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Iris – Since my mother died, my only goal has been to get custody of my sister Jerrica and keep her safe. I was on my way, too -- getting emancipated by the court so I could get a job and prove I had the means to take responsibility for my little sister. I promised I’d keep her safe and I’d never abandon her. I was with her every day until I came to her group home one morning to find she’d been adopted out overnight. It’s obvious there’s something sinister at work, but no amount of threats and demands will override a closed adoption order. It looks like Jerrica is gone from my life forever, but I’ve got one more trick up my sleeve. Jerrica made friends with a woman from a local motorcycle club. I have no idea if the woman will help, but I have no where else to go. What I didn’t count on is him. Sting. President of Iron Tzars MC. He doesn’t know it yet, but once I get Jerrica back, he's next on my list.

Sting – I wasn’t ready to be president of an MC like Iron Tzars, but my father left me little choice. I grew up in the club. At twenty-nine, most of the men still see me as no more than a kid. But my daddy taught me well. I tolerate no disloyalty or disrespect and always, always put the club first. Then I met Iris. She’s a heap of trouble in a small package and she pings my radar from the moment I first lay eyes on her. I know she’s going to be mine -- which means she has to trust me to take care of her. But Iris trusts no one when it comes to her sister. With both of them in danger, I now have to make a decision. Changing plans will put the club at risk, but doing nothing will risk them both. I’m not willing to take that risk.

Putting a woman above the club is what got my father in trouble. Now I’m in the same boat. Stupid. Especially since Iris has no idea I’ve already claimed her.

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Chapter One


“I’ll be back for you, Jerrica. You know I will.”

“But I don’t want you to go!”

I couldn’t blame my little sister. I didn’t want to go either. Since I’d been emancipated, I couldn’t stay. While I knew it was the only way to get my sister out of the group home where we lived, it also meant I had to leave her alone until I proved I could support us both. Since it was so close to my eighteenth birthday, the judge had set that as the day for the evaluation of my living situation. It was reasonable, since the lawyer helping me had said it usually took longer than the three months they were making me wait, but in my opinion it was too damned long. I had to settle for coming to visit her, and I did so every day. If I wasn’t working, I stayed all day. If I was, I spent a couple of hours with her afterward. I’d managed to secure an apartment I could afford on one job, but I was working two as long as I could and saving everything I made from it to have something to fall back on in case of an emergency.

“It won’t be long. I’ll be back tomorrow, honey. You know I would never leave you.”

“I do, but…” My sister bit her lip and looked away. I saw the sheen of tears in her eyes and her chin quivering, though. My stomach churned. I knew I was running out of time. I had to get Jerrica out of that horrible place. “It’s much harder without you here.”

“I know, baby.”

“Maybe I should have asked Santa for a better home.”

“Santa can’t help us, Jerrica. This is all on me. Just hold out a little longer. I’ll get you out of here. Just a few more months.”

We’d left a huge Christmas Party held by a group of bikers called Black Reign. They were some kind of community benefactors or something. It meant nothing to me other than free food. They held a party for the community’s children once a year. If they did anything more the rest of the year, I didn’t see it. Still, the celebration had put a smile on Jerrica’s face, even if only for a short time. Until I’d had to bring her back to the group home where she lived. Now, without my protection.

Jerrica raised her chin. Even though her eyes were glassy with tears, I could see her determination to do what I’d asked. “OK. I can stand it a little while longer.”

I pulled my sister into my arms. “I love you, booboo. It’ll all be fine. Just a little while longer.”