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Mission All In (Brantley Walker Off the Books #1)

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Nicole Edwards

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Brantley Walker has dedicated his life to fighting for his country. Having given eighteen years to the US Navy, the last ten as a SEAL, the mission was the only thing he knew, the only thing that mattered. He never even considered what life would look like after the mission was over. Until he’s forced to.
After spending months recovering from career-ending injuries, Brantley finds himself back in his hometown of Coyote Ridge, Texas. Now a permanent resident once again, with the full support of his family and friends, he sets forth to start over, forced to figure out what to do with the rest of his life, which, as it turns out, is far easier said than done.
Then the unthinkable happens. When his cousin Travis’s daughter goes missing, Brantley puts himself right back in the action, partnering up with Reese Tavoularis to find the little girl and bring her back home where she belongs.
Along the way, Brantley and Reese end up immersed in another mission. Only this one results in a journey that takes them in a direction neither of them expected to go.
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Brantley Walker Off the Books Series by Nicole Edwards

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Nicole Edwards


June 2019, Location Classified

“Abort! Abort!”

The words were shouted through his earpiece, but Brantley Walker was having a difficult time hearing them. Probably had everything to do with this godforsaken ringing in his ears.

To top it off, he couldn’t see a damn thing. What was left of the dilapidated concrete building was filled with dust, dirt, and debris, which not only affected his eyesight but was permeating his lungs, making it damn near impossible to breathe.

“Phantom One, get your ass outta there! Now!”

Coughing in an effort to expel the dust from his chest cavity, Brantley shook off the initial shock and pain, taking stock of his surroundings.

“Phantom One! Do you read?”

Did he? Brantley wasn’t sure.

“Phantom One? Goddammit, Phantom One? Comm check.”

Before he could force a few words to assure his team he was still in one piece, sounds came from above. Instinct and training caused him to go completely still, only his eyes moving to scan the space.

The main floor—now above him—of the single-story house had given way, sending him careening into what appeared to be some sort of concrete bunker beneath the structure that had supposedly housed the hostage they’d been sent in to retrieve. Intel had placed the thirty-year-old nuclear physicist here. Right fucking here, which was the only reason Brantley and his SEAL team had slipped silently into the building, intending to be in and out in under a minute.

Bad news: the fucking scientist wasn’t here. Worse news: the tangos were moving in.

“Phantom Two, I don’t have eyes on Phantom One. Repeat, I don’t have eyes on.”

“Roger that, Phantom Six. Fall back. We’ll get eyes on him.”

Would they? Brantley had an eerie feeling no one was going to see much of him once this was over.

How long had it been, anyway? A minute? Ten? Not that it mattered. The mission was a goat-fuck of epic proportions. The extraction team was likely gone, his own team scattered about. The most he could hope was Phantom Team was nearby, keeping a close eye on the exterior.

And here Brantley was, in the middle of it all, surrounded by broken slabs of concrete, rebar, and dirt, all piled high in the space, offering absolutely no protection should one of those damn tangos appear above his head.

The bad guys had been expecting them, the proof in the explosion that had triggered soon after Brantley had entered the premises. The explosion that had rocked the floor right out from under him, sending Brantley deep into the earth with the aforementioned concrete, rebar, and dirt. Not all of which had been beneath him after the descent into this fucking hole.

Speaking of bad guys…

The voice was growing louder from above, the language one he didn’t recognize. Not surprising considering the hotbed they’d dropped into. God only knew which terrorist group was leading the charge in this shithole. Probably not the one they’d suspected considering everything they’d believed up to this point was proving to be bullshit.

“Phantom One. Sit tight. We’re making our way to your location.”

Unable to speak without revealing himself to the fucker stalking him, Brantley kept his trap shut, clamping his molars together as he attempted to heave the concrete slab off his fucking leg. Damn thing had trapped him in place, no doubt shattering his leg on impact. The pain threatened to blind him. He forced his heart rate to slow, honing the skills drilled into him by the US military. He would get out of this if he kept a level head.

It took tremendous effort, but Brantley managed to shift the concrete slab enough to allow him to drag his leg free. Once he did, he slid backward into the darkened corner, the spike in his adrenaline making him light-headed. Aside from the debris, there was no protection or cover, but at least this way the fuckers would have to come into view to take him out.

The only thing he could do right now was sit and wait.

A grunt escaped before he could swallow it down. His leg was broken, no doubt about it. But unless he wanted to add more injuries—like a bullet to the skull—he had to swallow the pain. Not easy to do as he dragged himself deeper into the space, over the piles of rubble that had come down with him. As he shifted, one of the sharp ends of some rusted rebar stabbed into his thigh, dragging through his flesh before he could stop it.

Son of a fucking bitch.

A blaze of fire ripped through him as he manhandled his left leg, unhooking his flesh from the rusty metal. Gritting his teeth, he fought the darkness that threatened to take him under. No way could he pass out now. Not if he wanted to live through this clusterfuck.

The only sounds he heard were his ragged breaths and the voice growing louder as it came closer. Without looking, he knew someone was above him, staring down into the rubble. It wouldn’t take much for the asshole to find him.