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From USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Michelle Heard comes a new STANDALONE, full-length BRATVA/BODYGUARD ROMANCE novel.

My hobbies consist of shopping, eating, and sleeping. Yeah, I know, it doesn’t sound like I have much going for me, but what is a girl to do when she has an overbearing father who doesn’t allow her to be anything but a socialite?

I’m used to being in the spotlight, but when my father starts getting threats on my life, he hires a bodyguard.

Maxim Levin, the Russian God with intense eyes and a face carved from stone. I don’t think the man has ever cracked a smile. He’s domineering, broody, and scary as hell.

The more time I spend with him, the more his secrets come to light.
Turns out he’s not just a regular bodyguard.
My father hired an assassin.
An Assassin! Aka, a man who unalives people for a living.

Maxim has one more secret yet to be uncovered, and when I finally crack the hard shell of his unforgiving exterior, I’m in for the shock of my life.

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“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

–— Sun Tsu.

Chapter 1


Maxim Levin; 38. Camille DuBois; 27.

I stare at the file my best friend, Nikolai, sent over last week. I was dead set on not taking the bodyguard job until I saw who the charge was.

Camille DuBois.


I’m an assassin by trade. I take lives, not save them.

Guilt rears in my chest as I stare at the woman’s beautiful face.

Our paths crossed once. Christ, it’s almost been ten years since I last saw her face. She was seventeen and just starting her life.

And I almost took it from her.

Where her blonde hair used to reach her ass, it’s now cut into a short, choppy bob. The style suits her heart-shaped face. Her features have lost the last of her teenage look, leaving in its wake a woman who will have any man breathless and hard as fuck.

It’s the first time I see the color of her eyes. Green. The shade of moss. They’re so fucking bright it feels like she can see into the dark depths of my soul where my demons live.

And I’m only staring at a photo.

What would it feel like to come face-to-face with her?

I ban the thoughts and read over the details of the death threats her father’s been receiving. If he doesn’t step away from politics, Camille will be killed.

Nine out of ten times, they’re nothing but empty threats.

Again, my eyes find the photo of Camille, whose path was never meant to cross with mine. Yet, here she is for a second time.

You owe her. This will be a chance to pay her back for almost killing her.

I let out a heavy sigh as I lean back in my chair. I glance out the hotel room window, wondering if it wouldn’t be best to stay out of her life.

She never saw my face and has no idea who I am. Neither does her father.

Not even Nikolai knows about the one fuck-up in my career as an assassin.

No one knows. It’s a secret I plan on taking to my grave.

An assassin’s reputation is the most important thing. If you fuck up and people find out, it doesn’t bode well for your career.

You should stay away from the woman. Don’t play with fire.

But if I don’t take this job and she ends up dead, it will only increase the guilt I already feel.

I let out a heavy sigh and rub my hand over my forehead.

You already made up for what you did. You got the woman medical help. It’s been a decade. Forget about her and refuse the job.

I let out a sigh as I pull the folder onto my lap and read over all the information again. There are copies of the death-threat letters and recordings sent to Maurice DuBois, who’s currently the Minister of Agriculture. If all goes as planned, he’ll become the Prime Minister of France next month.

Nikolai Vetrov, the only friend I have, wants a solid foothold in France for his diamond-smuggling business. Maurice can give him that in exchange for his daughter’s safety.

Maurice might straddle a thin line between the underbelly of my world and politics, but he’s not a criminal by a long shot. The man wants to create a better and greener world, and it has forced him to negotiate with the bratva to make it happen. The bratva owns land where wind turbines can be erected, and during the sale, a relationship was formed.

But that has nothing to do with the reason why I’m considering this job.

Besides the guilt I’ve carried around for ten years, I owe my best friend a favor. Fifteen years ago, my little sister was diagnosed with leukemia. Her dying wish was to marry Nikolai. When I asked him to give my dying sister her wish, he didn’t hesitate. Not once did she doubt whether he really loved her.

During her final days, she was happy. I owe Nikolai, and this is the favor he wants.

There’s no saying no.

Accepting my fate, I inspect the death threats. The letters are old-school. Cut-outs from magazines and newspapers were used for the words. Honestly, I haven’t seen that shit in years.

The recordings have been put together with different voices, so there’s no use in trying to trace the voice. With an endless supply of videos on social media, it’s so fucking easy to put together a threat like this.

It’s the first time Maurice has received a threat against Camille, and apparently, there’s nothing on this planet he loves more than her.

He wants someone with a name in the criminal world to protect her, figuring it would scare off the fuckers threatening his daughter.