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When friends fix you up, it’s either going to be a spectacular failure or a fascinating first date. Unfortunately for Arthur, it’s the owners of the Bound & Controlled club who fix him up and his first date is an email. So it’s going to be a fascinating failure?

Joseph knows his terrible schedule and long work trips make meeting people difficult…and they make meeting Daddies even harder. But after months of exchanging emails with the sweet Dom with a dry sense of humor, he’s starting to wonder if he’s finally found the Daddy of his dreams…one who’s funny and completely supports his passion for cereal and comfort food.

Any man who mails you cereal is a keeper, right?

**Author's Note**

While the Bound & Controlled world is under the Shaw side of my world, this sweet age play book is definitely an M.A. Innes story.
My books as Shaw Montgomery are the more traditional side of BDSM, and my books as M.A. Innes are filled with sweet age play and fun things like puppy play. Since Daddy Loves Confidence straddled both sides, I decided to put it under both names.
Daddy Loves Confidence was originally included in the Dirty Daddies Anniversary Anthology in 2022, and no material changes have been made to the story.

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Chapter 1


“You know, looking so calm only makes you look more nervous, right?” Ben’s teasing comment as he came around the couch only made me work harder to mask my expression.

“You’re delusional.” I rolled my eyes and smirked, perfectly relaxed.

I had a great poker face.

It came from teaching the hardest students of all…adults.

Ben sighed as he leaned against the chair in front of me, but I could still see concern behind his eyes. “So not the least bit excited to see your boy for the first time?”

Doing my best not to roll my eyes again, I aimed for sincere and calm. “As long as his photo was not a deception, I’ve already seen him. Besides, you’ve vouched for his honesty, and I’ve talked to him enough that this shouldn’t be that dramatic.”


That was the key to everything.

Especially for first dates where people have only talked on the phone and texted…and where first dates were also going to be first scenes. Nope, not stressful at all.

Shaking his head, Ben looked earnest and didn’t set off any extra worries. “He’s private but not deceptive. I think you’ll both be a good fit if you can relax.”

“I’m relaxed.” And nothing he could see would tell him otherwise. “Joseph seemed calm as well when I spoke with him yesterday. I think it will be fine.”

I’d just never been in this situation before.

Meeting someone online wasn’t unfamiliar—I was mature, not a moron. At almost fifty, I wasn’t ready to count myself as over the hill. Maybe there was a little bit of gray at my temples, but I’d been told it gave me a distinguished look, a very Daddy look, by some people at the club.

And Joseph seemed to agree because when he’d seen my picture he’d sent me a meme about silver foxes.

Ben groaned, frustration dripping from his tone. “You’re both so closed off it’s driving me insane. I got you together. You should at least tell me how you feel about him. This isn’t a fucking negotiation.”

I chuckled. “If I’m remembering correctly, it was Conner who first approached me about Joseph. Should we ask him whose idea it was?”

I’d been worried when Conner had first approached me about getting to know a sub at the club who traveled a lot. Meeting someone online had always felt very impersonal, and I hadn’t been excited about getting to know a submissive that way. However, I was glad I’d let him talk me into it.

Ben chuckled, knowing what his excitable boy would have to say about it. “He just did the legwork. I’m the genius here.”

Conner was going to love that…and I was going to be sure to tell him the next time I saw the flirty sub.

“I’ll be sure to pass that sentiment along when I talk to Conner.” Glancing around the room, I couldn’t see Ben’s partner. “Where is he?”

They were very rarely apart, so it was odd to see him without the feisty sub. Conner without supervision was a frightening prospect and I looked around again to make sure he wasn’t getting ready to dance on one of the tables.

“He’s with a friend in the back room. They’re getting ready for a scene and he’s moral support.” Ben smiled, still obviously enamored with his sub and partner.

“How’s his work going?” I knew the two clubs were doing great, but I hadn’t heard about Conner’s construction company lately.

“It’s going great.” Ben’s smile widened, pride written all over his face. “He’s actually got a break between projects coming up, so we might do some traveling. The clubs are doing well and it seems like a good time to get away.”

“Where are you thinking about going?” I couldn’t remember the last time they’d gotten away for any length of time. Maybe they’d snuck away for a long weekend here and there when I was traveling but it couldn’t have been more than that.

He shrugged, not seeming to be worried about little things like locations. “We’re still trying to work out the details. It’s been ages since we’ve gotten away, so the list of places we want to go has stacked up.”

“Let me know if you need some help picking out a location.” Lately, most of my traveling had been for work, but that didn’t mean I hadn’t seen some beautiful spots. Thankfully, Fortune 500 companies loved putting their offices in expensive, beautiful places.

“Thanks. Once we narrow the list down a bit, I might pick your brain.” He studied the room before focusing back on me. “Between you and Joseph, you’ve probably traveled everywhere. There’s no point in doing my own research when you guys know everything.”

I chuckled but didn’t bother denying it. I’d been traveling for years, and while Joseph was tight-lipped about his job, he obviously traveled as much as I did if not more. “I agree, there’s no point in reinventing the wheel.”