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Bookstore Barbie (Magnolia Ridge #1)

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Alexa Riley

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All Barbie ever wanted was to own a store filled with romance books. After an unexpected windfall she's finally got her own place, but some people in town have been less than welcoming. That's until one dark and stormy night a man that might as well have come straight out of the pages of her dirty books comes to her rescue.

Shaw has relocated from his business in the city to Magnolia Springs to help his mom. He runs her errands and helps her with anything else she needs, but he's less than thrilled about picking up her list of romance books. When he walks into the store, he's blindsided by a damsel in distress and is ready to take charge.

Warning: This has all the accessories a girl can dream of! Dirty books, thrilling suspense, a sassy bestie, and a whole lot of steam! Come play with us… We won't let you down!
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Magnolia Ridge Series by Alexa Riley

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Alexa Riley

Chapter One


I run my finger across the spines of the books as I walk down the aisles of my little bookstore, Twice Read Tales. I love this place. It’s the first thing I’ve ever been able to call my own, thanks to a grandmother I never knew. She helped me break from the bnds of my old life and now I’m able to start over. I have a chance to make my own story and for the past two months I’ve been open, the excitement still bubbles in my chest.

Too bad everyone else around here isn't feeling the same enthusiasm I am. I’m trying not to worry, but I think I might have to shake something up around here if I want to keep this place going.

When I hear the bell over the front door I rush toward the entrance of my store, but I stop running when I hear Kayla’s voice.

“I’ve got the perfect plan!” I turn at the end of the aisles to see her carrying a coffee machine. Her blond hair is streaked with pink today, which she must have done last night. I never know what color it will be each time I see her, but I like the constant surprise.

“Free coffee will most definitely bring some booties up in here.” She shakes the fancy-looking machine in her hands like I’m not seeing it.

“Where did you get that?” I don’t even know how to use that thing and it looks expensive.

“Don’t worry about that.” When I raise my eyebrow, she nods toward the front checkout area. “Clear a spot.”

“Maybe you should take it back.” The longer I stare at the thing, the more expensive it looks. That thing is way out of my budget and if she took it from someone they’re going to notice.

“My arms are going to give!”

I shove over the paper on my desk and knock a few of my notepads to the floor. When I bend down to pick them up, my glasses fall off my face. Before I can stop her, Kayla’s black combat boot crunches down on them and I hear something break as she roughly deposits the coffee maker onto the desk.

I don’t know if my glasses or the coffee maker are going to make it.

“What did I step on?” She lifts her foot off my glasses and I pick them up, holding the pieces of what’s left in each hand. “I can fix it.” She takes them from me and I shake my head.

“I have another pair upstairs.”

“It’s fine. I’ve totally got it.” She moves behind my desk, where she starts opening all the drawers.

I’d run upstairs to my place and grab my backup pair but I’m scared to leave Kayla alone in the store. I’d come back to a pile of rubble with all the bookcases dumped over.

“So listen, this machine is really easy. You just put these pod things in and bam. Coffee.”

“I can’t even get people in here to tell them about the coffee,” I point out.

“I’ve got a plan for that too.” She drops her backpack on the floor as she pulls tape out from my desk.

“You’re not taping those.” I try and grab them from her but she’s faster than me. “I already look like a dork. I do not need tape on my glasses to add to the effect.”

“You’re not a dork. You’re wholesome.”

“Is that a step up from homely?”

“No, you’re adorable.” She starts wrapping my glasses in tape and piecing them back together.

I don’t want to have the same argument with her about how adorable isn't going to get me a man. Even covered in paint she always looks good without trying.

“Good as new.” She turns my glasses over to look at them. “I think it gives them style.” She smiles brightly as she passes them over to me.

“Thanks.” I put them back on, knowing I’ll get my others later and these can hold me over for now.

Romeo jumps up on the counter to inspect what’s going on. I don’t know who the cat belonged to before, but apparently he came with the building.

“I’m going to repaint the front window. The grand opening is over, so it needs something new.” She opens her backpack to show me she’s brought her supplies.

“Did you steal this from your dad’s house?” I go back to the coffee machine, thinking it may not be the worst idea.

“He won’t notice.” She shrugs. Kayla might be a walking catastrophe, but she’s beautiful in a hipster-artsy way.

“What if free coffee isn’t enough?” My shoulders drop. If only it was that easy.

“People love free shit.”

“I’m not sure Missy will love that I’m giving away free coffee.” I point to the coffee shop next door. I’m not one for coffee, but they do have killer brownies over there—not that I get to eat them anymore.