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Losing It All - Hellfire Riders MC

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Kati Wilde

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The Hellfire Riders' enforcer, Stone Wall, has just three weaknesses.
Dogs. Little kids. Damsels in distress.
But this time, the damsel isn't in distress. She's bait, luring him in with haunted eyes and a sad smile. And Stone should have known better, but he couldn't resist those soft, sweet lips. One kiss put him in a cage, fighting for his life. Fighting not to let winning rip his soul apart...and losing that fight.
So he played the hero. That's over with. The moment he's free, that damsel in distress is going to give him his pound of flesh. Kiss by kiss. Lick by lick.
It's payback time.
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Kati Wilde


The Cage


Every night, after I’m imprisoned in my stall, the sound I dread most is the soft clunk of the electronic lock releasing. Fear of an unlocked door might seem stupid, considering that I want nothing more than to escape this nightmare that I’m trapped in. But since I’m not free yet, the only place I feel safe is behind that steel-reinforced door—until six a.m., when the door opens and my daily duties begin.

So when the clunk wakes me just after midnight, terror instantly freezes me in place, lying on my side and with my back to the door. Two months ago, that emotion might have been hope instead of terror. Even a month ago, my first thought might have been The FBI finally found us! or Matt took the guards by surprise and he’s busting us out of here.

But after three months in this hellhole, hope is hard to hold onto. So instead I lie motionless in bed and think that one of the guards must have gotten tired of jacking off in the control booth and decided to help himself to some forbidden pussy. Now I’ll have to let him rape me or I’ll have to fight him off, and both options are a death sentence.

Because I’ve only got a few rules to follow. Number one is, “Do as you’re told.” Number two is, “Keep your cherry”—at least until Papa decides to give it away.

No one ever explicitly said that I can’t keep a scalpel under my pillow, but I don’t have to be told that it’s an unspoken rule. Having a weapon—especially one that I stole from a locked cabinet in the medical room—will get me in trouble. And around here, ‘trouble’ doesn’t merit a hand-slapping. It means a bullet to the head. But only after I’ve been passed around to all the guards and other prisoners. So what’s worse—one rape, or a few dozen rapes followed by death?

I know what’s worse. But as footsteps stealthily approach my narrow bunk, I pretend to sleep…and my right hand creeps beneath my pillow.

My fingers curl around the scalpel’s handle just as an urgent whisper hisses through the dark.

“Cherry, are you awake? Did Lissa get locked in here with you?”

It’s Bravo. One of the guards. And he’s looking for Lissa?

My mind races with the implications of that until he grips my shoulder and gives me a hard shake. “Cherry!”

I let go of the scalpel and simulate waking up, blinking heavily, looking at him in confusion. In the dark, the expression on Bravo’s face is hard to make out, but the suppressed panic in his tone is easy to hear.

“Have you seen Lissa?”

“Not since she went into her stall at ten,” I tell him in a drowsy voice, as if still not fully awake.

“She went in there before it was locked? You’re sure?”

“Yes.” And I am. Every night it’s the same. Her quarters are across from mine and, just before the lights go out, we wish each other goodnight through the small windows in our doors. “Why?”

Bravo doesn’t answer. Instead he mutters a curse and hightails it out of my room. The door automatically locks behind him.

I sit up, my body thrumming with tension, my heart racing. Lissa’s gone. And Bravo’s panicking because he’s the one who unlocked her stall.

I know all about their hookups. The guards aren’t supposed to touch either of us, but Lissa isn’t forbidden for the same reason that I am. My virginity will be a prize to some lucky fighter in the stable—if any of them are ever lucky enough to make it through ten bouts in the Cage. But Lissa is the sexual bait they use to abduct those fighters in the first place, so the guards aren’t interested in protecting her chastity. And when Papa decides that one of the fighters or a guard deserves a reward, she’s the one to give it. Sometimes a blow job, sometimes more. But unless it’s been sanctioned by Papa, the guards aren’t supposed to fool around with her—because the guard in charge, Victor, runs a strict operation and he claims pussy is a dangerous distraction.

Victor’s not wrong. Distracting a guard is exactly why Lissa began flirting with Bravo. He’s younger than the others—not a boy, because none of the guards are—but probably not much older than me. Maybe around twenty-five or so.

My brother, Matt, thinks the guards are probably a local militia that turned mercenary. He believes that some of them—like Victor—were actually in the military at one point. But the others either washed out of basic training and have something to prove, or they just like to strut around and play soldier. I’m not sure which of those Bravo is, because they’re careful not to tell us any personal information, but he has the ‘strutting around’ part down pat. He’s always swinging his dick around, the kind of guy who thinks nailing a chick makes him more of a man and who can’t bear anyone questioning his masculinity. So all Lissa had to do was coo at him and say that she loved the size of his cock, and Bravo was more than willing to risk unlocking her door so she could slip out and meet up with him.