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Sniper (Exiled Guardians MC #1)

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Hope Ford

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An Alpha Older Man, Younger Curvy Woman MC Lite Romance
WARNING: This book does talk about previous physical abuse from husband. Also, heroine starts relationship while still technically married to her abuser.
I once served with her older brother and when she ran into some trouble, she came looking for me. She shows up at the gate to the club begging for my help.
Of course, I’m going to help her - I would never turn away a woman in trouble. But with her, its more. I’m going to claim her. Make her mine… and never let her go.

I’ve made some mistakes… some that could cost me my life. So I find Sniper… the one man that my brother trusted more than anyone. He agrees to help me.
But at what cost? He’s my savior… my warrior. But this bad boy is not giving me my freedom… he has other plans.

Dear Reader,
I love to read MC romances. I’ve just always enjoyed reading about the tightness of the MC brothers and the way they love their women. I love it so much that I have always wanted to write one. However, being a short story romance author, it seemed impossible to build an in depth storyline like most MC romance series, but I wanted to give it a try. Therefore, I present to you my version of an MC romance. I’m borrowing the term MC Lite from Frankie Love. It is heavy on the motorcycle club sense of family, it has lots of alpha men and the curvy women that love them. However, it is a little lite on the drama and most violence is handled off page. I sincerely hope you like it.
This is a Steamy, Sweet, Short Story Romance. No Cliffhangers. This is the first story in the Exiled Guardians MC Series. If you love short romances with insta love, hot love scenes, and a sweet story, then this one is for you.
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Exiled Guardians MC Series by Hope Ford

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Chapter 1


I stand at the gate, looking at the big tattooed man with the oily hair and wonder if I made the mistake of running from one evil to another.

He sneers at me and the way he glances down my body has my stomach rolling.

“Jeremy Johnson. He has to be here. Can you please check?” I plead with him again. If he’s not here, I don’t know what I’ll do… where I’ll go. I don’t have any money left. Not after I bought the bus ticket and ate some food on the way here. Two dollars and sixty-five cents. That’s all the money I have to my name. Regardless of how little I have, I know I can’t go back where I came from. I’ll be dead the minute I walk in the door.

The dirty man grabs his crotch and thrusts his hips at me. “Honey, there’s no Jeremy Johnson here. But I’ll help you… I’m just the man you need.”

He takes a step toward me and when I go to pull away, he grabs on to my wrist. I almost faint then. I can feel the dizziness about to take over and I can’t stop the thoughts in my head asking, Is this really it? Did I survive all of that only to end up here in this position? I’ve had about all I can take. I’ve survived the last few weeks and when I finally got away, I came straight here. It was the only place I could think of, straight to the only man that I thought I could trust to help me.

My older brother, Allen, served in the army with Jeremy Johnson. They kept in touch through the years and when my brother got sick, right before he passed away, he told me that if I ever needed someone, Jeremy would help me. Well, at the time, I didn’t think anything of it. But now, he’s the one and only person that I’ve thought about since I ran from my husband.

I was eighteen when I got married. I thought I loved him and the first year of our marriage was fine. However, by the second, he started getting mad all the time and taking it out on me. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been in the hospital. You would think that someone would be suspicious, someone would help me. But that wasn’t the case. My husband, I found out only recently, is a drug trafficker. And he controls half the town.

I couldn’t leave him, I couldn’t divorce him and no one would help me. After my last beating, he left me with no one watching me. I started paying attention to his routine. And like always, after he beats me, he leaves the house. He’s usually only gone a few hours. I guess he figures if he beats me enough, I will be unconscious for a while. Well, this time I was ready. I egged him on.

I told him I was going to get a job. He flew off the handle, like I knew he would. He started screaming and instead of hunkering down, I started talking back. I wanted him to beat me. That was the only way I would be able to escape… as crazy as that sounds. As soon as he left the house, I left my phone and all my clothes, stole one of his cars out of the garage and drove two towns over to hop on a bus. I had made sure the timing would be perfect so I wouldn’t have to hang around. The only thing I brought with me was some money I had been skimming off the grocery bill and the address for Jeremy Johnson. That’s it. I didn’t pack a bag. He would have noticed and I didn’t take time to grab anything else.

I look up into the soulless man’s eyes as his hand grips the back of my neck. My whole body tenses, knowing I don’t want this to happen, but knowing I don’t have the strength to stop it.

“Prospect, what are you doing?”

At the sound of another man’s voice, I have a renewed energy and start to struggle.

“Let her go… Now!” the man towering over the both of us demands.

I’m instantly released and I barely stay upright on my feet.

The man that was holding me only moments ago starts muttering, “She’s here looking for a Jeremy Johnson. There’s no man here by that name. I figure she was sent by the Kings and I was going to rough her up and send her back where she belongs, Brick.”

I can barely focus on what the man is saying, I’m too caught up in the beast of a man staring down at me. He’s huge and I realize now that I have no chance of getting out of here alive. My shoulders drop and my legs start to give out.