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Best Friend's Daddy - Forever Daddies

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Victoria Snow

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I know it’s so wrong, but my best friend needs to know. So, how do we say it?
Hey, I’m pregnant with your father’s child! You’re gonna be a big sister! Yay!!!
No, this can’t happen. She can’t know. No one can know.
I always understood he was off limits, But I couldn’t imagine my life without him.
In fact, I saved myself for him! And working at his restaurant was…fun.
My ‘let’s seduce Michael plan’ was working, And soon he was feeding me chocolate covered strawberries,
And I was tasting whipped cream off of his lips and…you know what… But we screwed up…big time!
So, time for Plan B now. Yep, when shit hits the fan, I do the easy thing and run away.
Will my Prince Charming come after me?
Or did I just ruin my only chance at a happily ever after?
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Victoria Snow

Prologue: Stevie

It was The Day.

I remember that I had written it in all caps on my calendar hanging on the wall of my childhood bedroom. Mom and Dad assumed that I wrote it that way because it was the day of my high school graduation, and I let them keep thinking that. They would have lost their minds if they’d known what it really meant.

The thing was, I knew I was graduating high school. I had always had great grades, I was an active member in the drama club and the field hockey team, my teachers loved me – but in my head, graduation day was more for my parents. They got to see their baby girl walk across the stage and get her diploma. For me, all the hard work had already been done.

So for me - for me, the big day wasn’t about graduating.

It was about the afterparty.

I was finally eighteen, and I was out of high school. Two very important distinctions when you’ve got a huge crush on a man who is old enough to be your father.

Nobody knew about my crush, of course. I wasn’t an idiot and I knew what everyone would think. But all through high school I was just so… done with all the boys my age. Even the college age boys that I met at parties or through my older brother Andy. They were immature, and inexperienced. They didn’t know what they wanted out of life, they were thoughtless and honestly wouldn’t know how to get a girl off if their lives depended on it.

I wanted someone with class, someone who had his life together, someone with maturity and brains and compassion. And someone who knew what he was doing in bed. Someone who could take charge and make me beg for him.

And that man was Michael Madison.

I met Michael through his daughter - my best friend Brooke. Brooke was… not the sharpest knife in the drawer, bless her. But she was kind, so very kind and thoughtful. She had a smile for everyone. She was always one of the most popular girls in our school and not because of any machinations on her part, shockingly, but because she was genuinely such a lovely person that everyone wanted to know her and be her friend.

Everyone always said I was lucky to be her best friend, and I was. Brooke was there for me no matter what, and I was happy to be there for her too.

I was just also lucky in another way.

Michael - he insisted I call him that rather than Mr. Madison—was tall, fit, and so very handsome. He had this light brown hair that curled a little when it got humid or when he’d been working in the hot kitchen all day, and these soulful green eyes that sucked me in, like an ocean. I often found myself accidentally staring into them for too long, just… lost in them.

But more than just being handsome as sin - he was such a good person. He never spoke to me like I was a child but talked to me like I was the same age, like an adult. It was so refreshing, after dealing with everyone still treating me like I had no idea what I was doing with my life. He would teach me how to make fancy dishes when I slept over at Brooke’s house while Brooke watched us, making jokes. He never chastised me when I used swear words - which I used a lot. I’d always had a problem with cursing.

He gave me my love of cooking, my love of food. He was the reason I had decided to go to culinary school instead of a proper four-year college. My parents didn’t mind, thank God. I thought they might protest, but instead they thought a vocational college was an excellent idea and they were grateful to Michael for his mentorship.

If they knew all the things I thought about Michael fantasizing alone in my bed at night, touching myself, whimpering into my pillow as I imagined him inside me, pulling my hair, biting my neck and telling me stay quiet, that’s a good girl.

He was the reason why I hadn’t had sex yet. Oh, sure, I’d fooled around a little, but just a make out session with a guy was enough to tell me that just as I’d suspected, they didn’t have what I wanted. And I listened to Brooke talking about her experiences and… no thanks. I was going to wait for someone who knew what he was doing, who knew how to get me actually turned on and desperate and needy.

Now I was eighteen, legally an adult, and out of high school. Also about to leave for culinary school and be away for three years.

There would never be a better time for me to make a move on the man starring in my fantasies for years.