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Once upon a time, Monroe Sinclair was Brodan Adair’s best friend, but now he’s a stranger and one of Hollywood’s leading men…
It took Monroe Sinclair eighteen years to return home to Ardnoch after a fateful night that devastated her friendship with Brodan Adair. She fled her unrequited love for him, as well as her difficult family life, and tried not to look behind her. Only a daughter’s guilt could lure her back to the Highlands and the assumption that Brodan Adair rarely ever sets foot in their hometown. She can handle seeing the rest of the Adairs so long as she can avoid her ex-best friend and the only man she’s ever loved.

Nothing is more important to Brodan than family, and only his demons have the power to keep him from them. For years, acting was something he was lucky enough to be good at, yet it wasn’t his priority—Ardnoch and his siblings were. But when a ghost from his past returned out of the blue, Brodan tried to outrun its haunting, taking him further and further from home. When exhaustion finally forces him back to the family fold, the last thing he wants is to encounter another ghost. But that’s exactly what Monroe Sinclair has been to him.

When a promise to his nephew obliges Brodan to work with Monroe, it forces them to face their past. The explosive connection that has always existed between them resurrects truths long buried. Yet, just when they might be on the brink of a second chance, the ghost from Brodan’s past finally catches up to him and threatens not just their happiness, but their very lives.

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* * *

The cinema was a quiet place on a Monday morning, even if it was summer and the school holidays. Only a handful of people waited in the large foyer. Nothing to distract me from the vertical ceiling banner with Brodan Adair’s gorgeous face plastered over it. I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw his brother Lachlan on a chat show promoting his debut Hollywood film.

From there, Brodan started appearing in secondary roles. Nothing that tempted me to watch his movies and TV shows. However, it had been hard to miss his escalating success. Now, there he was on a giant poster advertising his first big lead role in a blockbuster movie.

An ache I’d carried around in my chest for years splintered painfully.

Turn around and get the hell out of here, I urged myself. Stop being such a masochist.

But I couldn’t.

The desire to see what had become of him was too great. I thought years apart would numb it, might even erase it … but ironically, the distance had only made my heart stubborn.


Throwing my shoulders back, I marched across the foyer to the ticket counter and bought a ticket to the next showing of Brodan’s movie.

There he was. That horrible ache bloomed hotter as I stared up at a larger-than-life Brodan, playing the role with a flawless American accent. It almost made him seem like a different person. Except for those eyes. Everything was always in Brodan’s eyes. It was a wee bit disconcerting to see he was such an excellent actor because, for a while, I could almost forget this leading man was once my best friend.

Until he kissed the leading woman with genuine passion.

Rumor had it they were dating in real life.

Watching them, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t true—their chemistry was fire.

Ridiculous hurt and jealousy filled me. Possessiveness.

He was mine first, I thought childishly.

Brodan had never really been mine in the way I wanted, but when we were children, he was my everything. Memories I tried so hard to forget consumed me, whirling before me, blurring the sight of Brodan Adair, Hollywood actor …

* * *

I knew by my mum’s cut lip as I walked into the kitchen that it was one of those days. I opened my mouth to talk, and she shook her head frantically.


We lived in a small row cottage on the edge of Ardnoch. Our village was tiny, but not so tiny that we didn’t have streets that were known for housing folks who had less than other folks. We lived on one of those streets.

“That Monroe?” Dad yelled from the living room across the hall.

Mum mouthed, “Leave.”

My heart lurched in my chest, and I turned to go just as Dad appeared in the kitchen doorway.

His face was red, his eyes bright with whisky, fists clenched at his sides.

As a kid, I didn’t know Dad was an alcoholic. Or at least I didn’t understand it. I was twelve now, in my first year at Ardnoch Academy. So I knew. I knew things now that I didn’t know then. I knew it was the drink that turned my dad into a monster.

My hands became clammy.

“Hi, Dad.”

“Where you been?” He stepped toward me belligerently.


“You should be out working, helping,” he snarled.

“I’m t-twelve,” I quietly reminded him.

“I was working at twelve, you lazy wee bitch.”

“I have to go to school, Dad. It’s illegal not to.”

His nostrils flared. “You think I don’t know that? You trying to be smart with me?”

“No. It’s just … few places here will hire you for a part-time job until you’re fifteen.” Plus, I wanted to go to school. I wanted to do something with my life.

“Try harder. We’ve got bills to pay.”

I don’t know what came over me, if I was sick of walking on eggshells with the man, but I muttered, “Maybe if you didn’t spend all your money on drink.”

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I froze, nauseated with fear.

His expression darkened. “What the fuck you say?”


“Callum, don’t,” Mum pleaded.

“Cheeky bitch. Come ’ere!”

Everything from that point was a blur of black and red and pain. I could hear Mum screaming, “Stop!” She must have finally gotten him off me, but my face hurt everywhere, and I couldn’t open one of my eyes.

“Why?” Mum hissed. “Why did you provoke him?”

I tried to speak through the agony, but the only thing I could think of was my best friend’s face.


I wanted to be with Brodan.

He made me feel safe.

My right side screamed with pain as Mum pulled me up onto unsteady feet.

“Look what you made him do,” Mum cried softly. “This is your fault.”

My fault?

Was it?

Maybe it was.

Brodan’s dad would never dare hurt his children. I knew Brodan wished he was around more. Looking after the Adair brothers and their sister, Arrochar, had mostly fallen to the eldest, Lachlan, but still, Mr. Adair was a gentle man. He’d never beat his daughter to a pulp.