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My Dad’s Rival

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Flora Ferrari

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Wyatt Callaghan has been my dad’s business rival for as long as I can remember. I grew up hearing stories about him over the dinner table of what a monster he is.
And now, my dad wants me to infiltrate his company. Find out what he’s hiding and take him down. I was all too willing to oblige…until I meet Wyatt and my entire world turns upside down.
Because the man I meet is not the man, the monster, my dad told me about. The handsome older man is all I’ve ever dreamed about. The man of my dreams.
Too bad he’s my dad’s rival. Because I could never be with him, right?
She’s just an intern. But I can’t get her off my mind. With curves in all the right places that drive me wild, from the moment she stepped onto my office, I knew I needed her to be mine.
But I can sense she’s holding something back. Will her secret be our undoing? Or will they just add fuel to the fire burning inside of me?
I don’t know what she’s holding back but there’s no way I’m holding back. Because from the moment I laid eyes on her she was mine. Now it’s time to get my girl.
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Flora Ferrari



“Lucy, I have a very important favor to ask of you.”

I look up from my bowl of cereal. I’m sitting at the kitchen table, just trying to eat my breakfast, and my dad already has a favor to ask. It’s typical, really. Dad is always running one scheme or another, and I’m definitely used to being roped into his antics. But that doesn’t mean I like it.

I try not to sigh. It’s too early for this.

“What is it, Dad?”

“I’m glad you asked,” he says, taking a seat opposite me, a gleam in his green eyes. Two things I got from him: my drive for my career and his brilliant eyes. “Now, I know you’re fresh out of college and you were hoping to take some time off before you start working, but I’ve discovered something that’s too good for you to miss out on.”

“Does this benefit you in some way, perchance?” I ask, raising my eyebrow at him.

I know my dad better than anyone. When he asks for a favor, he always dresses it up as something that will benefit the person he’s asking. And by the time he’s done with you, he’s convinced you that you’re the one winning out.

Dad grins. “Oh come on, pumpkin, don’t be like that. You haven’t even heard what I have to say, yet.”

“Then spill. I’m not one of your clients. I don’t need the preamble.”

“Alright, then. I recently discovered that there’s an internship opening at a very important company…Callaghan Industries.”

My heart stops for a moment. I stare at my dad, wondering if he’s finally lost his marbles. Callaghan Industries is owned by the notorious Wyatt Callaghan, one of the most ruthless businessmen in the country. At least, according to my dad, that is.

He’s spent the last twenty-one years drumming into me that Callaghan is the worst man in the world and his biggest competitor. And now, it seems like he’s suggesting that I take on an internship at his company.

“Dad, what is wrong with you? You haven’t stopped complaining about Wyatt Callaghan since I was born. I swear to God, my first words were probably ‘Wyatt Callaghan sucks.’ And now you want me to go and work for the man? Why?”

“Come on, pumpkin, use your brain. You can surely see the benefit of me sending you in there, can’t you? You can give me all sorts of insider information! You can figure out what his secrets are and report back to me. Hell, maybe we can even take him down for good.”

“You’re talking as though I’m a secret agent or something. Besides, I would be a lowly intern. What makes you think that I could find anything out about Wyatt Callaghan? We probably wouldn’t even meet.”

“I’ve heard that he has a very hands-on approach with his employees. He doesn’t allow anyone to work for him that he hasn’t met in person,” Dad says eagerly, his eyes bright. He’s clearly thought this entire thing through. I drop my spoon and fold my arms, frowning.

“Alright. So say that I go to an interview for the internship. Say I interview with Callaghan himself. What happens when he puts two and two together and realizes that I’m your daughter? What happens when he realizes your little plan? He’s not stupid, Dad. He’s your biggest competitor for a reason.”

This conversation has me tired already. I’ve always understood my dad’s drive, his desperation to be the top dog in the business world, but this whole thing is borderline obsessive.

Dad claims that Wyatt Callaghan is stealing business from us, poaching our customers, but it’s not like our company is struggling. We live in one of the most expensive areas in the state. I went to a top college and my future children will be millionaires by default because of our family business. This whole thing with Callaghan Industries is just pettiness at this point.

“This plan will work, I promise you,” he tells me. “And look, I know that it seems like a risk for you, but no matter what, my company is yours when I retire. You don’t need to worry about finding a job elsewhere, right? So who cares if Callaghan tries to blacklist you. That would be so typical of him, of course.”

“Dad…he’s not the one sending spies into your company.”

“You don’t know that,” snap back.

I roll my eyes. I’m fully aware that when my dad gets like this, there’s no talking him around. I’m going to have to accept that he’s not backing down on this issue. Of course, I could say no to this mission he’s set for me. He’d be upset with me, but he’d forgive me…someday.

Who am I kidding? When it comes to business, there’s no budging my dad. He wants me to do this, so there’s no real way I’m going to back out. He’s probably already thought of every answer to my protests. At this point, it’s easier just to go along with his crazy plan.