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The couple is excited to finally tie the knot,
but their plans are thwarted by a group of new enemies.

Santino will stop at nothing to protect his love and their future together,
but with these dangerous forces standing in their way,
it’s uncertain if they will be able to make it down the aisle.

Will this couple beat their enemies or die trying?

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Dancing with the Dead


The moonlight illuminated the funeral procession as they slowly marched past the white mansion like ghostly serpents.

The men and women were elegantly dressed in blood-red.

All donned elaborate, menacing masks. Some of their masks only covered the upper half of their face. Other faces were completely hidden. Glittering gems adorned some of the masks, while many looked like skulls. Several resembled grimacing animal heads.

They looked like a luxurious army of nightmarish figures, eager to devour the world.

Meanwhile, several men carried coffins made from polished wood and outlined in gold leaf.

Lots of women held burning bushels of sage in their hands.

Almost all sang out these odd, haunting, rhythmic chants over and over. Others cried, filling the air with an eerie chorus of mourning.

They continued forward to Dream Lake. When they reached the waters’ edge, they placed the coffins side by side, and separated into groups that spread out to various areas surrounding the lake.

There, they stood next to the water in reverent silence.

The lake’s black surface reflected the stars above them.

So far so good.

Kashmere was adamant that my men and I could only be observers and remain at a safe distance near the mansion.

First, tonight’s event was a secret, sacred ritual that only Killer Crows participated in. We had not married yet, so I would not be considered a true Killer Crow if I tried to attend. That would make things even more tense. I didn’t want to bring more trouble her way.

We will play by Killer Crow rules for now, my love.

Second, Kashmere had not even wanted me to be outside tonight, scared the Dream Lake’s ghosts would taunt and torment my men and me. All day, she had warned us of the dangers of the spooky lake, where restless spirits lingered and had been known to wreak havoc on the living—especially white people.

While I had shuddered at the thought of being playthings for these vengeful souls, I also refused to remain in the mansion when something could happen to her on the outside.

Ghosts or not, my future wife must be protected.

Therefore, Kashmere and I came to a compromise. My men and I would remain far off by the mansion, armed and watching. Additionally, we would not get too close to the lake or interfere with their ceremony in any way.

Stay safe, my love.

Finally, if any ghosts appeared near us, we were to rush back into the house.

My gaze drifted across the lake, where I saw the sea of people enveloped in red. Their suffering and mourning echoed across the lake’s moonlit surface.

Which one of you may want revenge?

The Killer Crows weren’t just some simple gang. They operated like a business.

Long ago, the organization itself began with them being diamond thieves. Now they fenced luxury items like sports cars, jewelry, art, etc.

Kashmere served at the top level as Chairman. She was the second female to hold the title and the youngest Chairman in the history of the Killer Crows.

Under her, thirty men were supposed to provide guidance while she ruled. They were called the Board of Directors. The Board was also divided into two branches—Shareholders and Executives. Each branch held fifteen men.

Before I arrived, most of them did not want to work with Kashmere. Some probably figured she was too young to rule. I bet many did not like the idea that she was a woman having such a high position. But mainly they were power hungry.

Have you all learned your lesson when it comes to plotting against and challenging Kashmere?

Three days ago, Kashmere and I killed all of Killer Crow’s Executives. This was the first time in their history a Chairman had done such a thing.

Now Kashmere had fifteen slots to fill and many enemies lurking within the shadows, ready to seek revenge.

No one better come for her. Do not test me.

My veins coursed with the power of the DeLuca Family—an army of thousands upon thousands of Italian mafia soldiers ready to take out anyone who threatened what was mine. Already, I could feel the heat of their guns building up inside me as I anticipated the chaos that could ensue.

“Well. Well.” Tommaso stepped to my right and patted down his dark, wavy hair. He was a tall man that was so pale he looked like he had been built from marble.

In the DeLuca family, Tommaso was not a true soldier. I had never saw him personally shoot anyone. I wasn’t even sure if he could. Tommaso’s duties were to manage events and gatherings. He made sure proper security was in place as well as ensuring celebrations were thrilling and exciting.

When Don Enzo needed a massacre, he called me.

While Tommaso was phoned for birthdays, weddings, and funerals. In fact, he would be planning Kashmere and my wedding.

Tonight, a small red mask covered half of Tommaso’s face. “This is quite a festive event. By chance, do you know when the cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served?”