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Will she regret turning to a very powerful Daddy who must lay down the law to save her?

Cynthia Grant is in trouble. With her picture plastered on all the networks as a fugitive of justice, she has nowhere else to turn. Fleeing to the one man she hopes she can help, she must put her trust and her future in his hands.

Corporate lawyer Dirk O’Roarke is successful, ruthless, and shrewd. From arguing in the courtroom to forging multi-million dollar deals, he does all the heavy legal lifting for Edgewater Industries. Taking on a criminal case for a cafeteria worker is not in his job description. Dirk’s ready to object until he realizes just how much he wants to protect the special Little who has turned to him for help.

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Dirk walked into the bar of the upscale steak restaurant. It had opened years ago and still was a favorite for both the business crowd and elegant diners. He strode into the dimly lit, wood-paneled bar and spotted his favorite table in a secluded corner. Feeling his lips curve in a pleased grin, Dirk claimed his spot. This table always brought him luck—in negotiations and in important conversations. He didn’t know why Easton wanted to talk to him, but he had a feeling something important loomed in his future.

They’d been meeting here for years. Each month, they shared a glass of the finely aged scotch and discussed anything but business. Dirk and Easton had met in college, each recognizing the potential in the other as their similarities had drawn them together. Years later, they were still friends first and colleagues second.

When Easton walked in, completely focused on him, Dirk knew their rule of avoiding a discussion of Edgewater Industries wasn’t in effect that night. He stood and shook his friend’s hand.

“You look like a man on a mission, Easton,” Dirk commented.

“You know me too well, old friend.” Easton paused to order a glass of fine scotch when the waiter appeared at the table as well.

“I’ll have the same,” Dirk requested from the server. Easton had good taste. He’d follow his lead tonight.

As they settled into their chairs, Dirk studied his friend. “You look good, Easton. That Little girl of yours is keeping you young.” He loved the grin that spread his friend’s lips at the mention of Piper. There was no doubt they were a perfect love match.

“That she does,” Easton agreed. “I can’t believe I found her after all these years of waiting. What about you, Dirk? Have you found your one?”

Shaking his head, Dirk commented drily, “She’s probably running far away from my reputation as a vicious prosecutor.” The server returned quickly with their drinks, and he sipped his in appreciation.

“You paint yourself as a villain easily, Dirk. We both know that under that tough lawyer persona is a completely different reality,” Easton observed.

“Shh! Don’t tell anyone. You’ll lose your most effective legal tool,” Dirk warned with an over-the-top paranoid look around.

Easton laughed and took another sip of his drink. “I won’t blow your cover, Dirk. I do, however, have a favor to ask.”

“Surely you aren’t calling in all those favors I promised you each time we played poker back in college,” Dirk laughed before sobering immediately as Easton answered.


“You might have me a bit spooked, Easton. Tell me what’s going on,” Dirk requested, leaning forward.

“Remember the cyberattack we survived?”

“Of course. That had repercussions throughout the entire business. We’re still reviewing all the legal guidelines to make sure we’ve crossed all our Ts. The federal government is cracking down on electronic crimes. I anticipate they’ll take over the case and send in a prosecutor,” Dirk assured him.

“I’m glad you’re earning that ridiculous salary I’m paying you. And thanks for doing all you do to protect Edgewater Industries. I’ve never doubted that you have my back completely.”

“Why does that sound ominous?”

“You’re not going to like this, Dirk, but I’m going to ask for your help. Our experts have tracked the culprit to a young woman who worked in the cafeteria. She used the computer in the office to load a virus into the system,” Easton explained.

“From all I’ve seen in the reports, it’s cut and dried. She’ll do a sentence for her crime.”

“That’s the problem. I know Cynthia was the vehicle for the attack, but I also know she isn’t guilty. I need you to prove that she’s innocent, Dirk,”

Easton requested.

“I’ve looked at the file, Easton, and I won’t sugarcoat this for you. I don’t know if I can get her off. Every single path seems to point to her working alone,” Dirk told him with a shake of his head before lifting the cut-glass tumbler of amber scotch.

“She’s a Little. She needs someone in her corner. I don’t believe she did this knowingly,” Easton informed him.

“This isn’t the type of law I specialize in, Easton. She would do better with a criminal attorney to protect her in the courtroom. I can suggest a few highly skilled trial lawyers…”

Easton shook his head and interrupted. “She’s coming to you. I want you to handle this.”

“Because you think she’s innocent?” Dirk suggested.

“Because I know she’s innocent, and I don’t want whoever forced her to do this to ruin her life. I have a feeling he’s had a hand in screwing up her success before.”

“That’s a big hunch to risk letting someone who almost transferred all your money to an offshore account get away with betraying your company. She would have hurt many more people than just you,” Dirk pointed out.

“I’m aware of that. I’m calling in my favor,” Easton said softly. “Hell, I’ll call in all my favors.”