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One Night Only (The Extravagant #1)

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Lauren Blakely

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A delicious new After Dark novella featuring a strong, protective bodyguard and the beautiful, brilliant hotel heiress he protects...
I shouldn’t want my bodyguard the way I do. His job is to protect me. It’s not to fulfill all my filthy wishes.
And so I resist him, fighting the enticing pull of the strong, powerful man who watches over me. Until the night we combust in my penthouse suite.
It won’t happen again, we say the next day. Besides, my mission is singular — pull off the event of a lifetime — a one-night only concert with one of the world’s biggest rock stars.
A man my bodyguard happens to know. And a good bodyguard knows all sorts of things about his client. Turns out he knows my secret desires, and he wants to make them come true. Including a VIP engagement so I can experience both men at the same time…
I want to say yes, but what if I fall even more in love with the man whose mission is to keep me safe?
ONE NIGHT ONLY is a red-hot, sexy love story with a toe-curling, sheet-grabbing MFM sequence.
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The Extravagant Series by Lauren Blakely

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Lauren Blakely



I can feel his eyes on me.

Usually, they’re everyplace else.

That’s what he’s paid to do, after all. They see everything. They anticipate. They know.

But in this moment, his eyes are on me, and it heats me up.

I can’t let on, of course.

But then, I’m good at not letting on what his dark gaze does to my body.

A second later, Callum looks away, his gaze elsewhere, scanning surroundings, always watching.

That’s his job.

Mine is to promote, to chat, to talk up this place I love, so I focus on leading a private group of VIPs, not on checking out the man who I hired to be near me most of my evenings. Callum Blackwell is a regular presence in my work life, and he makes that part of it feel less like work and more like . . . possibility.

Like sparks.

Like a pulse beating in overtime.

The red soles of my black heels click against the mosaic floor, and I gesture to the imported marble beneath my shoes. “As you can see, the Bellagio has nothing on us,” I say, a note of pride in my voice as I escort my board on a personalized tour of the recently revamped hotel my sister and I own and run.

The Extravagant, after years in disarray, is finally living up to its name and its legacy of luxury.

I couldn’t be prouder to show off the hotel’s renovations, turning it into a shining jewel on the Strip.

Jewel being intentional.

That’s how we want it to be seen. Precious, gorgeous, mesmerizing.

The crew of VIPs shuffles behind me, smiling, oohing and aahing, tossing out the occasional question. I answer them all, then stop at the centerpiece of the lobby redo just beyond the opulent front desk.

A giant sculpture.

I gesture to a gorgeous collection of handspun glass crafted to look like a life-size jewelry box, dripping with replicas of diamond necklaces, sapphire earrings, and ruby bracelets. “This is our theme: beauty in all its forms. Everything in this hotel must be beautiful. That’s the image we want to project here at The Extravagant,” I say, standing beside the lush display.

One of the longtime board members, who knew my parents, offers a kind smile as she tucks her jet-black strands of hair behind her ear. “It’s the Carmichael way,” Marjorie says, and her words, that statement, feel like a warm hug.

I swallow back the temporary lump in my throat. Memories of them always bring a swell of emotions. “Indeed. Sage and I are pleased to carry it on to a new generation of guests,” I say, all chin up, lipstick on, as my mother would have said.

Callum nods, almost imperceptibly. He never met my parents, but he damn well knows they’re why I do what I do.

Why I work hard from morning till night.

A reedy man with horn-rimmed glasses clears his throat, chiming in. “And what sort of plans do you have to lure in new guests?” He’s another one of our longtime Carmichael Hotels board members.

“Great question, Jeremy,” I say, and the answer is easy. Because the answer is the why behind this change my sister and I planned when we reimagined the flagship hotel we inherited a few years ago. She’s the business powerhouse, eating numbers for breakfast, while I’m the public face, fashioning the image for this twin-owned skyscraper I call both business and home. “Beauty. We plan to emphasize the beauty, and the cachet of it,” I tell the group. “And we’ll center our goals around that. Let me tell you the specifics.”

I detail the strategy as I guide them through the glittering casino, past poker tables flush with gamblers and swank restaurants that are already drawing in new crowds, and to the end of the cavernous concourse. The whole time, the unmistakable presence of Callum, mere feet behind me, beats like a thrumming in my veins. This awareness of him is almost like breathing now. It’s every second I’ve felt it since he took over my detail one year ago.

No one spends more time with me than that man with the carved cheekbones, the chiseled jaw, and the intense dark brown eyes that seem to know me, to see inside me.

He’s custom-made for protection, and he looks the part. His dark tailored suit hugs his big body in all the right places. Just the perfect amount of tight on his arms, his thighs, and his ass. Sometimes men that broad, that tall, don’t look great in suits, but with the body of Dwayne Johnson, Callum sure as hell does.

And those lips. They look so damn kissable.

Shake it off, Ivy.

I stop in front of the players’ lounge, its brushed platinum sign designed by a local artist. I field a few final questions.

Marjorie sweeps out a hand behind us to indicate the tour we’ve just finished. “We’re hoping this early embrace of the new branding and design goes as well as you envision. I think I speak for the whole board, though, when I say we’d like to see the guest numbers continue to rise over the next several months and beyond. Do you have any big plans to make a splash and draw in crowds going forward?”