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Rosalie knew her father was part of an MC club, a vile disgusting group of men. To protect her mother, she has no choice but to marry a man her father has chosen.

Colt doesn’t want to create peace. Satan’s Death Riders MC doesn't settle, they do not bow down, but for now, his father has told him to marry the daughter of his enemy. He personally vows to make her life miserable. This will be a great way for him to pass the time before he gets the chance to kill her father. They claim she's a virgin, but they're liars. No slut of the Evil Fuckers MC is pure.

But Rosalie is nothing like her father. She's just a pawn. Someone he can use. What will happen when she becomes more than just a pawn, more than someone he can use?

She wants her father dead as much as Colt does. Maybe they can work together. All she wants is for her mother to be free, for them to no longer live in fear. It's an easy deal to make, but even Colt didn’t see what was coming.

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Chapter One

Life can change before we know it.

Rosalie Barlowe, or Rose to her friends, threw back her head and laughed. Her best friend couldn’t sing, not even a single note. Everything that came out of Petal’s mouth was a disaster. People would actually pay her to just shut up, but she loved her so damn much.

When a long note came up, she had no choice but to cover her ears. Once the song came to an end, Rosalie quickly turned the music down. “That’s enough singing for one day.”

“Spoil sport. Come on, it’s a lot of fun,” Petal said.

“We need to preserve our voices.” Rosalie touched her throat as it already felt a little scratchy from screeching at the top of her lungs.

Petal snorted. “Right, because asking horrible assholes if they want more coffee or the free fries is so challenging.”

Rosalie didn’t even need to look at her friend to know she was already rolling her eyes. They worked at Al’s Diner, a run-down shack in the middle of nowhere, but clearly had enough business as it had been going for years. Rosalie recalled many times her mother took her there for a birthday treat. Al made the best cakes. Even now kids got excited at the prospect of going to Al’s. As for her and Petal, they had long forgotten the attraction seeing as Al was … handsy.

He liked to think of them as his property and with him, they had no choice but to be stern. Some of the waitresses had fallen into his trap, but neither she nor Petal had. So long as they didn’t give him any confusing vibes, he left them alone.

“It’s a job.”

“Yeah, and when are we going to get out of this shithole!” Petal raised her voice and slammed her palm onto the steering wheel.

Ever since they were kids, they both had this dream of getting out of town, getting away and starting a new life together. Rosalie had spent many nights thinking about what she could do, where she could go. As the years went by, she realized she couldn’t leave her mom behind.

She had to protect her, from him.

“Where do you want to go?” Rosalie asked.

Petal tilted her head back and howled. “Anywhere but here.”

They both laughed.

For Petal, that often meant a beach with some kind of hunky stranger who was her love slave for all eternity. Rosalie wanted a life where her mother didn’t hear certain sounds and become a mess.

“That sounds awesome.”

“So, are we going to that party?” Petal asked.

“What party?”

Rosalie had no idea how her friend got to know where a party was happening let alone when. She never heard anything.

“At some biker bar, I think it is. It’s supposed to be like a big deal or something.”

She paused. “A biker bar?”

“Yeah, I don’t know what they’re called. Some kind of stupid name.”

Rosalie tried never to say the name but she needed to know. “Evil Fuckers MC?”

Petal threw back her head and laughed. She had no choice but to reach for the steering wheel as they veered a little toward the opposite road. Not good. She didn’t want to die.

Her friend whistled. “You saved us.”

“Yeah, I think it’s time we keep an eye on the road.”

There was no argument. Petal liked to have fun and party, but she also knew when to keep her shit together. This was one of those times. Neither of them wanted to die because she drove recklessly.

“What a messed-up name,” Petal said. “But it’s not that one.”

“It’s not?”

“No, this one … ugh, what is it?” She let one hand go off the wheel and clicked her fingers. “It’s Death something or other. This is going to drive me mental if I don’t think of it.”

Rosalie didn’t make it a habit of learning the names of MC clubs that often ventured through town. She reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out her cell phone to see if her mother had called her. Nothing. She was probably still working.

Gabrielle, her mother, loved working in the fabric shop, but then she was also an avid seamstress. Like her mother, she also loved to sew and craft, but she’d not been able to get a job in the same store, so it was waitressing for her.

“Satan’s Death Riders MC.” Petal slapped the steering wheel. “That’s the club.”


Rosalie tried not to become aware of the local MCs that surrounded them, but she couldn’t help but hear the gossip.

The Satan’s Death Riders were meant to be worse than the Evil Fuckers MC, or they were supposed to be evenly matched in being assholes. Rosalie didn’t quite know which one it was. Either way, there was no way she would hang out at any MC club. None.

She wrinkled her nose. “Not happening.”

“Oh, come on, Rosalie. Free booze, lots of guys, dancing.”