His to Take (The Rowdy Johnson Brothers #1) Read Online Tory Baker

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I’m a man who knows what he wants and what I want is Birdie.

It hurt like hell to watch her leave our small town to set off and chase her college dreams. I let her go once, I’m not letting it happen again.

Now she’s home for good, and I’ll stop at nothing to keep her with me, always. Even if that means tying her to me in every way possible.

Are you ready for the first book in the Rowdy Johnson Brothers? Lane may be the youngest of six cowboys but he’s not afraid to go after what he wants, on the ranch, in the saddle, and the woman he loves.

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Four years and a few months earlier

“Lane.” I look up from where I’m working, already knowing the owner of that voice. Beatrice “Birdie” Robertson is making her way toward me, and the fence I was working on can now wait. She’s more than worthy of all my attention. I watch as she walks toward me while I stand up from my crouched state, taking off my hat to wipe away the sweat with my forearm before putting it back in place.

There’s no denying the attraction I feel for Birdie, from my heart to my damn dick. They both perk right up whenever she’s near. Hell, even if she isn’t around. The slightest hint of Birdie, and I’m ready to abandon whatever the fuck I’m doing and go after her. My eyes soak in her beauty, from her boot-covered feet to her bare shoulders. She’s in her normal attire for summer—a tank top of some type and cutoff jean shorts.

There’s a tight smile on her face, no longer relaxed like I left her in my bed this morning. That was after I woke her up with my cock sliding in and out of her tight heat. Leaving her naked and in my bed was hard as hell, especially in her fuck-drunk state and slowly falling back asleep, but I had shit to do, and if I'd stayed any longer, my brothers would give me a ration of shit.

“Babe,” I reply. I’ve heard her say my name in many ways—when she’s happy, when she’s worried, when she’s sad, and when she’s breathless. The last one being my favorite. Right now, there’s a difference in her tone. The outside world may think it’s full of joy. It’s not. Sure, she’s putting on a brave face and trying to hide the strain in her voice, and there’s no way I’m going to let something bring her down when I can fix it.

“Lane,” she repeats my name. She’s closer now, and I can see the tightness around her eyes and lips. Gone is the soft and pliant woman from this morning. My gut sinks as I think the worst. Birdie and her mom live on the neighboring ranch, one of the three, along with ours. Each corner butts up to one another. They only moved here to Arrowleaf, Wyoming, last year. Birdie’s mom bought old man Keller’s ranch when he was ready to retire. His kids didn’t want to take over the family farm, and as much as my family wouldn’t have minded adding to our own ranch, we had plenty of land and work. Mom and Dad are still very hands-on, as are my five older brothers. Now Ms. Robertson, Birdie’s mom, turned the old cattle ranch into a flower farm, and from what I can see and hear, it’s doing damn good.

“Baby, everything okay?” She shakes her head yet smiles, giving me not a fucking hint of what could be bothering her.

“Yes, no, maybe.” My hands move to her waist, pulling her closer as soon as she’s within reaching distance. Birdie’s hands rest on my shoulders, not caring a bit that I’m a sweaty mess. I dip my head. One thing for sure, I need a taste of her on my lips, and she needs to know I’m here, no matter fucking what. Her eyes close, a sigh escapes, and my tongue licks at her lower lip until she opens for me. I use my teeth to nip where I just licked, knowing exactly what she wants and needs. Only then do I allow our tongues to meet. She melts into my body, fingers gripping my slick skin beneath my shirt, and as much as it pains me to pull away, if I don’t, we’ll be doing a hell of a lot more than talking.

“Better?” I ask once our kiss ends.

“A little.” Her hazel eyes meet mine for a moment before she looks over my shoulder. Clearly, things are not alright, and it’s going to be me who pries it out of her.

“Birdie, you can tell me anything.”

“I know. This is just hard. I don’t want to have to pick between you and college, but there’s no other option, Lane. It’s stay here and go to the local college or take the full-ride scholarship in Colorado.” Well, fuck, no wonder she’s a mess of emotions.

“That’s fucking amazing. I’m so damn proud of you.” All Birdie has ever wanted to do is go to college, be the first one in her family to have a degree and walk across the stage with her diploma.

“Yeah, but that means I have to choose between you here or college in Colorado.” I’ll be damned if I make her choose between me or her dream. This sucks, big time, but what kind of man would I be if I asked her to stay?