vodka and cranberry. Her smile is crooked, and her eyelids droop. I think it’s pretty safe to say, she’s wasted. Ben’s gaze locks on hers, and the love between them is disgustingly obvious. Ben kisses Clara, using an obscene amount of tongue. I roll my eyes and look over at Axel for support, but he’s just as bad as Ben. Axel has his arm wrapped around Emma as they whisper to each other, taking turns sipping out of the same beer bottle. And here’s little ol’ me...the fifth wheel.

A shot of jealousy rips through my abdomen, surprising me. It’s not as if I want to be settled down like my brothers. This feeling confuses me. It’s not something I need in my life. I’m not missing something like my brothers were. Ben needed Clara to calm down his man whoring ways. Being an exotic dancer gave Ben unlimited access to willing women, and Ben didn’t turn them away. When Clara came into his life he realized what he was doing wasn’t what he wanted and fell for Clara hard and fast.

Axel was the opposite of Ben, he hated the way women treated him while he was at the club. Axel never dated. Until Emma moved in next door with her daughter.

Now, Emma’s about to start her dream job of having her own yoga studio. A yoga studio by day and our male revue club by night. Pride surges through me. We did it. The Trifecta worked their asses off, or should I say shook our asses off, to make enough money to buy the club from Willie, the previous owner. Tonight’s the finalization of getting the club into our name, and renovated. Tomorrow the Trifecta will have its grand opening. I seriously never thought this day would come. Grand opening. Us. The Trifecta. It’s like a dream come true. And all this hard work finally paid off.

Life’s really good.

I’m the brains of the operation. Don’t laugh. It’s true. I don’t need a woman like my brothers do. I’m just fine. Trust me.

“Do you need another one?” a sensual voice asks behind me.

I spin in my seat at the bar and my eyes land on one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen. Her black hair is chopped short in a pixie cut. Her big green eyes are rimmed with thick black lashes, which are assessing me as she raises a brow. I’m at a loss for words as I scour her body with my eyes.

She clears her throat, bringing me back to her annoyed green eyes. “If you want to stare you should go down to the Velvet Pocket three doors down.”

I can’t help but smile as she attempts to direct me to a strip club down the street. “I don’t think they have anything I want to see.”

She rolls her eyes, stepping away, dismissing me for another customer down the bar. I watch her as I roll my empty glass in between my palms.

“We’re gonna get going.” Axel breaks my stare, bringing me back to our celebration. “We want to hang out with Felicity tomorrow before the grand opening.” Felicity is Emma’s daughter, but I have a feeling she’ll have our last name soon.

“Yeah, we’re leaving too,” Ben says, kissing Clara behind the ear, making her blush.

“Do you want to Uber home with us?” Axel asks, since Axel and I live next door to one another.

My eyes drift over to the sexy bartender who’s currently ignoring me. “I think I’ll have one more before I get going. I haven't had as much as you, and I brought my car, remember?"

Ben and Axel look at each other and have a silent conversation. “We can stay a little longer,” Axel says as Ben pulls a tired-looking Clara over to the stool she just abandoned.

“No, you guys go home. I was going to go over some more numbers. You go enjoy the rest of your night. Give Felicity a kiss from her uncle Damien.”