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Claiming What's Mine

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Jordan Silver

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I wanted her the first moment I laid eyes on her, but she was already taken. For two years I stood by, dying inside each time I saw them together but I’m not the kind of man to dishonor another, so I walked away. Now he’s gone, taking the easy way out and leaving her to clear his debt. I will take care of it, with one condition. That she becomes completely mine.

An obsessive possessive passion romance
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The phone rang at my elbow, distracting me from the work I was trying diligently to find an interest in on the computer screen. I picked it up, answering absentmindedly without even checking the number to see who was calling. “Yes?”

“She’s free.” It was my head of security and closest friend calling. At least that’s who it sounded like, but maybe he had the wrong number because I had no clue what the hell he was on about.

“What? Who?” I was still playing around with the shit on my computer, barely lending him half an ear. He does have a tendency to fuck with me on occasion just because he could. He’s one of the few people allowed.

Kev and I go way back. We met when we were both in our early teens. I saved him from a group of angry teenagers who thought their money and prestige gave them the right to oppress someone they saw as a member of the less fortunate.

What those fools didn’t know and neither did I at the time was that he came from a more prestigious lineage than any of us, with an ancestor who fought next to Washington as a freed slave, whose descendants had done more for the nation than all the rest of ours combined.

None of us knew because Kev isn’t the type to showcase his shit, and I also learned later that he didn’t need me to save his ass either since his martial arts game was on point even then.

But that day after I got involved he’d given me this weird smile that I still don’t understand all these years later, and since then he’s been with me. Asshole that he is.

Now he’s the person I trust most in the world and also the one who gives me the most headaches. He plays many roles in my life, brother, best friend, confidante and more often than not thinks he’s my damn conscience. Other times he’s just a pain in the ass.

We’re so completely different it’s hard for some to believe the close bond that exist between us. Maybe because he’s chocolate colored perfection as he likes to describe himself and I’m milquetoast, again his word of choice.

Either way we’re brothers in everything but blood, and since he’s younger than me by a few months I enable him in his fuckery every once in a while. So getting a call like this from him out of nowhere for no damn reason isn’t too surprising.

“Who’s free jackass? I’ve got shit to do.”

“The woman you’ve been obsessing over for the past two years. The one who’s got you by the balls! You know, the one you lost your damn mind over, Giselle…” I was already halfway out of my seat before the mention of her name.

“What about her?” My heart started racing sickeningly in my chest the way it always does when it comes to her. Just the mere mention of her name gets that shit going.

“She’s free I said. He died.” My world went dark and then light again as I started hurriedly for the door.

“What’re you saying? What happened?”

“He ate a bullet.” Fuck!

“Where is she?”

“They took her down to the precinct.”

“What? Why? Hold on a second.” I put him on hold and called my driver, ordering him to meet me downstairs before switching the call back over.

“Why did they take her in?”

“I guess they need to make sure they get all their facts straight seeing as who he was.”

“Where did this happen and when? How come I didn’t hear about it?” When the fuck did my hallway get this long?

“He did it at home and it’s all over the news. Which means the reporters are probably three deep in front of her door not to mention down at the station.”

“Thanks for calling me. I have another call to make…”

“Stop! You going after her?”

“What the fuck do you think? That’s my woman.” Only he would understand the logic behind the crazy. As was proven by his disrespectful snort on the other end of the line.

“What are you wearing?” What the fuck… I looked past the fitted tee and jeans I had on down to my bare feet. Fuck!

“I’m putting you on speaker while I change. Tell me everything you’ve got so far.”

I knew because it was her he’d have more than what the news vultures had already broadcasted before making this call. He’d know better than anyone how panicked I’d be right now, only because it was her.

Everything else in life I handle with my usual cool reserve, but just the mention of her name can send me into a nosedive. It’s humbling indeed, but I’d accepted the fact a long time ago that it will always be this way. That as long as she was alive there will be that one person in this world who could bring me to my knees. Giselle.