A Little Easter Escapade – Rawhide Ranch Read Online Laylah Roberts

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One Daddy. Two Littles. Incalculable opportunities for Rawhide shenanigans.

Numbers make Marcus Cutler’s world go round. Literally. As a theoretical physicist, he spends his days trying to make sense of the universe around him.
So he knows better than anyone that three people in a relationship is exponentially better than two. Especially when one of those people is an older silver fox of a Daddy and the other is a gorgeous, shy Little for Marcus to play with.
The world’s biggest and smartest super-computers couldn’t have built him a better family.
But when his perfect happily ever after is jeopardized, Marcus will have to rely on his heart more than his head to decide if twice the love is worth twice the risk of a broken heart…

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Chapter 1

There was someone in her apartment.

Isla glanced around at the mess in dismay. That was enough to shake her. But she just knew they were still here.

She took a step back toward the door.

It had been locked… there had been no indication that anyone had broken in.

Then she spotted a dark figure moving out of her bedroom. As he rushed toward her, she tried to get out of his way. But she wasn’t quick enough. Grabbing her shoulders, he shoved her. She yelled out as she fell onto her back on the floor, losing all the air in her lungs. Her back screamed with pain, and it took her a moment to breathe through it.

Oh God.

Where was he? Had he left?

Whimpers escaped her lips as she forced herself to think through her terror. She forced herself to sit up and look around. The door was open. He was gone. Getting onto her hands and knees, she crawled over and shut it. Sitting on her ass, she leaned back against it and tried to catch her breath. Maybe it wouldn’t stop him coming back, but she felt better with a closed door between them.

Maybe she should leave the apartment. But he was out there.

What if he was waiting for her?

What should she do?

Get your handbag. Call the police.

But she didn’t want to call the police.

She might not be thinking rationally, but for once she didn’t care. There was only one person she wanted right now. Her fingers shook as she brought up his contact details.

Marcus Cutler leaned forward in his seat as though that would make his cousin drive faster.

“Hurry up, Cullen! You’re driving slower than a grandma with cataracts.”

“I’m driving at five miles over the speed limit, Marcus,” Cullen said calmly. “I can’t drive any faster without putting us all at risk, and I’m carrying precious cargo.”

Marcus made a snorting noise. “I’m not precious.”

“You’re important to me,” Cullen said firmly. “I won’t risk you. But also… I was talking about Ivy.”

Ah. Right.

Turning, he sent Ivy an apologetic look where she sat in the backseat.

“Sorry, bestie.”

She sent him a small smile. “It’s okay. And he meant you, too. I know you’re worried about Isla. We all are.”

She was sitting in an adult-sized booster seat that Cullen had custom made for her. Her dark hair was pulled back into a high ponytail, and she was wearing this cute sweater with a big bunny on the front.

Easter was only two weeks away.

He loved Easter.

Easter egg hunts. Chocolate. Gifts. Not everyone did gifts at Easter, but he was always looking for an excuse to buy people things they had to accept because they were a gift.

Isla never accepted anything unless it was Christmas or her birthday. But she was going to accept his Easter gift.

He wasn’t taking no for an answer.

But now wasn’t the time to think about that. He had to get to her. She was scared. He’d heard the terror in her voice.

And that was completely unacceptable.

He might not be a dominant guy. Sometimes he struggled to remember to eat and sleep when he was busy at work. And he was a Little.

But that didn’t mean he didn’t have protective instincts when it came to those he cared about.

And those protective instincts went into overdrive when it came to Isla. The only problem was that she was terrible at letting others take care of her. Anytime he’d tried, she’d stare at him in shock as if she couldn’t comprehend anyone ever wanting to look after her.

Utter bullshit.

And he was tired of it. Of her not living with him. Not being right there when he needed her.

Of not letting him do things for her.

Maybe he was a bit spoiled. Everything had always come so easy to him. It was hard to comprehend anyone telling him no. And it was a shock whenever she did.

But no more… he just knew something bad would happen if she wasn’t with him. And look at what had happened.

She was scared, and he wasn’t there.

It felt like there were a thousand bees in his tummy. He wasn’t used to feeling like this. Anxious.

“Marcus, sit back,” Cullen commanded. “It’s not safe to sit forward like that.”

What did it matter when they were traveling at a snail’s pace?

“You should have let me drive.” If he hadn’t been watching a movie with Cullen and Ivy when Isla had called, then he might have just jumped in Cullen’s car and driven here himself.

Actually, he knew he would have.

“Yeah, not happening,” Cullen told him. “You’re a menace. You would have had an accident on the way here and Isla would have to wait even longer to get some support.”

He let out a huff at that.

“You have one or two little accidents and suddenly you’re a bad driver.”

Bullshit. It was all bullshit.

And his excellent driving skills would have gotten them to Isla so much quicker.