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Before You Accuse Me

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Mary B. Moore

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People always assume cheating means a physical or emotional act of infidelity in a relationship but that wasn’t the case here.
I was the daughter of a woman who’d cheated people out of their money, and finding someone I trusted enough to tell them about it was hard. Joshua was the exception, until I found out I wasn’t the only one who was hiding something.
Trust can be broken so easily, and I didn’t have a lot of it to begin with, so getting it back and fixing the cracks that were now chasms between us would be impossible.
She was just a job, a way to help a friend out.
I knew her secret before she even knew I existed, but she didn’t know mine. It all should have been a black and white situation, but then it all blurred together when emotions and feelings became involved.
It may have started off as a lie, but now it’s so much more. I just need to find a way to get Eva to understand that while fixing everything that’s broken.
*This book was previously released in the Cheaters Anthology,
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Mary B. Moore



What we were currently doing was technically against the rules I’d set myself, but three weeks ago, we’d left the black and white category and were now living in a grey one.

Eva’s nails dug deeper into the flesh of my ass as I moved slowly in and out of her, doing my best to maintain control as her tight walls almost strangled my cock.


Nipping her chin, I grabbed fistfuls of the sheet beneath us. “Slowly.”

I needed to memorize every detail about her that I could because it could all be over any day now. Once she found out… once she knew and I had what I was here for, she’d end it. I knew it as sure as I knew that it’d grind me up and spit me out when it happened. I’d gone into this confident in my abilities to get what was needed and then leave, but it was that confidence that was now my worst enemy.

All it’d taken was ten days for me to realize that she was different from anyone I’d ever met before and likely would ever meet again.

Needing to chase away reality, I sped up my thrusts, deepened the angle that I went into her, and watched every emotion and reaction as it crossed her face. The responding clenching of her walls around my length when she tipped her head back and moaned was too much.

Rearing up onto my knees, I hooked my arms under her thighs and fucked her harder as she came, drawing it out for as long as I could and shuttling toward my own orgasm faster than I’d intended to.

It’d taken ten minutes for me to hear the details of what my friend needed for me to do, two hours for me to work my way through her shields at a party, one minute for her to say yes when I asked her on a date, ten days to accept Eva Dawson was my one and fourteen weeks for me to give in and take her to bed.

I didn’t know it yet, even though I knew it was coming soon, but it’d be nineteen weeks by the time it all came crashing down around me.

I just hoped that whatever I’d done in all of that time would ingratiate me enough for her to forgive me. If not, it’d be a lifetime of loneliness and me kicking my own ass.

Collapsing on the mattress next to her, panting harder than I did after my morning run, I pulled Eva into my side and kissed the top of her head as we both came down from our highs.

Like she always did, the tip of her index finger traced doodles on the skin of my chest, right over where my heart was. The first time she’d done it, we were curled up on the sofa watching a movie, and I’d just assumed it was a nervous thing. When she’d continued doing it each time we were in that position, though, I began paying closer attention to it until I’d recognized it as letters.

Still, I hadn’t understood what the letters said until last week when I’d put it all together. And it’d killed me when I had. Now, it felt like someone was cutting me up inside every time Eva did it.

Please don’t hurt me.

It wasn’t that I’d ever hurt her physically, but emotionally…that I couldn’t guarantee.



If Joshua ever found out what kind of family I came from, he’d run faster than any cartoon character ever drawn.

On the outside, I played a good game, looking like the person I’d made sure I was—respectable, honorable, and clean. Unfortunately, the blood running through my veins was far from it. The guy whose sperm had helped make me was an unknown because Mom had apparently been going through a ‘phase’ at the time, just like she’d been when my sisters and brother were conceived. But my mother? She was in a league of her own.

No, she wasn’t a bar bunny or anything like that. We’d grown up in a large house filled with nice shit and had never wanted for anything. It was how she funded that lifestyle that’d been the problem, something we hadn’t even considered until she’d been arrested, and the truth had come out.

Well, the arrest had been one thing, but the extent of the truth had been the worst.

Instead of going to her own business and earning money through marketing, like she’d told us her new job entailed, the same one she’d droned on about during those ‘what does your parent do?’ things at school, she’d been bribing, stealing, and even robbing.

Initially, they’d brought her in for tax evasion while they’d compiled that last piece of evidence that they needed to arrest her for everything else, and that’s when it’d all come out.