Wicked Sins (Secrets In Blood #1) Read Online Dani Rene

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USA Today Bestselling Author, Dani René, dives back into the world of BDSM with this sensual, steamy, dark romance.

I basked in their tears. I wanted to hear them beg. And watching them crawl fed my feral beast.

My proclivities would make most submissives balk. But a chance encounter with a beautiful stranger leaves me wanting something I never thought I would ever want—a second taste. It’s dangerous, but I’m willing to risk everything for more of the woman built for sin.

She’s my wicked sin, and I’m not giving her up now.

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“Dad,” I call, racing into the study to find my father hunched over a box. He’s rifling through papers and documents in such a rush I’m not sure he’s even heard me enter. “Dad,” I try again and he startles, spinning to face me.

“Rai, come in, baby girl.” He offers me the warm smile I’ve grown up seeing on his face. My father is almost sixty, but he can pass for fifty. Even though he’s getting older, he still keeps up with me.

I had my eighteenth birthday a few months ago, which has allowed me some freedoms, but he still monitors me. I’m the only child still at home. Growing up, it was just my brother and me. However, I’m thankful my older brother is no longer living at home. At thirty, he said he needed to venture out into the real world. What I think he meant was he didn’t want Dad watching what dangerous things he was doing.

I’m close to my parents, but it’s Andrea, my brother, who I’ve never been able to be around for longer than a family dinner. There’s a darkness that surrounds him and it scares me. When he finally left home, it was as if I had lifted a weight from my shoulders.

“What are you doing home so early?” he questions with a frown.

“I finished up classes early. There wasn’t anything going on after, so I figured I’d come and see if you needed any help. You know I enjoy doing your filing.” It’s a lie, but it easily slips from my lips. A terrible feeling had twisted in my gut when I was in English class, so I asked if I could leave. Since I’m ahead in class, Mrs. Drummond said it’s okay.

From a young age, I knew my father was involved with dangerous men. Even though he’s always kept it hidden, I stumbled across documents years ago that I knew gave away my father’s connection to our ancestors.

I have always connected the Lombardi name with the Nostra, and even as a young girl, I understood what darkness lies in my family’s history. My father, the man who does the accounts for a dangerous organization, can no longer hide his secrets from me.

Daddy has been good to keep me safe, but I have a feeling Andrea has already taken a walk down the sordid path. And as much as I know our father wants to protect us, I’ve already stumbled into that life without even knowing it.

They’re all dangerous.

Violent men. The kind you see on the television who hurt people.

We’re part of the familia and there’s nothing we can do to stop it or to change our destiny. I know it, my parents know it, and soon I’ll have to walk that fine line of right and wrong.

“Come in, Raina, sit.” Daddy gestures to me to take a seat in the comfortable chair only inches from where he’s busy. I curl onto the sofa instead and watch him. He offers another heartwarming smile and carries on what he’s doing. Then continues to speak to the box of documents rather than me, “I’m finishing up some work here, then I have a meeting,” he says easily but doesn’t meet my eyes.

I know the meeting my father is talking about. He’ll go to see them. The names of these men are not new to me and if you asked me to recite them, I’d be able to do it with no list.

“I was wondering if I can make us dinner tonight. The whole family together for once?” My question stills him for a moment before he shakes his head.

Turning my way, he responds with guilt shining in his eyes. “Not tonight, baby girl. I may not be home until late. Your mother is meeting her friends for bingo, so it’s just you.” His voice causes a shiver to race over me. There are many times that my father stays out late, but something about his tone makes me fearful.

“What are you doing, Dad?” I rise, stepping closer to him so I can look into those green eyes that match mine. “Tell me,” I implore.

“You know my life isn’t easy, Raina. Tonight, I have a meeting with an organization who can help me. They’ll be able to assist with the accounts I’ve been in charge of with the companies who hired me. I want to take on less responsibility as I get older, and this meeting will allow me to plead my case.”