The Billionaire’s Nemesis (Bad Boy Billionaire #3) Read Online Silvia Violet

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Carter is scarred physically and emotionally from his time as a Navy SEAL. The last thing he needs is for his nemesis to find him again and make Carter want to both kill him and kiss him.

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one year ago

Icouldn’t believe I was actually doing this. I knew better, so much better.

If you get caught, it’s not like you can’t just go home and use all that money you refuse to spend.

I will never do that.

Then maybe you should turn your ass around and go back to headquarters.

I considered it. That would be the smart thing to do, but I was a hell of a lot more stubborn than I was smart—just ask any member of my family—and it had been way too long since I’d gotten pleasure from anything but my own hand.

When Matteo made it clear that, despite acting like he hated me most of the time, he would be more than happy to hook up, I ignored all his signals. My pretense of indifference did nothing to deter him. Since subtlety hadn’t worked, he came right out with a bold proposition to meet him at a motel tonight, one where there were no cameras and no one who gave a damn what we did or whether we left there alive.

He hadn’t left what he wanted up to my imagination. He’d made it very clear that he wanted to fuck me. I rarely bottomed, but the filthy words he’d used as he described his need to hold me down and take me mercilessly had made me rock hard.

I needed to know if the reality was as good as the fantasy. No way in hell was I going to turn around and go home, not even knowing the trouble we could both get in for fraternization.

You could easily find a willing man in a bar.

I didn’t want just anyone. I wanted Matteo. I had since the day he’d been assigned to my platoon.

I thought about how my best friends back home would react to my stupidity. Even if I could ask their advice, I likely wouldn’t. Besides, I already knew what they would say. Ford would tell me to walk away. Miles would say to enjoy every second of it because I had always been a rule follower unless it involved the safety of my friends. Worth would tell me to go for it. He’d say I deserved to enjoy myself, and if that meant giving my ass to the hottest guy I’d ever worked with, that’s what I should do.

I found the place Matteo told me to meet him. I hoped he was okay with fucking me standing up, because I had no intention of laying down on the beds in this place. I might have had to do some horrible shit since I’d joined the navy, but I wasn’t going to voluntarily open myself up to whatever germs and bugs were on those mattresses, not to mention the sweat of who knows how many people. I almost reconsidered meeting him. The oppressive Colombian heat had all of us permanently sweaty.

But I felt eyes on me as soon as I pulled my motorcycle to a stop at the curb. Matteo was there, standing in the shadows watching me. A shiver ran through me as I cut the engine and swung my leg over the seat. I said a prayer that my bike wouldn’t be stolen before we were done.

Matteo stepped away from the building and held up a key. When he headed across the dark parking lot, I followed him, barely able to make out the contours of his perfect ass.

My dick twitched at the idea of finally getting my hands on it. I needed to know if it felt as good as it looked.

Matteo unlocked the door, though I was sure either of us could easily have kicked it in. The lock wasn’t going to deter anyone who was serious about getting inside.

He held the door open and gestured for me to enter first like this was a date and he was trying to impress me, but the smile on his face was anything but welcoming. It was sinister, and it made me shiver.

This was a mistake. Matteo wasn’t someone I should mess with.

Ignoring the warnings in my head, I stepped inside the room, and he shut the door behind me. I started to speak, but he grabbed me, shoved me up against the thin wall, and pressed his arm against my throat. He wasn’t cutting off my air—yet—but he was making it clear how easily he could crush my windpipe if I wasn’t prepared to fight back.

I snarled as I shoved at his arm, but he pushed back, pinning me to the wall with his whole body. I’d have to hurt him to free myself; I wasn’t quite ready to do that, even as a rare spike of fear shot through me.

I rarely feared anyone I encountered. I was strong as fuck, and I knew more ways to kill a man than most people could even think of, but Matteo’s strength matched mine and he’d had the same training. I had no assurance I would come out on top in a fight. Instead of having a reasonable reaction like kneeing him in the balls, I reveled in the rush of adrenaline. Why was being pinned by him so fucking hot?