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(Office Intrigue Duet #7) Their Fairy Princess

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Have you ever felt … incomplete? As though happily ever after is a fleeting, unattainable concept?
Not that I haven’t had memorable experiences because I have. Plenty of them. It’s more like what’s necessary to check off all the boxes for a successful HEA hasn’t been defined yet. At least not for me.
To say my desires—not to mention my expectations—are complicated would be putting it mildly. It’s bad enough I’m in love with my best friend despite the fact we can’t give each other what we both need: a Dominant who can tame our inner submissives.
Then the unexpected happens.
Secrets are revealed, danger unfolds, decisions are made. And it’s during the ensuing roller coaster ride that five peoples’ lives are forever changed. Including mine.
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Office Intrigue Duet Series by Nicole Edwards

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Nicole Edwards



Tuesday, November 13, 2018

When it came to Dichotomy, I wasn’t much into the training aspect, but I had to admit, it had been an honor when Gregory Edge requested us for this session. More so when he requested our assistance with an experiment he was having his submissive undergo, which meant, the sweet Jamie Lautner was checking out the action from a discrete location. Likely on the other side of that two-way mirror.

Initially, I’d had some ideas of how a casual session could play out, then Master Edge outlined his intention in the hopes that my twin brother and I would help him out.

Who could say no to Gregory Edge?

Certainly not me.

So, here we were, role-playing in what was, in my humble opinion, a rather lackluster theme room. Since I had a living room at my own house, I didn’t really see the appeal. As far as scenes went, a leather sofa and a throw rug weren’t exactly my idea of a good time. However, it was requested we use it, so we would be using it.

At least it was nice. Elegant, comfortable. Trent Ramsey’s decorators knew how to spruce up a space with the expensive art deco on the walls, the various knick-knacks tucked in for accent. Luckily for us, they’d spared no expense for comfort, either.

Granted, my brother was the only comfortable one at the moment. I was in the pretend kitchen that was nothing but a door leading out of the theme room, and Isaac was sitting in a leather chair, one ankle propped over the opposite knee, giving great attention to what appeared to be a bondage equipment magazine. He was likely bored out of his mind.

“You’re up,” I cued Everly Hughes, the sweet little submissive we were assigned to tonight.

“Thank you, Master Ian.”

From the moment I saw her, I’d been … well, to be fair, I’d been slightly hesitant. Had I met her anywhere else, I would’ve thought someone was trying to punk me. She looked all of eighteen on a good day. So sweet and pure it was a wonder her parents had ever let her out of her house when she had been a teenager.

Yet I knew she was twenty-four years old, fresh-faced, and rather eager for this training class as it would give her grand entry into one of the most sought-after fetish clubs in the BDSM community.

I watched as she practically danced across the room, all light and sunshine, while my brother pretended not to notice her.


No straight man could miss her. Certainly not in here.

She reminded me of a fictional fairy. All five feet of her. Between the delicate bone structure and the big blue eyes, she had captured my attention from the very beginning. Isaac’s, too, although I was fairly certain my brother was still in denial.

The best part about this particular submissive-in-training: she wasn’t built like someone had glued a bunch of toothpicks together. No, Everly Hughes was curvy in all the right places. From her narrow shoulders, her perfect-handful breasts, the cinch of her waist, the delectable flair of her hips. And those thighs … oh, yeah, I could easily envision those thighs wrapped firmly around my waist or better yet, cradling my head as I feasted between them.

As she pranced over to Isaac, her light brown hair swayed, tickling the small of her back, falling like fine silk almost to her pert little ass.

Isaac kept his attention on the magazine, following the makeshift script to a T. Our objective was to show Edge’s submissive what a rigid household might look like. Two Doms, one submissive playing out a structured evening at home. It was exactly what Isaac and I had envisioned for ourselves one day.

As he was apt to do, Isaac left Everly waiting as she stood before him, patiently anticipating his instruction.

Of course, my twin was a stickler for self-restraint—for himself as well as the submissive he was engaged with—and it showed in the way he thumbed his way through those glossy pages, his head canting to the side every so often as though he was considering what that particular piece of equipment might look like in his bedroom.


I was growing bored when Isaac finally set the magazine down on the table beside him, dropped his foot to the floor, and tapped one finger on his knee.

Everly didn’t miss a beat. She instantly danced toward him before easing herself into his lap, curling up in his arms.

That was the moment I saw it.

No one else in the world would’ve been able to detect the slight nuance, but I had. Isaac was my identical twin and we had a bond stronger than most.

And right there … the moment the fairy princess curled up against him, my brother fell a little bit in love, even though I knew he would never admit it. Not even to himself.