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His Love

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Billionaire Justice Kendall thought he was content with his life. Right up until the day he noticed that his neighbor’s daughter had become the beautiful woman who was meant to be his. Since then, he waited not-so patiently for her to turn eighteen.

He bided his time by watching over her. When he realized that all she wanted was a baby of her own, he was ready to give her more than just his love.

He’d give her everything.
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Chapter 1


“Blair.” I nodded to the young girl shuffling up to the elevator in her school uniform. Her long blonde hair was pulled away from her face in a high ponytail, giving her no way to hide the pink blush that bloomed on the apples of her cheeks. She glanced up shyly with her big, blue eyes and bit her plump bottom lip.

Fuck. I had to clench my hand into a fist so that I didn’t tug her lip from between her teeth and bite it myself. Her sweet looks always tested my control around her. It didn’t help that she was practically the poster girl for a naughty school-girl costume. Her shyness only added to the innocent picture and completed the vision of every man’s wet dream.

Despite being only seventeen, Blair Gleason had the body of a woman. I’d barely noticed my neighbor’s daughter over the years until one day when she was sixteen, we’d bumped into each other at the elevator, just like today—just like we do every day now. I’d greeted her without giving her much attention, but then she’d dropped her backpack and everything had spilled out around her feet. She’d spun around and bent over, giving me a perfect view of her lush, round ass in plain, white cotton panties.

I was instantly hard as a fucking rock and couldn’t keep my eyes from drifting down her shapely legs. Even with all her curves, she was still a tiny thing. She was at least a foot shorter than my six-foot-five height, which meant I towered over her. With my muscular frame, I practically dwarfed her, but I immediately knew we would fit together perfectly. Blinking rapidly and taking a few deep breaths, I scolded myself for lusting after a child. I was only a few years shy of being twenty fucking years older than her. The silver streaks at my temples and peppered throughout my goatee were a reminder of that whenever I looked in the mirror. I held in a frustrated groan and hurried to help her pick up her things. But when she straightened and slung her bag over her shoulder again, it thrust out her chest and made it impossible not to notice her big tits and how they bounced when she shifted from foot to foot.

My eyes swept over her from head to toe, taking in the sight of the woman she’d turned into all of a sudden. She’d lost the softness of her baby face, but her lips were still bee-stung and puffy. Lips that New York high society women spent thousands of dollars trying to achieve with collagen. Lips that would make a porn star jealous because they would look so fucking perfect wrapped around a cock. Her neck and shoulders were slender, her waist small, but the swell of her hips made it clear that she was made for breeding.

To my complete shock, my cock had started leaking come at the thought of being the one to fill her belly. It was the first day of my living hell. I hadn’t realized it at the time, but the next two years were going to be my purgatory. It was no less than I deserved for thinking about sinking into her teenage pussy and filling her ripe womb with my seed.

“Hello, Mr. Kendall,” she whispered in a return greeting, drawing me out of my reverie. Whenever she blushed and peeked at me through her lashes like that, she made me think of a cute little bunny.

I smiled gently and gave in to the urge to brush my finger lightly over her jaw. “Justice,” I scolded her teasingly. “How many times do I have to tell you to call me Justice?” It was just another form of torture. Hearing my name fall from her lips in her musical voice only made me that much more desperate to hear her screaming it while I was eleven inches deep.

“Sorry,” she blushed even deeper and smiled sweetly at me, her hands clutching the strap of her bag tightly. “Good morning, Justice.”

“How is school?”

Blair shrugged. “I’m glad I’ll be graduating this year.”

The elevator dinged, and the door slid open. We stepped into the car, and I pressed the button for the lobby before responding. “And what are your plans after graduation?” I infused my tone with curiosity, hiding the fact that I didn’t care what she had planned. I already knew what she’d be doing when she graduated, and she’d know soon enough too.

“I don’t know.” She shrugged and looked up at me through her long, pale lashes. “Daddy wants me to go to one of the Ivy League schools I’ve been accepted into.”

I raised a brow and shoved my hands in my pockets to keep from touching her. “And that’s not what you want?” I had to keep the bite out of my voice at the thought of her going away to college.