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Disclaimer... This dark romance may contain subject matter not suitable for all. Please proceed with caution.
Book previously published as The Sadist. New Revised Edition

Nico Rosetti is back on American soil after years of exile by the father who was trying to save him from himself. Only problem is, Nico got into more trouble in the jungles of Central America than he ever could back in the States. Now a man with his own wealth and power, the rift between father and son has been healed, but now someone has sent the old man to an early grave and Nico's out for vengeance.

As the pampered daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the country, Stacey has no real idea about her father's business dealings. So she's in no way prepared when she finds herself at the mercy of the man who vows to take revenge against her whole family to repay a debt.
But Nico is in for a rude surprise if he thinks this pampered princess as he deems her will just sit back and take whatever he dishes out.
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* * *

"Aaaaiiiiiieeeeee." Her loud screams as I slammed into her were sweet music to my ears. Her chained body swung to and fro as she fought to escape the punishing force of my cock. I showed her no mercy because I have none. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway, I’d already detached. No longer fucking here.

“Quiet.” I slapped her ass a few times to get her attention, but when that didn’t stop her damn squalling I grabbed the riding crop that I kept handy for just such an occasion as this. “Ahhhhhh….” She broke off mid scream, but I was in the mood so I gave her ass a few more lashes just for the hell of it. Shit made my cock even harder. Not to mention the redness that appeared beneath the lash. That always got me going and now was no different.

I looked down between our joined bodies to where my cock was slicing her small pussy in two. Was there ever a prettier sight? I think not. Her blood was long gone from my cock, hours ago in fact from the first time I’d fucked her. How the fuck was I to know she was cherry? Had I known would I have done things different? Fuck no. I would’ve still fucked her hard, still used my cock to bring her ass to heel.

Grabbing her newly spanked ass cheeks in my rough hands I pulled her obscenely stretched pussy back onto my twelve inches of steel. I knew she had to be feeling it in her little belly; the shit was almost as long as her leg after all. That’s the reason for all the screeching like a scalded cat.

“Look at that pink pussy. Your screams are saying one thing, but that juice covering my cock is saying another. You like cock don’t you little girl?” I bit into her neck and she fucking creamed all over my dick. So much for all that shit she’d been saying earlier. ‘Please-no-don’t hurt me…’ My ass, her pussy was enjoying the fuck out of the pounding I’ve been giving her for the last five and a half hours.

“Your ass feeling better yet?” She tensed up on me again and tried to pull off my cock. “No please not that, please…”

"Shut...the fuck...up..." I followed each word with a pounding thrust into her tight pussy.

"This is what happens to disobedient little girls who think to fuck with me, maybe next time you'll listen." I pulled out of her pussy and waited until she'd sagged in relief before slamming balls deep into her ass.

I think we'll hear the end of that scream sometime next week. Right now the sound was trapped in her throat, though her mouth was opened in horror. That's just the way I like it. She choked and gagged and drool dripped from the side of her mouth. Dis-fucking-gusting.

I fucked her ass deep until she fainted. Shit! “Oh no you don't little girl, none of that fainting shit.” I pulled out of her ass and got a bucket of ice-cold water from the tap and threw it in her face. She sputtered awake but now I'm pissed again. My fucking floor is all wet.

"I should make you dry this shit up with your fucking tongue." Her eyes of course went straight to my massive cock, which I'd been stroking to keep him nice and stiff. She was right to be afraid, I'd been punishing her with this monster for a straight six hours now. My cock was damn near rubbed raw but this one needed to be broken in.

She was tough for her age I’ll give her that. She’d put up one hell of a fight before I took her down and fucked the shit out of her. Then she’d piped the fuck down and started that crying shit. Probably mourning her virginity or some other bullshit. Whatever the case, I’d fucked her again as soon as my dick got hard.

I won’t admit it, but I like her tight little pussy. Shit fit around my cock like it was made for me, just me. I don’t play into that happily ever after bullshit so I wasn’t gonna go there but swear to fuck her pussy felt like coming home. Too bad she is who she is. My sworn enemy.

Her father the stupid fuck had crossed me. Now why the fuck he would want to do that shit when I'd warned him repeatedly of the consequences was anyone's guess. I guess he was fooled like so many others by the business suits and white-capped smile.

Fuck, beneath the gentlemanly veneer beats the heart of a throwback. I believe in vengeance, justice and retribution. All to be carried out by yours truly of course, and that shit is always swift accurate and to the point.