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For college student Keryn Brinson, the grades she needs are slipping further and further out of her reach. Finding time for studying while her beloved grandfather’s health fails just isn’t happening. Then she walks into class to find that her professor has been replaced—by a man who makes her body tingle and her imagination go into overdrive.
When college teacher Max Stern agreed to stand in for an old friend who got into an accident, he thought he knew what to expect. This former special forces soldier has been everywhere and met everyone, and he’s sure that the woman of his dreams simply doesn’t exist. Until he sees perfection sitting right there in his class.
Keryn needs someone to take control. Someone to give her life structure, both in and out of the classroom. And Max just might be the one to provide it.
But when they discover a mutual desire for the darker side of love, can these two stay professional? Or will they risk it all for a chance at a happy ever after?

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“My name is Max. Max Stern. But call me Max. Don’t call me Mr. Stern. Mr. Stern the teacher sounds like one of those books. You all know the ones I mean.”

There’s a murmur of polite laughter, mostly from the girls, as his dark eyes scan the rows of students. Dark eyes beneath a brow so strong and prominent it seems to constantly shroud them in shadows, despite the bright overhead lights. A neatly-trimmed beard surrounds his mouth and chin, shaved clean along his powerful jawline. Dark chocolate hair swept sideways and then back. Old-fashioned, perhaps, but classic.

A little shiver hits me, and I squeeze my legs together, sitting straighter and drawing a deep breath. There’s something about him, or maybe it’s just wishful thinking but… My mind goes to the little diary under my bed, the one where I write the fantasies I won’t even let my best friend read.

Fantasies of being ordered to do things. Of someone else taking control. Fantasies of a hand around my throat or a knife against my back. Love, yes, but not the kind of love you read in poetry books. The kind of love that consumes, obsesses, makes you crazy. The kind of love that borders on sick.

The kind of love that a modern woman isn’t supposed to have anything to do with.

His gaze seems to miss me at first, then it’s like he does a double take, eyes snapping back to mine, skewering me to my seat, making me squirm, making my nipples…oh, God. I feel the heat rush to my face as I fold my arms over my chest, glancing around to make sure nobody noticed the twin hard points suddenly jumping to attention. The blue and pink dress I’m wearing is a genuine fifties classic in thick cotton, but it doesn’t stand a chance of hiding what he’s doing to me.

But when I look back, he’s moved on.

“Questions,” he says, his voice seeming to fill the lecture theater in a way that Dr. Heathfield’s never does, radiating from his wide, firm chest rather than his mouth. As he turns, nodding to someone in the corner, I see a silver scar running from just beneath his ear, down his neck and disappearing under the collar of his pressed white shirt.

“Where’s Dr. Heathfield?”

“Your name?”

“James Moss, sir.”

James. I hardly recognized his voice. Until now it always sounded so manly, so gruff. I was surprised on our first day, nearly three years ago, to find out that he was eighteen like the rest of us.

In comparison to Max Stern, he sounds like a child.

“Not sir, just Max. Dr. Heathfield got into an accident. She’s fine but she’s broken a leg and an arm and she’s in a lot of pain.” His gray suit flows over his body like water, barely creasing as he moves. I’m not sure what it cost, but it was worth it. “She won’t be back this semester, so I’m covering her classes. Any other questions?”

“Will you be giving any…extra tuition?” Cyn’s deliberate pause raises a few giggles from other girls near us, and I shift uncomfortably as Max’s eyes spin to her where she sits right beside me, then snap to mine, making me gasp involuntarily.

Did I just wet myself? Oh, God, this isn’t fair.

“Come see me in my office after class,” he says, eyes still on me. “Dr. Heathfield’s office.”

“So—is that a yes?” Cyn continues, apparently unaware that right now, he isn’t paying her any attention. “I really really need to pass this class. I’d be willing to do whatever it takes. Max.”

His eyes stay where they are, reading every secret I ever had. “As I said, come see me after class,” he tells me, even though the words sound like they’re for Cyn. Finally, he looks away. “Any more questions?”

And just like that, class begins and Max Stern is in teacher mode. The next hour seems to go by in seconds, and a couple of times when I catch Cyn’s eyes she grins at me like the cat that got the cream. Trouble is, I don’t much like the idea of her kitty getting his cream, I want to keep it all for myself.

No, that came out wrong.

I’m sure it came out wrong.

When it’s over, he dismisses us with a single “thank you”, and leaves before even the first student can stand. It’s like there’s a switch he switches between teacher mode and mysterious loner. And it’s intoxicating.

“Wait up a moment and I’ll walk with you,” Cyn says, and I barely even look her way, blushing at my own thoughts as I fall into step and we file out of the class.

She’s been my best friend since I came here, and the truth is she’s one of the good ones. She doesn’t much care what anyone else thinks of her, which is just as well because they seriously disapprove of her hanging around with me. I mean, I’m the freckly four-eyed freak, always was since high school, and she’s…