Hide And Seek – Room Twenty-Two Read Online Mila Crawford

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My name is Stella Adams and I’m in love with three men.
Axel is an animal. His desires are visceral and come from the most debased human needs.
Ronan is sweet and nurturing. He takes care of me, showing me how precious I am even when no one ever taught him how.
Kian is a monster. He needs to invoke pain to feel anything.
They’re all different but they are mine and I am theirs.
And now my men want to tie me to them.

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Sex is easy. Love is hard.

Being in love is the most complicated state for a human. It’s visceral, undeniable, irreplaceable, and painful as hell. They say you can love more than one person, which might be true, but only one person can own your soul. Once it’s been snatched, there is nothing left to give to another.

I love three people, but only one of them is the center of my entire being. Only one I will burn the world for without a thought about the damage I will reap. She’s the one who grounds me, lifts me up, and comforts me. She’s the one who gives me peace and a sense of belonging.

There are days when I gaze at Stella, and every organ in my body hurts. My brain gets twisted with ideas of someone trying to hurt her. My heart aches at the notion of her ever leaving us. And my cock throbs just as it does now while I watch her sleep.

Her legs are on my lap, her pretty dark hair fanned out along the sofa as her chest rises and falls in utter tranquility. I’ve never considered the concept of God to be real. With the fucked-up shit I’ve seen and done, it’s hard to acknowledge that there’s some divine being who gives a fuck about us. And I’ve searched for the meaning of life and all the fucking bullshit that goes with it. But divinity didn’t make sense until Stella stumbled into my life. Perhaps God isn’t a being but a feeling—a notion that you’re loved and wanted. That someone out there gives a shit about you if a bullet gets lodged in your brain. If that’s the case, then Stella provides me with everything.

I’m pretty sure I believe in the holy spirit while I’m fucking her. The pearly gates open to me, and landscapes of heaven cloud my mind, transporting me to a state of utopian bliss.

My revelry is cut short with a loud animalistic grunt.

Axel is standing over her, his dick in his hand hovering above her face, staring in wonder. I’m not sure why fucking her while she sleeps is so damn hot, but the two of us are into this shit. I never claimed I wasn’t fucked up, just that I’m slightly less fucked up than my two best friends. What we like to do to her isn’t rose petals and breakfasts in bed. But the sexual acts while she’s sleeping make me question my sanity.

I guess it’s not as depraved as before when she didn’t realize she was ours yet. Back then, shit was more twisted. We’d break into her college apartment while she was asleep and eat her out or rub cum all over her. At least now she knows we do it.

Kian clears his throat, forcing my eyes on him. He glares at me over his dark-rimmed glasses, some mild-mannered shit that completely contrasts his volatile and deranged nature. “You could wake her. This necrophilia thing you and Ronan got going with her is weird as fuck.”

My eyebrow lifts. “You really gonna say this is weird, blood boy?”

Kian puts down his book, the corner of his lip turning up into a devious smile. “Blood is about the living. It’s the nourishment of life. It’s what makes our hearts beat. Your shit is about the dead. I’ll confidently say wanting to fuck a person who can’t take part is exponentially more fucked up.”

Axel chuckles. “What about the belt?”

Kian leans back in the chair, arms crossed almost like a challenge. “Again, about life. Pain is crucial to living. That’s how we know we survived, that we’re still alive.”

Axel walks over to me and lifts Stella’s feet off my thighs. “Gonna have to get you to move there.”

I rise, and he moves between her legs, not wasting any time as his large hands glide up the hem of her dress, moving it to expose her creamy thighs.

“We should put the engagement presents away,” Kian suggests. His voice is husky, and his eyes glaze over with lust. He might not be into fucking her while she sleeps, but he sure will take in the show without complaint.

Stella shifts but doesn’t move as Axel lines up his cock with her glistening slit and slowly enters her with one full thrust.

Kian’s hand moves to his crotch, and he adjusts himself. “Better be careful. If you wake her, your whole kink is out the window.”