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Dirty Cravings - The Lion and The Mouse

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Kenya Wright

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We return for the sixth installment of the Lion and the Mouse.

Kazimir and Emily hunt for the traitor in Italy. Constant threat lurks within the shadows. The more puzzle pieces are discovered the more their reality unravels.
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Kenya Wright


Pimpa’s Paradise


I t had rained all last night. Now the dark sky began to lighten as the sun rose. Thick gray clouds hovered over. The smell of more rain thickened the chilly air.

“This is as far as I’ll go.” The taxi driver let my son and I out on the main road. “I’m not parking near those Nigerian brothels.”

“I understand.” I climbed out and helped my son. Only three years old, his little feet didn’t touch the floor. Giggling, he crawled my way, sat up, and then made a boisterous noise as he hopped out of the taxi. I grabbed his tiny hand and made sure he didn’t fall. “Okay, Paolo. Be careful.”

“Be careful.” The driver counted the money I gave him and pointed behind me. “With that pretty pale skin, they’ll rape a nice Italian girl like you and eat your son for dinner.”

“Thank you for your concern.” I walked us forward. “Come, Paolo.”

“Okay, Mama.” He did his best to keep up.

The taxi sped off. Light rain sprinkled my arm. Thunder cracked. Lightening lit the sky. And then the drizzle picked up to an instant storm.

This will take too long.

I stopped, picked Paolo up, and hurried along.

“Soon, I won’t be able to carry you so easy.” I steadied him in my arms. I was grateful I’d pulled his hair back into a long braid that dangled down his back. With this storm, his strands would get soaking wet.

Orisa wouldn’t want to spend time detangling it.

Noticing me studying him, Paolo’s gaze brightened and his cheeks rose with his big smile. Paolo got his green eyes and pale skin from me, but that silky black hair was all from his father.

Almost there.

Several prostitutes stood on the corner and held umbrellas. One waved my way. I nervously nodded and moved on.

While this was Italy and I was Italian, it wasn’t safe for me to walk in this neighborhood. Black Axe—Nigerian Mafia—controlled the space here with a violent iron fist.

There were tons of connection houses in this neighborhood. They were ran by Nigerians and other immigrants who opened their rundown homes to men wanting cold beer and quick sex. The women who worked inside of them were unfortunate souls who washed up on Italy’s shores after fleeing war, poverty, or hunger in Africa. They hoped for a fresh start in Europe and did what they had to do to keep living another day.

Paolo pointed his little fingers at the sky. “Rain, Mama.”

“Yes. Beautiful.”

“Beautiful.” He sounded out the word again. “Beautiful.”

Although born and raised in Italy, his Russian was better. Therefore, I did my best to speak Italian with him all the time. Paolo would have to go to school in a few years and I didn’t want him to be behind.

I turned onto the unpaved road. “Sun, Mama.”

“Yes. The sun is coming up.”

With each step, the rain lessened. Soon, no more drops fell from the sky.

Paolo switched to Russian. “All gone.”

I kissed his cheek and replied in Russian. “All gone.”

Broken bottles and used condoms littered the unpaved road. Twenty feet ahead, red light highlighted Orisa as she stood on the porch of her connection house. She had brown skin and a small afro. Today, she wore a violet dress that fell off her shoulders. She’d told me once that it was her favorite color.

Still carrying Paolo, I counted ten cars parked in front of Orisa’s place. Without going in, I knew that tons of Nigerian men would be packed inside, drinking, smoking, gambling, and fucking.

Paolo turned and saw the connection house. “No. Down, Mama.”

“Not right now.” I tightened my hold on him and rushed us forward. “We have to hurry. We’re going to see Ms. Orisa’s house.”

“No. No.” Paolo tried to get out of my arms. “No Orisa today.”

“Paolo, I have to give you back to her.”

“Not today.”

My bottom lip quivered. An ache lodged in my throat. How I wish I had the power to give my son what he wanted. He was so young, but even if he were older he probably still wouldn’t understand.

I barely understand it. Pavel better have answers today. I can’t do this anymore.

With sad eyes, Paolo gazed at me. “No.”

“I’m sorry, my love. So sorry.”

Silence served us the rest of our walk. Once I arrived at Orisa’s connection house, I stopped at the walkway and placed him on his feet.

He sniffled and kept his voice low. “Please.”

Orisa approached. Raindrops dotted her small afro and brown skin. She had a cigarette in her hand. She blew out smoke and scowled at me. “That was close, Rosetta.”

“I couldn’t help it.” I looked down at the ground. “I missed him.”

Orisa hissed. “You’ll miss him more, if Fela kills us both.”

“I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” I lowered and hugged Paolo. “My love, I will be thinking about you.”


“I love you, Paolo.”