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Made For Them (The Boyfriend Diaries #7)

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Which gorgeous twin is the father of my baby?
I thought I was lucky to be dating Rev Randler. He’s a handsome billionaire with oodles of money and an empire at his fingertips. So what if he treats me badly? A curvy girl like me is fortunate to be going out with someone so hot and awesome. But then Rev humiliates me in the worst way possible.
In public too. So I decide I want to get back at him … by dating his identical twin!
Reed Randler has always been different from his brother. He’s devastatingly gorgeous with the same black hair, chiseled jaw line, and God-like physique.
But there’s also something dangerous in those blue eyes.
Plus, he’s got a special tool in his arsenal that’s just for me.
But when I get pregnant, suddenly everything becomes confusing because which man fathered my child? I love Reed, but is his twin my real babydaddy?
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The Boyfriend Diaries Series by S.E. Law

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Slowly, I take the dress out of my closet and carefully lay it on my bed. There’s a knock on the door and I call out, “Who is it?”

“It’s me, silly,” says my friend Alexandra from the other side. “Who else would it be?”

She opens the door without waiting for me to answer and immediately gasps when seeing the dress.

“Oh my god, is that what you’re wearing to the party?”

I nod happily.

“Yeah, Rev is taking me. Do you think he’ll like it?”

Alex nods with wide eyes.

“Girl, definitely yes. That man is blind if he doesn’t like it. It’s going to make you look like Jessica Rabbit, with va-va-voom assets. Oh my god, where did you get it?”

I blush a little.

“Over at Curvy Couture on Main Street. I’d just about given up finding anything suitable because I went to three different department stores and everything they had was so small! I couldn’t get half the dresses zipped up when one of the salesladies took pity on me and referred me to Curvy Couture. It’s a new place that just opened.”

Alex is nodding as her eyes rove up and down the red fabric.

“Oh my god, you’re going to look so good. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rev’s eyes pop out when you put it on. Put it on now!” she squeals. “I want to see.”

I giggle.

“No, I can’t. I just ate dinner, so my tummy’s all poochy. I’m going to look like a boa constrictor if I wear the dress now.”

Alex merely rolls here eyes and tsks.

“Are you kidding girl? So what if you have a food baby? Clothes look so amazing on you, and you’re going to stand out at the party tonight. Besides, I don’t have much time because Kirby’s picking me up in ten minutes for our Valentine’s Day date, so you have to show me!”

I look at her jeans and t-shirt with consternation, suddenly feeling bad.

“Wait, is Kirby taking you out? Or are you guys just hanging at home with pizza and Netflix? Not that that’s not romantic, I was just wondering…”

Alex laughs it off.

“No, it’s good. Kirby and I have been together so long that there’s no need for parties or balls or clubbing. We’re happy to be together. We’ll probably make dinner and then cuddle on the couch with a movie. It’s all good.”

I nod because Alexandra has been with Kirby since we were in college. They met when they were sophomores and were immediately inseparable. In fact, I was pretty surprised that Alex wanted to room with me after graduation because I thought for sure she’d live with Kirby. But instead, we’ve been living in our small two-bedroom walk-up in New York for a few years now. Kirby is a frequent visitor, but there’s still no talk of my friend taking the next step with her boyfriend.

Not that I mind. In fact, I love having Alex as a roommate because we get along like yin and yang, and to be honest, Kirby is great. He’s not messy and he cooks fantastic tacos, which they always share with me. If anything, her boyfriend is a better cook than either of us, so it’s kind of nice when he helms the kitchen.

But at the same time, Alex’s boyfriend is completely different from the guy I’m dating. Whereas Kirby is a homebody who’s comfortable wearing an apron, Rev Randler is a billionaire who’s probably never set foot in a kitchen. Even though he lives in a ginormous penthouse with a kitchen worthy of a TV chef, I know Rev never uses it. He has a private cook, so I guess it gets some use, but really, he only uses his giant sub-zero fridge to chill bottled waters. On the chef’s days off, I’ve offered to cook, but Rev always turns me down and instead, we end up getting take-out. It’s kind of a waste if you ask me. The granite countertops and shiny steel appliances aren’t being appreciated to their full extent, but that’s rich people for you.

After all, Rev is an undisputed billionaire. His company sells vaping equipment, and was one of the first in the sector. Jem Vape pioneered the idea of fruit-flavored vaping pens, and Rev says that he’s going to revolutionize the world with his product. I’ve pointed out that a lot of teenagers seem to like Jem Vape products, but he merely shrugs. He’s more concerned with getting as many users as possible, and building his brand and business even though the FDA has already sent him a letter of inquiry.

But Rev is a confident man in the face of adversity, and between his incredible looks and oodles of money, I consider myself lucky to be dating him. We met just six months ago at a charity benefit. I was there because my friend Amanda’s parents bought her a ticket, but she got sick at the last minute. She gave me her ticket because it cost three hundred dollars, and no one else could go.