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Rider’s packmates have found happiness with their fated ones, and while the Alpha is thrilled for them, he is also lonely and withdrawn. When his friends force him out of isolation, Rider comes face-to-face with his mate Trey, but things don’t go as planned, as Trey wants nothing to do with the big man.
But if they can make it through the rough ride of skewed first impressions, danger, heartache, and baggage, they may both find exactly what they need.

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Chapter One


At the sound of a knock on my door, I placed the book I was reading on the sofa cushion, stood up, and crossed the cool, stone cavern floor. The only people who visited me or even knew of my hidden home were my packmates, so I wasn’t surprised to find Rowdy, Grayson, Ridge, and Zane staring back at me when I opened the door.

Instead of a greeting, Rowdy groaned, “Oh geez, it’s worse than I thought,” as his eyes grazed down my body. I had no idea what he was talking about, and before I could ask, he placed his hands on my thick chest and guided me backwards, until the bends of my knees touched the sofa cushion, and I sat down once more.

My friends filled the remaining seats around the living room and Rowdy informed me, “This is an intervention.”

My eyes narrowed in confusion. “For what?”

“Rider, you’re a badass Alpha; we all know that,” Rowdy began, and the others nodded their agreement. “But look at yourself! You’ve gone from looking like a Daddy to…well, a grandpa.”

I looked down at my clothing when he motioned towards me. I was wearing flannel lounge pants, a button up sweater, and a pair of slippers. Maybe my outfit was slightly grandpa-esque, but so what? I was relaxing at home and I was comfortable. “I don’t see a problem.”

“Oh for the love,” Rowdy grumbled before swatting his hand in the air. “Someone else, take over; I don’t have the strength.”

“The clothes aren’t the problem,” Ridge stepped in, giving an irritated glance at Rowdy before looking back at me. “We’re worried about you. Besides when you take your turn harvesting Dew Drop, we’ve barely seen you leave the cave.”

I’d always been a homebody, preferring relaxation and nature over the hustle and bustle of civilization, but I suppose I had stayed home more lately. “I wanted you four to have plenty of time alone,” I explained. Rowdy and Rider only met their mates a few months ago, and I wanted their relationships to have time and space to thrive.

Plus, Rowdy’s mate Grayson was very sick for a very long time. His son Zane was his caregiver, but now that Grayson was healed, he and Zane were enjoying life together as father and son.

“Rider, you’re always welcome with us,” Zane offered, and the sincerity in his voice made me smile. “We never want you to feel alone.”

But that was part of the problem as well; as much as I enjoyed being with my friends, I couldn’t help but feel more alone when we were together. While I was thrilled that they’d found their mates, it was hard to see them doting on their men. It reinforced that I had no one to love; no one to call my own, no matter how desperately I desired it.

“We would love an evening together,” Ridge piped up, and with that, Rowdy slapped his knees in decision.

“You’re coming with us to Pride Place tonight. I’ll be working at the bar.”

I wasn’t a huge fan of the club scene; it was noisy and crowded. But also, “So, I’m just supposed to watch you work?”

Rowdy shrugged and gave me a smirk. “Guys love watching me work.”

“Yeah, they do,” Grayson agreed, pulling his man tighter. “They can watch all they want, but nobody gets to touch what’s mine.” Grayson ate other mens’ jealousy like it was his favorite dessert. He took pride in having a sexy, young thing, and loved to show him off.

Zane interjected, “You can hang out with me and Ridge; maybe get a drink or two and relax.”

“And who knows,” Rowdy joined in again, “Maybe you’ll meet someone there who will let you do more than watch.” He flicked his eyebrows and made a wiggling gesture with his tongue.

I wasn’t much for one night stands. I was looking for a deeper connection; my one and only. “I don’t think my mate will magically appear in the club.”

“Well, he’s sure as shit not appearing in this cave,” Rowdy argued. “Come on, I’m not taking no for an answer.” He stood up and clasped my wrists before pulling me to my feet. Though he was small, he was strong like other shifters, and could tug on my larger, broader body. “But before we leave, you have to change clothes. I will deny knowing you if you show up to the club wearing that.”

I rolled my eyes at my well-meaning, but sometimes vexing friend. However, I knew that my current outfit wouldn’t suffice for the club, and that Rowdy wouldn’t stop nagging me until I agreed, so I retreated to my bedroom to change.

I stepped back out into the living room wearing a nice pair of jeans and a checkered shirt. But before I could say a word, Rowdy was shaking his head at me. “You’re built like a brick wall and you’re wearing flannel to cover it up? Try again.”