The Billionaire’s Assistant (Bad Boy Billionaire #1) Read Online Silvia Violet

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I hired Ben under false pretenses. He may think I don’t know who he truly is, but I do. Even so, I'm tempted to trust him. His family may be full of con artists, but Ben is too innocent for his own good. Trustworthy or not, I'm going to keep him in my sights. I know better than to turn my back on a potential enemy, but watching Ben is no hardship. Before he’s worked for me a week, I know that sooner or later, I'm going to make him mine—in every possible way. It doesn’t matter who I have to eliminate to keep him safe. No one but me is ever going to touch him.

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I took a deep breath as I approached the midtown headquarters of Montgomery Enterprises. I was honestly shocked to have even gotten an interview. No matter how well I’d tailored my résumé, I was seriously under qualified to be the CEO’s assistant. Sure, I’d spent the two years since I graduated from college working as an executive assistant to the president of a small company, but that couldn’t compare to working for the billionaire head of a huge conglomerate.

I wouldn’t have dared applied if I’d had a choice, but my fucking family wasn’t giving me one. My father has been running cons since his teens, and once we were old enough, he expected me and my brother to do his dirty work. I thought I’d broken away from that life, but I made the mistake of not running far enough. When my father came to me, asking me to help him steal product formulas from Montgomery, he made it very clear refusal wasn’t an option.

I fought back nausea as I stepped into the lobby. What would I do if I didn’t get the job? I had no other way of getting access to the kinds of corporate secrets my father was eager to sell.

What if I did get the job? Would that be even worse? I didn’t want to be part of any more of my family’s cons, but the job would pay better than anything I’d ever dreamed of and with a few paychecks I could gain more independence. What if I could stall long enough to….

No, that would never work. My brother would come knocking at my door. He’d never been afraid to use violence to get what he wanted, and he loved money above everything else. He would track me down and make sure I complied with our father’s wishes.

Why hadn’t I left New York, changed my name, and started over? It wasn’t like I had ties here other than a love for the city.

Unlike most corporations, Montgomery had a reputation for taking good care of their employees. Was there any chance Mr. Montgomery would take care of me? It wasn’t like I could tell him I’d come here to steal information, but what I really wanted was his help. No, I had to handle the shitty hand I’d been dealt all by myself—like I always had.

I walked to the concierge desk and greeted a man in a suit far nicer than mine.

“I’m Benjamin Allred. I have an appointment for an interview.”

The man tapped some keys on his computer and nodded. An elevator that stood apart from the main bank slid open. “Take the executive elevator. Mr. Montgomery’s office will be straight ahead when it opens.”

It never occurred to me I’d go straight to Mr. Montgomery’s office or that I’d see him today at all. I assumed this would be a preliminary interview with an underling or at most a vice president or some lower-level executive.

The man frowned. “Do you have a question?”

I realized I’d been staring at him blankly for several seconds. “No. Sorry. I don’t have any questions.” I hurried over to the elevator before he decided to close it and send me on my way.

Once I was inside, the elevator took off, rocketing me to the top of the building. When it stopped, I felt queasier than I had before. When the doors opened, I had to force my mouth to stay closed. The executive lobby was gorgeous. It was quietly elegant with art on the walls that clearly hadn’t come from a random box store like most office buildings.

I saw Mr. Montgomery’s office straight down the hall like I’d been told.

The door was solid dark wood. A desk stood just outside the office, and a middle-aged woman sat behind it. I assumed she was either the assistant who was leaving or someone who had the position temporarily. I glanced around again, in awe of my surroundings.

Suddenly I wanted this job, not because of the trouble I’d be in if I didn’t do what my father demanded, but because I wanted to work here and prove to myself that I was capable of a job like this. I was going to do whatever was necessary to get this job, and I wasn’t going to help my family. I was going to help myself. If I had learned anything from my family, it was that when you go after something, you go after it ruthlessly.