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From USA Today Bestselling author J.D. Hollyfield comes a devilishly sexy, office romance about forbidden attraction, temptation and the power to fight for love.

A controlling boss. A defiant assistant. And a whole lot of what ifs…

I’m at the highest point of my career, and I haven’t even broken a sweat yet.
Wealth, power, and prestige.
It’s all at my fingertips.

But in my world, one filled with secrets, power comes at a cost. A lie that taints my past. A sacrifice that poisons my future.

Until my newest assistant walks—or should I say falls into my office.

She’s mouthy, horrible at her job, and is making me question everything. But I know better. Look but don’t touch. The lie rotting inside me forbids it.

The problem is, I tried to stay away from her. Deny my darkest desires. But I’m a weak man. And one taste of her… There’s no going back.

And I will have her in my bed.
All she has to do is follow one very strict rule. No one can know.

If only it were that simple.

Her power over me might just cost me everything…

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a possession of control, authority, or influence over others.



Seven years ago. . .

I pull up to Sullivan’s, parking the shiny new Lexus my father had waiting when I returned home. Damn, it’s good to be back. Not that I’m here long. One summer, then it’s Europe for the next two years. Poor me, I know. Alfred Monroe only wants the best for his son.

Climbing out, I toss my keys to the valet. “Good evening, Mr. Monroe.”

“Looking good, George,” I say over my shoulder before heading inside. Glancing at my phone, I cuss under my breath. I’m already late. I find him at the table always reserved for him. “Father,” I greet, taking in the older man and blonde bombshell at his side. I didn’t know we would have guests.

“You must be Theo. Charles Hill.” The man stands, and I shake his hand. “This is my daughter, Alana.”

I gaze over her, offering my signature smile. Damn, I wouldn’t mind sliding into that after a few cocktails. I bet I could have her sucking me off in the bathroom before dessert.

“Son, sit. We have a lot to discuss.” I take a seat next to my father.

“I hear congratulations are in order.”

“Thanks,” I reply to Charles. Two days ago, I graduated second in my class. Not that my undergrad degree matters. My future is already paved for me.

“Pretty impressive. Tennis and heavyweight rowing? You sure made a name for yourself up there.”

“Yeah, not too shabby.” I steal a glance at his daughter and wink.

“And now you’re off to France to complete your master’s. What brought that on?”

I debate giving him the real answer, but I’m sure my father would disapprove of me telling his friend and his hot daughter what I really plan to do with my time: drink and fuck my way across France before I fall into line at my father’s company. Instead, I reply with a more sophisticated answer. “It’s important to be fluent in all forms of business. Going international will allow me to expand my knowledge and provide more insight into future business deals as MIC expands its investments across the ocean.”

He smiles, and my father nods his approval. “What brings you two to dinner tonight?” I ask.

“We have some of the same business interests and ideas about a prosperous future. Nothing we need to bore you two with. In fact, why don’t you and Alana go enjoy yourselves? I’m sure you can show her a nice evening.”

My night just turned in the right direction. “Of course. I’d love to show you around if you’re up for it.”

Her cat-like smile says she’s on the same page. “That sounds like a wonderful idea.”

Hmmm. . . polite and accommodating. Key attributes for being wild in bed.

Not a bad start to the summer. She’ll be a nice treat.

Two years later. . .

I tug the strap of my carry-on bag up my shoulder. The flight from Paris was long, and I’m in dire need of a hot shower. I take my phone off airplane mode, and it immediately begins to ding.

Claire: Love you. Text me when you land <3

A. Monroe: Come straight to the office as soon as you land.

He can’t even give me a second before making demands. So much for the long shower and possible nap.

Me: I will when I land tomorrow.

A. Monroe: Now.

How the hell does he even know I’m home? I told him my flight didn’t get in until tomorrow for this reason. I knew he would throw me into the mix the second I stepped on American soil. I wanted a day to settle into the condo I had set up while I was in France.

Me: Be there in an hour.

I shoot off a text to Claire.

Me: Love you too, baby. Just landed. Have to stop by the office. Call you when I get to my condo. Maybe send me some nudes to help me through my day.

I slide my phone into my pocket. My plans of gallivanting across Europe changed the day I walked into a small café in France. With her musical accent and kind smile, Claire took my order and stole my heart. She brought a feeling of peace into my life that I hadn’t realized I needed. She was gentle and not at all wild, unlike what I was used to, and it only made me love her more.

The last two years went by too fast, the weight of our reality hanging over us. But I plan on fixing that. When she flies over for a couple days, I plan to introduce her to my father and then ask her to marry me. Leaving her home country won’t be easy. It’s all she’s ever known. But I can give her a good life. Offer her anything she can imagine. With her as part of my future, she’ll want for nothing.