Twintuition (Lions of Locust Falls #4) Read Online Jayda Marx

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Twin lion shifters Felix and Enzo have always known that sharing a mate was a possibility; a probability, even, as they’ve never been strangers to sharing a man. Hell, they prefer it that way. They’re attracted to the same type of men, and love the challenge of one-upping each other. But over time, their conquests became more than passion and performance; the duo grew closer to one another and got to witness what was kept hidden from most of the world – their gentle, attentive sides. They discovered a deep-seated desire to be caregivers; to take charge of pleasure, while doting on needs.

After a bumpy first encounter with their mate Ant, the twins discover that their sweet man is in desperate need of safety, security, and love. He knows the desires of his heart, but has never had the freedom to explore them. What could be better than two strong, sexy lion Daddies to make all of his dreams come true?

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Chapter One


“You’re doing great,” Asher encouraged his mate. “Hold my hand.”

“I don’t want your hand!” Cedric yelled back. “I don’t want you to touch me! I should have never let you touch me, and if you ever try to touch me again, I’ll rip your face off and glue it to your butt!”

My brother Felix and I blinked wide eyes at each other. We’d never heard sweet Cedric be so rude, but I supposed the pain of childbirth would make anyone cranky.

Cedric was in his bedroom with Asher, who had been getting yelled at for the past half-hour, and Grady, who was attempting to help the pair through the process. Somehow, he’d managed to stay calm and patient, providing positive affirmations and motivation. The man was a saint.

Brandon, Talon, Hunter, and Lance took Brady to a movie to get him out of the house and out of earshot of Cedric’s cries. Meanwhile, Felix and I were standing in the hallway being zero help whatsoever.

It wasn’t that we didn’t care about our friend; we just weren’t prepared for this type of thing. Grady had spent the last few months listening to podcasts about home births, reading midwife manuals, and even practicing Lamaze techniques with Cedric. He had things under control, and my brother and I would most likely just get in the way.

“I’m so sorry,” Asher offered, sounding helpless.

Cedric’s cry of, “You should be sorry!” echoed through the wall. “You put this baby in me! It was all just fun for you, and now I have to do the hard part!”

“What can I do to help?” Asher asked sincerely. Uh oh. I had a feeling that question was a bad idea.

“You can go shove a bowling ball up your ass so you know how I feel right now!”

Felix’s face stretched into a mix of pity and discomfort at our friend’s words. As a shifter, Cedric would heal quickly after the birth, but it didn’t make the process any less excruciating. He couldn’t exactly go to the hospital - it would raise too many questions from human doctors. The best option was a natural home birth.

“Okay, Cedric,” Grady’s deep, calm voice cut in, “It’s time to push.”

A string of growls, screams, and curse words pierced the air, making the blood rush from both Felix’s and my face. We were the last people anyone would call saints; we practically made swearing an art form, but it was knowing the cause of Cedric’s language that made us squeamish. The bowling ball suggestion definitely left a vivid mental image.

My brother and I paced the hallway, sweating bullets as we overheard Cedric’s threats of relieving Asher of a very important body part so he couldn’t do this to him again, and describing colorful things he planned to do to his mate; none of which sounded pleasant.

But soon the threats gave way to gut-wrenching screams. My heart went out to my friend, and it was almost too much to bear, until they were accompanied by a beautiful sound; a tiny, gurgling cry.

I punched the air and Felix slammed into my side for a brief hug. And then we paced the hallway again, this time with anxious excitement to meet the new addition to the pride.

A few minutes later, Gray opened the door with a broad grin and announced, “It’s a boy.” I refuse to admit that I squealed like a teenage girl, but I will gladly share that Felix did.

“Can we see him?” My brother asked hopefully, and Grady opened the door wider and ushered us inside.

We shuffled up to the bed, where Asher was sitting next to his mate, rubbing his shoulders and pressing kisses to his bright pink hair. Cedric was smiling down at their new bundle of joy, who was swaddled in a light blue blanket.

“He’s beautiful,” I told the pair. The baby looked like a squishy little old man, but in the best possible way. “Congratulations.”