432 Hours – Investigators Read Online Jessica Gadziala

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When wealthy businesswoman Miranda Coulter finds herself committed against her will for something she didn’t do, she needs help from the best of the best.
Sawyer Investigations.

She never expected the person on her case to be the hottest guy she’d ever seen, or for him to understand the situation better than anyone who hadn’t experienced it should.

Amongst trying to figure out who was out to get her, Miranda is charmed to find out how well Brock fits into her lifestyle… and shocked to learn how much she wants to fit into his…

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I was being strapped to a gurney against my will.

Everything within me told me I needed to fight, I needed to throw a fit, I needed to stop this.

But the fact of the matter was that there was no stopping this.

They were going to strap me to the gurney. They were going to roll that gurney into the back of an ambulance. They were going to roll me back out of that ambulance and into a mental health facility.

Where they were going to hold me against my will.

For something I didn’t do.

And there wasn’t a damn thing that I could do about it…


- Eight hours before -


“Randi, hold up!” Cam, my assistant, called as he ran down the aisles of desks in the office, his new leather shoes creaking a bit with each step.

Cam and I had a horrendous shoe-shopping habit. We were good for each other in most ways, but not that. If we were on the way back from a meeting or a lunch, and I just needed to “pop in” to the store, we both knew we were going to be trying on damn near every pair of shoes the place had to offer. And buying way more than was reasonable.

I’d been with him when he’d bought those woven leather, flat heel, round moc toe, notched vamp, penny loafers with the strap in the color cognac that he had on.


Eight-hundred-fifty dollars.

The Cam who’d walked into my office three years before dreamed of shoes like that, but was forced to wear ones he’d thrifted and tried his best to repair and keep in good condition.

He could afford them now because, quite frankly, I couldn’t function without Cam in my life. I wasn’t sure how I’d managed to keep everything from falling apart before him.

I mean, there had been other assistants. Almost a dozen of them, to be exact. Each of them wholly… fine. None of them, though, capable of anticipating my needs, of handling situations in the exact manner I would handle them, so I didn’t need to micromanage or breathe down his neck.

And, sure, it helped that he was happy to spend a huge chunk of his time with me, pulling late nights and obnoxiously early mornings, though I didn’t exactly require it of him.

That said, he got paid an ostentatious salary for a personal assistant because he was happy to be there even without me demanding it of him.

I could afford it.

I wouldn’t miss the extra hundred thousand more he made than the average personal assistant.

That was why I needed him so badly.

When you ran your own multi-billion-dollar company, you didn’t quibble over money you needed to spend to make it operate as efficiently as possible.

“What’s up?” I asked as we both stepped into the elevator and I slipped my foot out of my heel and flexed it a few times in the air.

“Did I not tell you that the scalloped sides look sexy as fuck but would make you crunch your toes all day to hold them on?” he asked, clucking his tongue at me. “Those are sit-down-shoes. And you are always on the move.”

He wasn’t wrong.

“I’d mistakenly thought today was going to be a behind-the-desk sort of day,” I told him, trying to hold back a grumble as I slipped my foot back into my shoe as the elevator chimed.

“When do you ever spend the whole day behind a desk?” he asked as he checked his little clipboard that had a compartment for storing papers. I’d never seen one before in the office, which meant when he’d shown up with one on his first day as my assistant, he’d brought it with him, knowing he would need it.

That was the kind of attention to detail that made me immediately know he was a keeper.

“Okay, so, I handled that little shitstorm the girls on the second floor created,” he said, meaning that one of them had been trash-talking another one on the employee chat and it had accidentally gotten out and created absolute chaos. “Let’s just say that we will not have to worry about bullshit like that again.”

Cam emanated Golden Retriever Energy most of the time. He was upbeat, energetic, outgoing, and friendly. But, man, if you pissed him off, the man could slice your flesh off your bones with just a glare.