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The Difference Between Someday and Forever (Difference Trilogy #3)

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Aly Martinez

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The world took everything from us.
As survivors of not only a plane crash, but two other impossible tragedies, we’d more than earned a life of peace. But time and time again, we were shown that fate had no intention of giving that to us.
Remi and I were soulmates. Plain and simple. Our love should have died in the depths of our darkness, but the sun still exists even when it’s not shining.
The secrets of our past threatened to destroy us at every turn, but for Remi, I would never stop fighting for our future.
The world took everything from us.
And we would stop at nothing until we took it all back—forever.
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Difference Trilogy Series by Aly Martinez

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Aly Martinez


The day I was abducted…

“Damn,” I breathed as I walked down the hall, reading his text through the exhaustion clinging to my eyes.

Aaron: Work emergency. Had to head into the office early. You’re off the hook on the run…for now anyway.

As grateful as I was for the raincheck, I wished I would have seen his message before I’d forced myself out of bed and into workout clothes. I could have used another hour or ten of sleep.

In the twelve hours since I’d left Bowen Michaels, I’d been trapped on a rollercoaster of emotions—climbing to the highest of highs before plummeting into nail-biting lows.

Three weeks earlier, I’d met the perfect man. And if I was being honest, it had probably only taken half of that for me to fall in love with him. I’d spent so much of my life avoiding even the prospect of love at every turn, but there was something about Bowen that tore down my defenses and stripped me bare.

The way he looked at me with such awe, as if he’d never seen another woman in his life.

The way he touched me, his hands worshipping and exploring like he was memorizing every inch of my every curve.

The way his arms wrapped around me so tight, presumably to meld our bodies together—a notion which didn’t sound all that bad.

He was smart and funny and absolutely everything I never thought I’d find.

But he’d found me, sitting at a bar of all places, not so sneakily watching me in the mirror.

With one glance, the man had flipped my entire life on end.

In only twenty-one days, my wants and desires had changed so drastically I wasn’t sure I was living on the same plane anymore. Every single intersection of my life, from career to family, now included Bowen. Up until that point, I hadn’t been sure my future would ever include a man who wasn’t Aaron or Mark.

Bowen made me want more though.

A white dress. Brown-haired babies with golden-brown eyes. A lifetime curled in his arms. The fairy tale I’d dreamed about as a kid. The same one I’d written off in the hopelessness after my mom had left.

With Bowen, everything seemed possible again.

However, imagining it and acting on it were two totally different things. Hence why I’d spent the majority of the previous night having a panic attack after he’d asked me to move in with him.

It had only been three weeks.

Three freaking weeks.

There was a carton of eggs in my refrigerator that I’d had longer than Bowen.

It hadn’t even been a whole month and he was ready to intertwine our lives on a permanent level? That was scary enough.

But the most shocking part was: I wanted it too. Desperately.

I tried to tell myself it was stupid and rash. We barely knew each other. The toothpaste I chronically left in the sink, the way I let my laundry pile up so I had to occupy the washer and dryer for two straight days to catch up, the resistance to pumping my own gas, not to mention how inadequate I was in the kitchen… Eventually, all of these infractions would add up. He’d realize what a mess I was and change his mind. Simple logic told me, in less time than we’d been together, by living with him, I would certainly drive him crazy.

Then he’d kick me to the curb.

Still, I wanted him. Wanted to be with him. Night and day. Sharing blankets and morning pots of coffee. I wanted the space we occupied to be shared. So, no matter which way I looked at it, my head, my heart, and every fiber of my being told me wherever Bowen was, it was exactly where I needed to be too.

It was that very insane, exhilarating realization that had me spending the rest of the previous night packing rather than pacing.

Was I still freaking the hell out? Undoubtably. But I belonged with Bowen. Nothing had ever felt more right.

Walking into the kitchen, I smiled when I saw Mark sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal, the gallon of milk still out in front of him. Thankfully, he was feasting on Aaron’s Froot Loops. I was too tired for the Royal Rumble I’d promised him if I caught him eating my Frosted Flakes again.

“You’re up early,” I said.

He let out a sleepy hum. “The fire alarm at the bar went off again this morning. I wasn’t asleep for three hours before I had to get right back up.”

I gave his shoulder a squeeze as I padded past him to the pantry. “The new bar or the old bar?”

“The money pit,” he replied.

“Ah, I should have guessed.”

Opening a second Rusty Nail had been a pain in his ass for months. With one successful bar under his belt, I couldn’t blame him for wanting to expand. But a full renovation on the seventy-five-year-old brewery he’d purchased was easier said than done. He went to work every day, guns blazing and full of life. He came home every night mentally and physically beat. He’d lost weight, and the heavy bags under his eyes had become a permanent staple.