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USA Today Bestselling Author, Dani René, brings you a friends to lovers romance, with suspense, twists, and steam!

I saved her, but I didn’t want to be a hero.

Callia was too young for me, she was off limits. I didn’t want to darken her light with my past, with my secrets.

And when my world comes crashing down, there’s only one person who is by my side, keeping me from breaking down.

Now, I have to make a choice—Do I let her in, or do I spend my life alone?

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The Past

Twenty Years Old

Ma is sittin’ in the garden, the sun shinin’ down on her, when I walk out of the house ta join her. My da’s away on business at the moment, and I know Ma misses him while he’s away.

The cup of tea in my hand is made fer her. I wanted ta do somethin’ special and tell her I love her before I go off to meet Orla. I didn’t think I’d end up datin’ an Irish girl, only ta bring her over to Italy ta meet Ma. And now I’m plannin’ on talkin’ ta Ma about movin’ Orla over here permanently.

I love Orla. It’s somethin’ I’ve spoken ta Ma about, and she’s asked me so many questions. Ma seems ta think I’m too young ta fall in love. But I know how I feel about my girl, and I can see myself bein’ with her fer the rest of our lives. It’s fun when we’re together, but I have ta travel a lot fer work, so we don’t get as much time as I’d like. I was goin’ ta suggest we settle down together in Belfast, but her family aren’t too happy about her bein’ with me, so I’ve decided ta bring her out here ta get her away from them.

They’re judgemental arseholes.

“Thank you, my sweet boy,” Ma says in her strong Italian accent.

I love listenin’ ta Ma speakin’ with her friends. There’s somethin’ exotic about it. I’ve spent far too long in Ireland ta consider myself Italian, and with Da’s Belfast accent being so strong, I’ve picked it up and it’s stuck with me.

“I’m thinkin’ of askin’ Orla ta move out here,” I tell Ma who glances up at me, surprise clear on her expression. “What’s that look fer?”

“I didn’t think you wanted that kind of commitment. I mean, the only reason you should be thinking about moving in together is if you’re going to ask her to marry you.”

Ma comes from a very traditional background. No sex before marriage. And when you do get married, it has to be in the Catholic church. When she married Da, her family denounced her, told her ta leave and never return. At first she begged for them ta reconsider. But the ultimatum was clear—them or my father.

She chose love over blood.

When Da started workin’ fer the mafia, my parents hoped Ma’s relatives would change their minds about him. With the rest of the men from Ma’s side of the family workin’ fer the mafia, Da hoped he would finally be accepted by them. But it didn’t help.

Da fell into the work easily, and havin’ decided he never wanted ta leave, he took the vow; he made the promise. But Ma’s family still didn’t accept him, and my parents continued to live separately from them.

I know who my relatives are. I’ve seen them around the village where we live, but they won’t acknowledge me. Even if I were to greet one of them, I’d be ignored.

I’ve come ta accept it.

I realise Ma is still waitin’ on an answer from me.

“I don’t know about marriage just yet, but I can see us gettin’ wed in the future,” I tell her. “I’d like her ta live here with me, so we can have more time together. It also means I won’t have ta travel to Ireland as much.”

Ma smiles. It’s as if she knows somethin’ I don’t…maybe she does. With age comes knowledge.

“You know I’ll always be there for you. And I support your decisions, but don’t commit to something you’re not ready for. Okay?” She offers me a gentle smile and I nod.

“Aye, I promise I’ll only ask her ta move here if it feels right. It’s not been an overnight decision, but I’ll think about what you’ve said on the drive to the hotel.” I know Ma’s right. I don’t want ta do somethin’ I’ll regret later in life. “Thanks, Ma.”

“Okay, my sweet boy.”

I lean in ta kiss her cheek before leavin’ ta make my way ta the hotel where Orla is stayin’. When Orla mentioned she wanted ta come out and see me, she said she’d feel less pressure if she were ta have her own space while stayin’ here. I’m not sure what she meant by that, but I want her ta be happy, so I didn’t argue.

By the time I arrive at the hotel, I’m nervous ta see her again. I tap out a message on my phone ta let her know I’m in the reception area, and settle down on one of the fancy leather sofas.

When she appears in the lobby, I smile, takin’ in the pretty woman who’s lookin’ like she’s anxious, her gaze shiftin’ nervously between me and the guests movin’ around us.

The expression on her face isn’t as happy as I thought it would be, and when she reaches me, she doesn’t lean up on her tiptoes ta kiss me like she usually does. Instead, she gives me a brief hug before quickly steppin’ back as if I were nothin’ more than an acquaintance.