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Puck - The Lost Boys MC

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Savannah Rylan

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Being locked up pisses me off. It was supposed to be a one-night stand. I’m f*cking good at those. But Birgid is… different.
And tough as hell. I like her Irish Whiskey, And the way her lips feel on my…
Skin. She’s got secrets. Hell, we all do. That’s what the MC is about.
Hers might get us all killed. Just another day at the office.
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Savannah Rylan



“Still staring out the window like some lovesick jackass?”

Frost’s voice caused me to jump and I spun around. “Can you give a man a hint? Fucking hell.”

He grinned. “Did I spook ya?”

I rolled my eyes. “Shut up and tell me what you came here to tell me.”

He shrugged. “What makes you think I was looking for you, fucker?”

I ignored him and turned back to the window, gazing out at the trees that surrounded us. It was one week to the fucking day that my sister’s van was blown up just outside of her classroom and the club was still on lockdown. And because of that, I was getting antsy.

I wanted to go on a damn ride without someone following me in the process.

“Not used to lockdown?” Frost asked as he came to stand beside me.

I shook my head. “Nope.”

He nodded slowly. “You’re like me. Used to going out every night. Different woman every morning.”

I chuckled. “Different cab company to come get her so people don’t start talking.”

Frost nudged me. “Now we’re getting somewhere.”

I sighed heavily. “I just can’t take being cooped up like this anymore.”

Frost handed me a beer. “Here. You sound like you could use it.”

I took it and cracked it open. “Thanks.”

He raised his own and clinked it against mine. “To resolving this issue sooner rather than later. May we see the inside of a club one of these days.”

I grinned at him before we chugged our drinks back, and for a split second, things seemed normal. As I closed my eyes and welcomed the burn of the alcohol slithering down my throat, I conjured the bar in my head. The shining mahogany counter with booths and tables scattered everywhere. The peanut shells we had to sweep up at least twice an hour because of the messes people made. I drew in a deep breath and swore to myself that I could smell the likes of tequila sunrises and whiskey sours that people drowned themselves in.

But when I opened my eyes, I found myself still standing at that stupid window.

“Thanks,” I said as I sat my empty bottle onto the windowsill.

Frost snatched it up. “What am I, your mom? Come on, man.”

I snickered. “Sorry.”

He paused. “I don't think I’ve ever heard you apologize before.”

I slid my hands into my jacket pockets. “Just got a lot on my mind.”

“This have anything to do with Diego and Ruby?”

I rolled my eyes. “Don’t get me fucking started.”

“Do you not trust him?”

“It’s not that I don’t trust him,” I said as I shuffled on my feet, “I just—she’s my sister, you know? And after everything that’s happened because he came soaring into our life with a bullet wound, everything’s just—”


I chuckled bitterly. “I just don’t like the idea of anyone with my sister. Period.”

He scoffed. “Yeah, I can relate to that. My younger sister? Sam? She just turned eighteen.”

I puffed my cheeks out with a sigh. “Oh, boy.”

“Yeah. It’s as bad as it sounds. And I know that anyone who looks at her funny or gets close to her with any sort of impure intentions already has their slot on the Frostinator.”

I slowly peeked over at him. “The what now?”

He smirked in my general direction. “Have you ever seen those devices they strap you into and then pull all of your limbs in opposite directions?”

I furrowed my brow. “Yeah?”

“Well, it’s sort of like that, except you strap them down, tug their joints until they’re just at the point of giving up, then you set that fucker on fire.”

I blinked. “Seems like a waste of a very nice machine.”

He barked with laughter. “The Frostinator isn’t efficient, but it gets the job done.”

I turned to face him. “Wait a second, does this thing exist?”

He chuckled. “Why? Want to give it a spin with Diego?”

He barked with laughter and I nudged him with my shoulder. I didn’t want to laugh, especially if Ruby was skulking around a corner somewhere like she usually was. But I couldn’t help it when a moment of laughter bubbled up the back of my throat.

But the moment was trashed when Stone poked his head around the corner.

“Can you two keep it the fuck down? Jesus, you sound like a group of cackling women.”

I licked my lips as I swallowed my laughter down. “Can do, Bossman.”

Frost nodded. “Yeah, we’ll keep it down.”

Stone sighed. “You guys might as well know since I’ve got you here, anyway. I’m calling church tomorrow in the morning so we can finally start hashing out a plan to get us out of this damn warehouse.”

“About fucking time,” I murmured.

Stone stared me down. “I heard that.”

Frost cleared his throat. “You know, we wouldn’t be in this mess if Diego hadn’t come to see us in the first place.”

Stone marched into the room. “That man isn’t the reason the cartel is after us. You heard him yourself: they were already coming for us. The entire reason why Diego lived where he lived was to make sure he could find an in into our group.”