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Beauty and the Biker (Ghost Riders MC #2)

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I had four weeks before I shipped out again so it was sun, fun, and partying hard. She wasn't a part of the plan.
We had one perfect month together before I had to go wheels up. Neither of us expected what happened next. The blast left me scarred, inside and out. How could I ever be good enough for a beauty like her? She deserved better.
Now I've got the Ghost Riders Motorcycle Club, and I don't need anything else. If I can't have her, I'll never have another. A man can live without his heart...right?
Abraham has one regret—letting his Julie get away. When he can't let go, there's only one thing left to do. Make her his.
Warning: If you want a scarred hero who's over-the-top obsessed, alpha possessive, and falls in love at first sight, take a peek inside.
*Not responsible if peek turns into a full-on read.*
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Chapter One


June 2011

“I’d rather you fuck me in the ass with a bat than go in there.” Lucias smiles over at me, and I roll my eyes before getting out of the truck. We are heading into the Big-Mart for some last-minute shit for the party today, and I really don’t want to go in there either.

“You’ll be wishing for this place when we’re overseas next month. Calm down,” I say, unfolding myself from the truck.

“You may be right, but all I want to do before we deploy is drown in pussy and beer.”

“Why else do you think we’re here, dumb-ass? Beer.”

He grabs a cart at the entrance and starts to walk in the direction of the alcohol. I follow behind him for a few steps before I get an idea.

“Hey, I’m going to the toy section. I’ll meet you at the register,” I throw over my shoulder, heading in the opposite direction.

Lucias gives me a look, but just shakes his head as I walk away. Scribe is having a pool party, and I think water guns are a must. Who doesn’t like a wet t-shirt contest? I’m sure some of the boot chasers are looking for a good time just as much as we are, and there are always sweet butts following Lucias around since his father is President of the Ghost Riders. They hope they can get in good with him so when he takes over they can be his old lady. We’ve been partying it up while on leave, and we’ve only got four short weeks left before we’re wheels up.

Our unit is pretty small so naturally we’re all really close. We spend all our time overseas side by side, only to get home and do the same thing. Lucias and I have been together since we were in diapers, so it’s nothing new for us to be joined at the hip.

Making my way across the store, I cut through an aisle and stop dead in my tracks. At the other end is a girl, jumping up and down. Well, not a girl, a woman. I keep staring because a rack like that belongs to someone full grown, not someone a little over five feet tall. I stand there with my mouth open, and watch as she continues to jump up and down, reaching her arms up high in the air.

Her big tits bounce, and I can’t do anything but watch and thank God for whoever stacked the shelves so high as I feel the drool start to roll down my chin. She’s tiny, but damn, does she have some curves. She’s got super curly white blonde hair, and an ass that shakes with every jump. I feel my dick growing in my pants, and I reach down to adjust it before I cause a scene. Just as I’m grabbing my crotch, she turns and looks at me as if she sensed me.

I should be embarrassed, but I’m so struck by her face I just freeze. I’ve got one hand on my dick, mouth wide open, and I’m staring at heaven. God. She’s fucking perfect. Like a little tiny angel.

Her face turns bright red, which only makes me smile. I finish adjusting my dick and give her a cocky chin lift so she knows I’m not ashamed about what she’s done to me. The hard-on belongs to her.

She clears her throat, squares her shoulders, and puts her hands on her hips. “A little help here?” she says, and motions for the towels on the top shelf. I love the mouthy bite in her voice.

“I think I can handle that.”

I walk over to where she’s standing, moving a little too close to her, the smell of strawberry shortcake filling my lungs. She blushes again and looks anywhere but up at me. She’d have to lean her head back to see up to me. I’m six five, so almost everyone has to look up to find me, but she’s so fucking tiny, I’m over a foot taller than her. It’s kind of comical, the height difference between us, but it doesn’t matter when you’re horizontal.

After a second, she looks back to the towels, and then looks up at me. “Can you please hand me two of the blue ones?” she asks, barely above a whisper. Some of the sass has drained from her voice, and I don’t know if it’s because she is intimidated by me because I’m so close to her now, but I want it back. I don’t want her to be scared of me. In fact, that’s the last thing I want from her.

“What do I get in return?” I tease, trying to add some levity to my voice.

She snaps her head up at me, and I can see the attitude is coming. Good. I like seeing this little thing hold her own.

“Did you hit your head when you fell off that beanstalk? Either you get me the towels, or move along. I’ve got better things to do than entertain a giant,” she says, and pointedly looks at my crotch. This only makes my dick harder as it’s now gotten her attention. He’s got all kinds of things in mind for her. She’s so freaking small I could fuck her all over the goddamn place and not even break a sweat.