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Lockdown - A Beautiful Biker Series Quarantine Story

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D.D. Prince

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A member of my reader / fan group joked about wanting to spend quarantine with Rider Valentine, from my book Joyride. This got me thinking and led to a poll whereby I asked my reader group which of my couples they'd like to read a quarantine short story with.
Deacon and Ella from Detour won by a landslide.
I spent a weekend cobbling together a fun and steamy standalone story and managed to give fans of Rider, Spencer, and their father Daddy Deke some scenes too.
The story is a 60 page novelette taking place in the Dominion Brotherhood MC's compound during a lockdown.
This was done as a labour of love ... a gift to my fan group, my chickadees. This story will likely be available via this format for just a limited time.
Fun and STEAMY biker romance with explicit sexual scenes. This story is not intended to demonstrate a lack of sensitivity during the COVID-19 crisis. It is done as a fun diversion - a momentary escape from reality. No offence intended. The author, like most people, is taking the pandemic very seriously.
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D.D. Prince


“So, if there’s nothing else…” Dad let that hang.

Nobody said a word, so he continued.

“By decree of Dominion Brotherhood law, it’s been decided: we bring ‘em in, we stay here. The only thing bein’ if anyone needs out for any reason, they can’t come back in until this shit is all done. Should there be some unforeseen circumstance, we’ll have a meeting and vote to decide how it’ll go. Agreed?”

A mixture of nods and chin jerks as well as a few ‘yeahs’ signaled the end and Dad’s gavel came down on the table.

“Three hours. Get who ‘n what ya need and get in. Sorry brothers, but some of you might not like this and I gotta pull rank here and say no bunnies. Too flighty. If you bring in a woman she’s here ’cuz she’s yours. Not havin’ problems with the women because you can’t handle not gettin’ your dick wet for a bit. No disrespect to you single guys, but if you wanna stay on the outside and help the prospects with keepin’ an eye on my businesses and handle the supply runs, no one’ll mind. We’ll lock the gate until shit settles. We’ll have the two prospects, Scooter, two nomads, and whoever else stays in the space above the bar to keep an eye as well as bring in anything we need in terms of food, booze, and beverages. We want their risk kept to a minimum, so I’ll ask Laur to get lists from all your women once a week for anything beyond the typical food. She ‘n Ella and Joelle can make a schedule for group meals and clean up duty. We’ll have a meeting daily for anything needin’ to be dealt with. Any of ya need something and got no woman to put it on a list, tell my woman what it is. Anything else?”

Nobody said a word.

My brother Spencer gave me a look and an eyeroll and I followed his eyes as they landed on Skip. Skip was the married brother most likely to stay on the outside so he could keep doin’ bunnies. But he couldn’t stay on the outside because his wife and two kids needed to be in here, safe. This situation was lookin’ serious. The guy liked his pussy, but he knew his loved ones needed to be inside our fences.

Skip didn’t look happy. He was jiggling his leg with impatience. He butted out a cigarette aggressively.

His problem. Not ours.

“Ya all right, there, Skippy?” Spency asked.

“Mm hm. Yeah, whatever. I mean… it is what it is.” He waved a hand as he lit another smoke.

I closed the journal with the meeting minutes in it and I was the first who stood up.

It was time to round up the girls. We all cleared outta the room and headed out.

I swiped my phone screen and called Jesse before I was out of the building, on my way to the dealership just outside the fences to talk to my girl, Ella.

“Jess? You good man?”

“Deacon, hey. Meh. ‘Sup with you?”

“You need help with anything?”

“Naw, brother. I’m good.”

“We’re goin’ into lockdown mode here in the clubhouse. All members, families have the option to come into the compound within the next three hours and then we lock the door and keep it locked till shit is squared away out there. Can you and your woman be here? I can get extra time if you can head in this direction now.”

He was quiet a sec.

“Could get bad out there, man,” I added.

“Naw, brah. We’ll be good. Thanks , D.”

“If anything changes and you need in, do not hesitate to call me. We can set up a little quarantine love shack for ya inside the fences if need be.”

Jesse let out a snicker. “Right. Thanks man. Much appreciated.”

“Or up above The Roadhouse. I’ll do my best to make sure your old room isn’t given out to anybody.”

“Appreciate it, Deacon.”

“Stay safe, brother.”

“Same, brother,” he returned. “Later.”


We were going into lockdown mode at the compound where I had a room, but who knew how long this would last, so I’d already decided I was gonna see my girl and give her the skinny on what was happening, then drive out to the property with my truck to pick up my trailer and haul it onto the grounds so that Ella and me would have our own space. I was really fucking glad we chose to build something fortifiable when we sat down and drew up plans. We had room for several trailers within the fences without bein’ on top of one another, which was good. I liked my space. Always had.

I knew our Sioux Falls clubhouse would likely be doing the same, but the difference was that they were a much bigger club than we were. Even with all their guest rooms, they couldn’t as comfortably fit wives and kids like we could. Until we grew, that was. I knew we would grow in the next couple years, plus we were all, one by one, pairin’ up so eventually there’d be more kids in our chapter, too. My sister was already pregnant.