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I thought I had it all, but I didn't know what I was missing until I met her. In an instant, everything changed for me. I was a player on the court and off, but one look at her and all that changed. Someone always wants something from me, but all I want is the girl who ended us without a backward glance.

I wanted a fling, my first one, and Nick Pike, a pro basketball player, seemed like the right man for the job. I fell for him, but I couldn't go there. He left me with a parting gift and memories no other man will ever live up to.

Blooming for Love is a safe, over-the-top, steamy instalove.

This is book 5 in ChaShiree M. & M.K. Moore's Love Is In The Air series.

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I needed this vacation more than I realized. For years I have been career driven, focused only on achieving my goals and making my dad proud by following in his footsteps and don’t get me wrong I am glad I did it. I have a career I am proud of, a job I love, and I just got a promotion at the young, inexperienced age of twenty-two. I am the head of the Horticultural Experimentation Department at the University of Chicago’s Botany Campus. Yes, I have everything I worked for and then some. Everything that is, except, a life.

I was one of the very few I know who didn’t take a break after high school and jet around Europe living footloose and fancy free. No, I went straight through and met six of the most wonderful friends in the world. My girlfriends and I have been attached at the hip since the first day of undergrad and nothing has changed. Well, now we are attached to the phones and when I tell you it is not the same, it’s not.

So, I decided after accepting my promotion, that before I jump feet first again into this project, I am going to take a six-week vacation and make my way to all of my friends. I am starting the first leg of my trip in Arrow’s Bow with Cheryl.

Cheryl is the one of all of us who believes in love. All kinds of love. Love at first sight, chivalrous love, quiet love and loud love. Though you wouldn’t know it from her first series she wrote. Yeah did I mention she is an indie book author?

She lives in this little town where everyone knows everyone and the main town next to it is called Cupid’s Cove. If you are wondering if the name has anything to do with Cupid, well let me tell you, from the looks of the decorations and the names of the streets, yeah, it is all about Cupid. It just so happens to be the season of love and they go all out from what Cheryl told me and no, before you ask, I am not looking for love. I am looking to get laid and finally get rid of this v-card I have been holding between my legs. I need a nice, no strings attached fling and what better place to find it then here.

“They should be here by now,” Cheryl says beside me, fidgeting.

“Calm down. It is going to be fine.” She chews her lip and nods her head. Seems my friend found herself an alpha and she doesn’t know what to do with it. My phone vibrates in my purse, and I don’t bother checking it. It will just be another message from my father, telling me how irresponsible it is to be taking a vacation right now and I don’t need the guilt.

“Here they are,” she says practically jumping. I turn to say hello and damn near fall out of my chair.

“Oh. My. God,” I whisper under my breath. I watch, pulse racing and stomach doing flips as Nick Pike walks into the restaurant beside who I am assuming is Nolan. “Why didn’t you tell me his brother was Nick Pike?” I ask her as quietly as I can not wanting to be too obvious.

“Who is that?” she asks, innocently oblivious to the fact that she has single handedly just giftwrapped my number one span bank fantasy and handed him to me. Sure, he is a man whore who sleeps with everyone. Hell no I would never settle down with someone like him, but damn sure he can make a girl’s first time and the duration of my trip worth it.

And boy am I going to make the most of it.


]I’m so fucked, I think to myself, as I walk into my apartment after two weeks of being on the road. I could go out to my house in the burbs, but I prefer to stay here during basketball season. If I went out to the house during this time it wouldn’t be the private sanctuary it is. Thank fuck this season is almost over and I can focus on the person that means the most to me. If I wasn’t contractually obligated to play, I’d sit outside her front fucking door until she speaks to me. I may or may not have gotten a cop friend to give me her address when she first ghosted me. The first thing I notice is that I miss her. I want her in my home and in my life. Two months ago that wouldn’t have been the case. I used to have these rules. Rules that I followed since my days playing ball in high school. I was steadfast and meticulous about them. I was such a different man before I met her. She changed me and I haven’t even had a chance to tell her yet. Rose Gillium turned my world upside down and I fucking love it.