Jinx (Hell’s Handlers MC Florida Chapter #4) Read Online Lilly Atlas

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Harper's world has been shattered, and she's desperate for time—time to heal, time to rebuild her life, and time to learn how to trust again. What she doesn't need is a relentless, snarky biker barging into her life, stirring emotions she vowed never to experience again.

Enter Jinx, a captivating member of the Hell's Handlers Motorcycle Club and the chosen family of her new bosses. He's a man who commands attention, and despite Harper's best efforts, she can't seem to shake him.

Irresistibly drawn to the fiercely independent Harper, Jinx is determined to break through her defenses. He can't understand why the woman who won't spare him a smile has him so captivated, but he's determined to uncover the secrets behind her prickly exterior.

As Jinx chips away at Harper's walls, she grapples with keeping him at arm's length emotionally, even as they grow closer physically. But with her traumatic past and his club's dangerous enemies looming over them, can their fragile bond withstand the pressure?

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Harper couldn’t put her finger on it, but a persistent tingle at the back of her neck, coupled with a queasy stomach, had her nerves on edge. Tonight wasn’t different from so many before it, but it still felt off.

And the uneasiness was starting to mess with her head.

Friday night in the passenger seat of her boyfriend’s cherry-red Ford Mustang with his friends crammed in the back typically meant they were heading to a party that would end sometime long after midnight. When it finally wound down, they’d drop his friends at their respective homes, drive to their favorite make-out spot, and spend the next hour or so making good use of that back seat. Eventually, they’d have no choice but to return to their homes. Harper, to her family’s crappy trailer on the wrong side of the tracks, and Aaron to, his attorney father’s posh mansion.

“I told Ryan we’d pick up some beer. He said his house is fucking packed, and he’s running out already.” Aaron glanced in the rearview mirror as he spoke. Something in his voice had her frowning. A hint of excitement that seemed over-the-top considering the situation.

The last time he’d been asked to pick up some alcohol for a party, he’d practically thrown a fit. Now, as he pulled into a gas station parking lot, there was almost eager anticipation to him.

“Let’s do this.”

Harper turned around to find Simon, Aaron’s best friend, smirking. Usually, the guy spent these rides with his tongue down his girlfriend’s throat, but tonight, he was flying solo. Harper didn’t like him or his girlfriend enough to ask if they’d broken up.

Stuffed in the back, four of Aaron’s closest frat brothers spent most of the trip chatting about what lucky girl they planned to fuck that evening.

So much for his girlfriend.

Maybe they had broken up.

She shifted her gaze to Aaron. As usual, her stomach fluttered with excitement and disbelief that the richest, most popular, and downright hottest guy in school wanted her—quiet, poor, awkward Harper—but he did. And they’d been dating for most of her senior year.

Of course, he’d graduated high school over a year ago, so his popularity no longer mattered, but he’d been at the top of the food chain for as long as she could remember. Even now, he dominated at college, making the transition easily and picking up friends wherever he went.

He attracted women as well. They threw themselves at him whether she was there or not. Something about those blond locks and piercing blue eyes. The football-honed muscles didn’t hurt, either. Nor did his wit and charm.

He was college-girl catnip.

Yet he still wanted her after nearly a year of dating.

And she fully trusted him. He said he loved her, after all.

She couldn’t help the smile that curled her lips.

He loved her.

Aaron reached across the console and grabbed her hand. She turned her head to find his dazzling white smile aimed at her. “Ready, Harp?”

She shook her head. “You guys go in. I’ll wait in the car. I don’t care what you buy.” No one had ever questioned Aaron or his friends’ fake IDs, but she didn’t have one and wouldn’t be responsible for spoiling everyone’s night if she got carded along with them.

He waved away her concern. “Nah, come one. You’re not gonna want to miss this.”

“Yeah, Harp,” Simon said from the back seat. “You will not want to miss this.”

One of the other guys snickered.

She eyed Aaron. “Okay, I guess, but I don’t have an ID. What if they card me and won’t serve you.”

“You worry too much,” her boyfriend said, squeezing her hand.

Carl, her least favorite of all Aaron’s bros snorted. “Yeah, won’t be a problem.”

The others snickered.

She crinkled her forehead. “Why are you guys being weird?”

Aaron winked. “Ignore them. You know they’re stupid. Come on. It’ll be fine and fun. I promise.”


Aaron lived for fun. Truth be told, she’d have much preferred the two of them to spend their Friday nights snuggling on a couch, watching Netflix with a giant bowl of popcorn and some sodas. But skipping a college party was sacrilege to Aaron and his friends.

And she might as well soak up the experiences while she could. She certainly couldn’t afford full-time college. Every dollar she earned went into a savings account for the community college classes she planned to take in the fall, and even then, she’d be stretched thin. Working as an Applebee’s server didn’t exactly rake in cash.

“All right, fine.” She sighed. It was cold, and she’d dressed for a crowded, sweaty party, not the outdoors.

“That’s my girl.” Aaron leaned in and kissed her, sending a zing of happiness through her stomach. “Love you,” he whispered.

Her heart sang. Was there anything better than hearing those three words? “Love you too.”

It was enough to make her ignore the unease still pecking at her.