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Two people, one night, and a ride full of chaos, adventure, and steam.
The attraction is undeniable, the desire indescribable, and a connection that is unbreakable.
Clay “Country Boy” Faircloth is the President of the Salemburg Hellions MC. His life is his club. Brothers before everything, especially broads. Single in a small town, he lives his life from one ride to the next without a care.
A simple stop at a coffee shop turns his world upside down when he bumps into her.
All spark and spunk, Sara Sweeting is living her best life all on her own. She is little miss independent. Working hard and taking care of everyone around her, she’s in for the ride of her life after a chance encounter with a bearded biker.
She gets trapped in his world when she’s taken by a rival club as leverage. Too bad for them, the one line you don’t cross with the Hellions is involving women. Country Boy will move mountains to bring Sara home safely.
Their ride fueled in desire laced with danger. This time it’s the Salemburg Hellions on a ride out for love.

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“This is beautiful, Sara,” my sister, Carrie states with the widest smile.

Her enthusiasm makes this whole charade worth it. She is into all things beauty and elegance. Like today with the frills, soft textures, and a special touch at every turn, this is one-hundred percent her style. As for me, this is absolutely everything I am not. Carrie is the polar opposite of me. I’m all denim and dirt, while she’s pearls and proper. We balance each other in the best way possible.

I don’t remember a time where we weren’t so absolutely different, yet, still so connected. The saying that ‘no one can know you the way a sister does’ fits us perfectly. She’s my best friend, even if we aren’t going to be at the same concerts or shopping in the same stores at the mall, we are always in touch. I know her every secret and there isn’t anything I don’t share with her.

Carrington Paige Sweeting is my little sister who is set to marry her Prince Charming in a fairytale wedding two months from now. The last year has been an epic level of tulle, flowers, fittings, and photos all in the name of love. From the moment she got engaged, this is all she’s dreamed of. I’m beyond elated for her. Although, I must admit, I never knew there were this many shades of blush.

Seriously, when did pink turn into dusty rose, blush, and dare there be a hint of mauve. Don’t forget the other side of the spectrum, flamingo, taffy, or magenta pink. We don’t want to leave out middle of the road coral either. It’s insanity if anyone cares to have my opinion on the matter. Why can’t pink be pink?

But, I have to be honest, the shades matter. I do know that much. Always get samples, this is what hosting her bridal shower taught me. Before this, pink was pink to me. Now, I’ll never see colors the same again.

Every Disney princess ever created has been adored by Carrie. Maybe it’s birth order, me being the oldest and all, but I’m more of a make my own path even if I fall on my ass person. Carrie is one tough cookie, don’t get me wrong, but she’s always daydreamed about being swept off her feet. Her soon to be mister, Caleb, does that for her. Every freaking day practically. Whatever Carrie wants he’s willing to put in the work to make sure she has it. She has kissed her fair share of frogs to find this prince. He is good to my sister and she’s never been this happy. I’m excited to celebrate their love. This is going to be the most beautiful day in her life and I’m here to celebrate it all, including today’s bridal shower.

Not going to lie, I asked to host the bachelorette party, but Carrie didn’t think plastic penises hanging from the ceiling fan of a hotel room would be much fun. She wants to get dressed up and have pictures with her favorite people instead of drinking and dancing the night away. Her loss, I throw an epic party when it’s just booze, babes, and no work the next day. She asked me to give her the bridal shower of her dreams over any bachelorette shenanigans. Well, this is definitely her dream and not mine. As her older sister, though, I aim to please.

My mother approaches with her cheeks flushed, no doubt from some kind of worry, “Sara, thank you, this is just gorgeous.” I smile all the while I want to laugh and call her out for not trusting me to pull it off.

I love our mother to the ends of the Earth, but she is a bit of a control freak about hosting things. She likes things her way. Don’t get me wrong, she’s very good at putting together anything from a casual dinner, a birthday party, a soiree of any sort, and yes, she is amazing at planning weddings. Which is why my sister is being able to enjoy being the bride without all the stress because our mom has it all under control.

Except this bridal shower. I did my best to not hand it over to her. Sure, she would have gladly taken charge, but this is something special for my sister from me.

Mom didn’t hold back in giving her input all along the way, but I am proud of sticking to my plans this time around. Most parties, events, those things, my mom takes care of everything from beginning to end. This time, I did it having my sister in mind with every detail, maybe that’s why it came pretty easy overall. I’ll never admit it to my mom, but it was actually sometimes fun, the planning, I mean. Can’t have her thinking this can be our thing together because no one can do it like she can.