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Drake, Caia, and River are now bundled into a beautiful dark romance collection. The suspense, the sordid and twisted storyline, and the super steamy scenes will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Taken from a life I loved, and thrown into hell.
This is where I found the Devil himself.

I knew Satan existed.
I was convinced I’d be like him one day.
Until my heart was stolen.

He was my only love.
Until she came along,
And then we were three.

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The Unforgiven - Metallica

Behind Blue Eyes - Limp Bizkit

Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

Death Hymn - Lucas King

Dancing with Your Ghost - No Resolve

Sociopath - Lucas King

Blue Blood - Laurel

Deep End - Ruelle

Don’t Let Me Go - Raign

My Eyes Adored You - Denmark + Winter

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me - Denmark + Winter

Angels - Within Temptation

Eyelids - Pvris



There are only so many dead bodies you have to bury before your life becomes nothing more than a long-winded repeat.

Over and over.

Again and again.

The blood is the same.

The graves are the same.

I smile when I do it now. When I dig a six-foot hole, I revel in the harsh stench of bodies — rotting and vile. It’s a reminder I’m a Savage. I was born into this life, and I’ll die in it.

The pieces of flesh and bone still chill me to my soul, but there isn’t any salvation for me. My life has been tainted by the sins that come with the last name I’ve been born with.

I bear the sins of my father.

I carry the cross of his actions.

And one day, I’ll be forced to run the organization he’s built.

With each body I dig a grave for, and with every heart I’ve seen cease to beat, I know there’s no escape. As much as I want to run, there are people here I can’t leave.

Two boys.

My brother.

My best friend.

They’ll forever have me here, living the life the man who’s kept us prisoners for so long has forced us into.

A dark journey.

A sordid road.

And there is no escape.

Unless . . .

We’re severed.



Closing my eyes, I breathe in the stench of the dungeon. No matter how many years I’ve been here, I’m still affected by the smell of the filth my father keeps them in. Each cell — cold and desolate — empty except for a bed and a bucket. When I first came down here, I was shocked, angry, confused, but it’s become normal.

We all have our crosses to bear. Mine comes in the form of a family name I’d rather never have been born with. Every day, I wish I’d died with my mother when she birthed my brother and me.

My job is simple though. In this hell, I’m the one who gets them ready for the horror that lies ahead of them. I take those pretty, stolen toys who are thrown into the cells and I make sure they know there aren’t any cuddles and sweet words. I’m the asshole parents warn you about.

Pulling on my suit jacket, I take a look in the mirror hanging against the gray wall in the dank office. This room is dimly lit for one reason — it’s where the cameras are set up. Where we watch them. My dark hair is disheveled as usual, the blue in my eyes a stark contrast to my tanned skin. Most of my father’s female clients want to fuck me. The men want to bend me over and make me grunt their names and beg them to hurt me, but that’s never going to happen. I don’t do shit with clients.

I do, however, get to touch the pretty toys we get in here. If they’re listed as virgins, I don’t go near them; but those who aren’t, they’re fair game. A good, hard fuck eases the tension for a little while.

No love.

No affection.

Just pleasure.

It’s who I’ve become, and I’m proud of it. I’ve been told before I’m a bastard, and I wear that label with pride. It’s easy to turn off the switch. There’s nothing left inside me; there is only death in my eyes. I’ve perfected the icy glare that has every girl cowering when I stalk into her cell.

I’m broken.

I’m off limits.

I’m Drake Savage.

And like the name says, I am a savage. I’ll fuck you up so bad nobody will recognize you — physically or emotionally. My favorite though is mentally. Fucking with someone’s mind is my forte. It’s the one thing I strive to do well. Needling my way in, into the depths where you hide your fears. That’s where you’ll find me. And that’s where I’ll lie until the moment you take your last breath.

The only people I allow close are my best friend, River, and my brother, Dante.

All cameras are on when I cast a quick glance at them. In an hour, Frederick will be here to watch them. His thankless job is to make sure the toys don’t kill themselves by doing something stupid, like bashing their skulls against the wall or some shit.

I head out to the long hallway leading to the kitchen. It’s empty. I know it will be because nobody is up this early. Our home has become a wasteland to love and affection. When I used to walk into the rooms, I’d find traces of our babysitter, but she walked out when we turned twelve. There’s nothing even close to warmth in this place. The old woman couldn’t deal with my father and ran. She never looked back, and I don’t blame her.