12 Days of Fckmas Read Online Kenya Wright

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This book will definitely put you on Santa’s Naughty List!
Dark Mafia Boss
Sweet Brothel Accountant
Soft Kidnapping
Scenes that will Heat Up Your Kindle
Gabriel is a cold-blooded mafia boss.
He can have any woman he wants.

This Christmas he must have Mariah for 12 days of sexual submission.
And he is not taking no for an answer.

Mariah finds herself in a situation that she cannot escape.
Will she be able to free herself from this dark alpha’s grips?
Or will she be tied forever to his wicked passions?

Christmas comes early this year with the XXXMas romance series! We have Doms, Alphas, Mafia, Enemies to Lovers, Reverse Harem, and more for your holiday pleasures. Forget leaving milk and cookies for Santa—this year we’re gonna ride his sleigh. These little holiday stories are packed with the heroes you crave and the HEAs you deserve!

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Chapter 1

A Cock that Hung Down to his Knees


Usually, horny, rowdy men packed the Cathouse brothel. They always harassed the women and made a mess of the place with their stinky cigars and spilled whiskey. And one didn’t want me to talk about all of the used condoms constantly thrown around as if there wasn’t trash cans throughout the place.

However, this afternoon, I closed the Cathouse for two hours to give the women a break and put us in a holiday mood. In my year of working as an accountant here, I’d learned about their lives. They had rough childhoods. Many had never even celebrated Christmas. Most had been on the streets since their teen years.

Last night, I called all twenty women to come in and decorate a tree for the front lounge, promising treats.

Unfortunately, only four showed up.

“Here’s a joke.” Vicky licked a candy cane. “How many whores does it take to put up a Christmas tree?”

Sighing, I opened a box of ornaments. “How many?”

“Zero.” Vicky giggled. “The whores get the accountant to do it.”

Cindy pouted. “Hey, Mariah didn’t do it all. I helped too.”

“Fine.” Vicky shrugged. “It takes one whore and an accountant.”

I pointed at her. “Vicky, would you stop eating the candy canes and put them on the Christmas tree?”

“But they’re so tasty, Mariah.” Frowning, she opened her silk robe and jiggled her cleavage.

I rolled my eyes. “I asked all of you to wear casual clothes for the decorating.”

Cindy and Amy chuckled as they began to place multicolored lights on the huge tree. Both women were adorned in white lace lingerie that was nearly transparent. I could see their nipples and the pink of their areolas.

“We thought it would be more fun to come as Jolly Whores.” Vicky crunched on her third candy cane and opened her robe wider, displaying her signature leopard print bodysuit and fishnet stockings. It was all topped off with red stilettos. “How about this, Mariah? Instead of counting numbers this year, why not get a real job that makes serious money? Sell that sweet pussy of yours?”

“You are a hot mess, Vicky.” I rummaged through a large box of Christmas ornaments. There were silver bells with holly carvings and smooth jewel-toned balls, shimmering fuzzy snowflakes and elves with green and red clothing.

Vicky eyed me. “By the way, has Rudy given you your check for this month yet?”

“I’m going to talk to him about it today.”

“You’re too nice and sweet to be working here.” Vicky sucked her teeth. “And he is such a piece of shit.”

“No disagreement there.” I headed over to the other box. Tons of angels greeted my eyes. “Where is the star for the top of the tree?”

Brandy came to my side and held it in her hand. “Right here.”

“Perfect.” I took it from her and studied the beautiful object. Made from crystal, it was twenty inches long with sharp spiky points. “Damn. This is heavy.”

“And pretty.” Vicky finished the candy cane. “The Johns are going to be so blown away with Christmas spirit when they come to buy our pussy, maybe we’ll get better tips. It will be a Christmas miracle!”

Holding the star, I walked over to the tree. “The decorations aren’t for the clients. This is for us.”

Cindy placed the last line of lights onto the tree. “And how is this Christmas tree for us?”

I smiled at them. “We are always in here day and night, surrounded by money, sex, alcohol, and drugs. It would be nice for us to get into the Christmas spirit this year.”

Everyone laughed. A couple even doubled over.

“Whatever.” I waved them away and gazed at the tree. Multi-colored lights twinkled on the branches, flashing in broad blues, yellows, reds, and greens. The clear scent of pine wafted from the tree and filled the room with a festive aroma. Instantly, merriment filled my heart.

The door slammed open.

What the fuck?

I spun around.

Rudy stormed in. “Why the hell are we closed?!”

What is he doing here so early?

Cindy and Amy hurried away from the tree. Brandy dropped ornaments on the floor and went to sit by Vicky.