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Cauldrons Call, by New York Times bestselling author Kristen Proby, is the highly-anticipated second book in The Curse of the Blood Moon series.

Breena has known Giles all her life—and has loved him for nearly as long. Linked by the ties of family and coven, Breena has had a lifetime to discover everything there is to know about him. His intelligence and specialization in crystals and gems are truly things to admire, but it’s how he smiles at her that really makes her cauldron bubble. Too bad he’s completely oblivious.
Giles isn’t as oblivious as Breena thinks he is. A powerful witch, he’s spent most of his life hiding his true feelings from her, but he can’t ignore the fact that she’s hurting and plagued by the same nightmares that haunt him every night. So, getting her to move in with him so he can do just that seems like simple common sense. The hard part will be resisting the way Breena makes him feel.
But evil has invaded their world, and it has the power to kill every witch in Salem. Breena has no time to wallow in what might have been and Giles desire to protect her is stronger than the power contained in his crystals . Together they must lift the curse of the blood moon before time runs out. If they can’t, the people Breena loves the most are all in danger. It will take every skill she’s honed as a witch to protect what’s hers and the man who cast a spell on her heart.

Will they have time to kindle their love for each other, or will the clock run out at the hands of fate?

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Giles Corey

September 1692

* * *

“I spoke with your sister three nights past,” my dear wife, Martha, says as we sit by the fire. Darkness has fallen outside, and with the accusations swirling around Salem, we are more frightened than ever.

“What did Louisa say?”

“She and her husband will not leave Hallows End. Giles, they are steadfast in their belief that no harm can come to them there.”

“No witch is safe in Massachusetts.” It comes out as a whisper, in case anyone may hear. “They cannot shield themselves from this hysteria.”

“She said they plan to cast the curse.”

My head whips up, and I stare at my wife. I love her with everything in me. Martha and I have only been married for two years, finding each other at our advanced age, after our previous spouses passed. Our children are grown and gone, and she is more precious to me than my wealth or anything else in my possession.

I am an old man. Fighting this war of hysteria is something my body and spirit are almost too weary to withstand.

And yet, for Martha, I will fight with everything I am.

“Louisa suggests we join them in Hallows End, Giles. ‘Tis only until this is over, and then we may return home.”

“No.” I shake my head and stare into the fire once more. “We shall not leave our home. Casting the curse is foolhardy, and Jonas should rethink that decision. There must be another way.”

“Jonas is a smart man. An excellent coven leader. Giles, there may not be another way.”

I sigh, then stand and shuffle to the loose stone in the fireplace. Once I’ve removed it, I pull out my mother’s Book of Shadows.

“Giles.” Martha’s voice shakes with fear. “You assured me you disposed of that. If someone found it here, we would surely both be hanged.”

“Do not be concerned, my love,” I reply as I sit and shuffle through the pages until I find the one I want. “I found this today. It is a spell to rewrite history. Martha, this could be what brings all of this to a close without Hallows End disappearing.”

“Jonas assured Louisa the curse can be lifted when we are all out of danger.”

“And how long might that be?” I demand and drop my fist onto the Book of Shadows. “A year? Five? Martha, I am an old man. I do not want to lose my sister for what remains of my life. At less than thirty and five years, she is still a young woman. And she is all that remains of my family.”

“I understand,” Martha murmurs, staring into the fire. “I am afraid of losing Louisa, as well.”

“Who?” I blink at her, not understanding what she said. “Losing who?”

“I do not know.” Martha frowns as if confused. “Why do you have that book out? Giles, someone will harm us if it is found.”

I look down and scowl at the book in my lap. Surely, Martha is correct. If anyone saw this, we would indeed be executed.

“I—I do not know.”

I stand and return the book to its hiding place.

“We should rest this night, my love. It will be another busy day tomorrow.”

Chapter One


“I can do this.” I bite my lower lip and grip the small box that just happens to be on the bottom of a pile of other packages and give it a pull. Pressing on the ones above in a vain attempt to keep them in place doesn’t work, and before I know it, all of them tumble around me. “Shit. I hope nothing broke.”

I blow a strand of hair out of my eyes and get to work picking up the mess, but then I bump into another stack of boxes, and there’s more tumbling.

“For the goddess’s sake,” I mutter, just as a knock comes from the door. “It’s open!”

“Hey there—” my cousin, Lorelei, begins and then stops short. “Are you in there?”

“In the back corner.”

“We can’t see you over this mountain of stuff,” comes a reply from my other cousin, Lucy.

The three of us grew up as close as sisters, and I love that we all live close enough to pop in on one another. At least, I usually like it.

“Some boxes fell over.” I’m out of breath as I finally retrieve the last package, set it aside, and then stand and smile over at the two people I love the most. “What are you two up to today?”

“We brought coffee,” Lorelei says with a frown, looking around the space. “But it looks like we need an intervention here, honey.”

I shake my head and scoot around my big craft table, walking to where they are and taking the proffered coffee.

“It’s all temporary.”

“Listen,” Lucy jumps in, “it’s awesome that Giles offered to let you use this apartment above his shop so you had a private place to live while you figured out the house situation, but this is way too small for you.”