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Love is in the air this Christmas as bright and cheery Jinny meets her Grumpy (but not to her) new professor, Noah.

I wasn’t looking for love when I stumbled into his classroom late, but I found it. I never could say no, but he’ll teach me how.

Falling in love with a student is a fireable offense, but she’s so good, so pure, none of that matters. Loving her is easy; loving her forever is even easier.
This is book 2 of ChaShiree M. & M.K. Moore’s new series, Love Is In The Air. Grumpy & Bright is a smutty trip to forever.

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“Shoot.” My scarf falls on the ground and of course I have to pick it up. Like I have seconds to spare. I don’t. I am already running late for my American lit class but it couldn’t be helped. I mean what mom in her right mind can leave her babies, crying, begging, jumping all over you, begging you not to leave them? I certainly couldn’t. So, I did the only thing I could do. I sat on the floor with them for longer than I intended, and rolled around on the floor with them, letting them lick my face and pull on my scarf until their cute little puppy tails stopped wagging.

By then, I was fifteen minutes late leaving. I know. I sound crazy. But my puppies are my babies. I keep calling them puppies but they are two year old chocolate labs. I have had them since they were eight weeks old. Normally I let them stay home, but, my new neighbor has been complaining about their..singing, if you will, when I am not there. My landlord threatened to kick me out, so I had to find a doggie daycare and they are not happy.

“Shoot. Shoot. Shoot,” I say tripping over a piece of the sidewalk. This is not the best way to start the school semester. I heard this professor is super strict and is not above embarrassing you if he needs to. That sucks. I am shy as it is and to be put on the spot, I would probably pass out. I just like to sit in the back, put my head down, take notes and run out as soon as possible.

The entire time I am trying to make it, I hear my father’s voice in my head. “When are you ever going to be reliable, Jinny? Is my money going to good use? What is the pansy ass job you are going to school for?” That is all he has done my entire life. Put me down.

I am an only child. A mistake my father let my mother talk him into because like the arrogant asshole he is, he assumed he would make a boy. Well, SURPRISE!! So, he got sniped without discussing it with her and I was stuck alone, to be reminded I am not what he wanted.

My father is an attorney. His law firm is incredibly successful and he lets everyone know it. He is an asshole. A horrible person. But, he is my father and he is paying for my schooling and my condo. Which Is another reason I can’t get kicked out. I would never hear the end of it and he would hit the roof if he knew about my dogs.

I run up the steps as fast as possible and pause outside of the door. Hand on the handle, I do my best to take a few deep breaths, before I try to open the door as silently as possible and slip inside. “Miss, Spruce, I presume?” My head jolts back and when I look up, the entire class is staring at me. Great. So much for slipping in.

“Yes. I am so sorry I am late. I am never-”

“Enough. Please take a seat and try not to interrupt the rest of class for the next forty-five minutes.” My cheeks are so warm I know I am red. There are no seats in the back and then I look further and see one, right in front of his desk. Of course.

I try not to look at anyone else as I make my way to the front. It doesn’t skip me that he stops talking as I make my way. When I am finally seated, he continues. “Please let the rest of the semester go better.” I think to myself. When he walks to the front of the room, my initial reaction is startling. Holy stocking stuffers. The man is gorgeous. Not like pretty boy gorgeous. No. He is tall, brawn and he looks like a bad boy in tweed trying to camouflage who he is.

Sweet eggnog, please don’t let him know I am sitting here trying not to moan. My lady bits are firing on all cylinders right now. Never in my life have I had a reaction like this to anyone. That is probably why I am still a virgin. I have never felt…anything. I was starting to think there was something wrong with me, but now I know that is not the case. Definitely not the case.