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Sugar And Spice (The Boyfriend Diaries #9)

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S.E. Law

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Sugar and Spice taste so nice, especially when the two flavors are mixed together.
I’m a romance author who’s never been with a man.
It’s crazy since I write over-the-top steamy scenes that would make you gasp with shock and pleasure.
But one day, my dream comes true.
Kade and Brandon are two handsome male models who make my mouth water. They’re built like Greek gods with wide shoulders, broad chests, and two certain *somethings* that make me beg for more.
Even better, one tastes like sugar, and the other spice.
But can we make it work after I discover I’m pregnant with their baby?
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The Boyfriend Diaries Series by S.E. Law

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S.E. Law



It’s an odd thing – to be a romance writer with no real romantic experience. But here I am, a twenty-five year-old wallflower finding success in writing steamy erotic romance novels. I have an active imagination that is fueled by reading quality erotica and watching a dirty video online every so often, so I’m not completely ignorant as to what happens between the sheets. Given that I’m doing relatively well in the world of erotic literature, I’d venture to say that my readers enjoy what I imagine. The super-hot, crazy billionaire with an alpha-male personality is always romance gold. Heck, I’d like to meet someone like that myself one day.

But over the years, I’ve learned that readers are often quite curious about the authors they read. If they like you, then they’ll eat up your biography and buy every one of your books. But if they found out that Jane Morgan, erotic romance writer, is an inexperienced virgin … well, that would be very interesting, to say the least.

Which is why I’m a little nervous to be at this romance convention in Vegas. It’s going to be filled with hard-core readers who know exactly what they’re talking about.

“How do you find inspiration?” or “Is there someone that gives you ideas for scenes?” are questions that I know I’ll be fielding at this convention, but I can’t exactly tell them that I’ve never so much as seen a man’s rod in person, let alone deep throat it. I’ve thought about making up a boyfriend – he’s absolutely gorgeous in my mind – and telling the convention goers that he’s the source of my inspiration. But what if it goes wrong? And if I’m being honest, I find it hard to believe a truly handsome man would go for a thick and curvy girl like myself. Not many men go for the plump body that I sport because it’s a far cry from the stick thin figures gracing the covers of magazines.

Sure, I’ve come a long way from the lonely student that wrote steamy fiction in her spare time, or even from the dead-tired waitress that stayed up well into the night crafting filthy scenes from the depths of her mind, but the potential questions really make me nervous. What if readers ask detailed questions about my experiences in bed? What will I say?

I’ve thought about telling a vague truth: I have an active imagination. It’s technically true, but it lacks the sexy lifestyle that my readers likely imagine of me. They want someone glamorous like Danielle Steele or Jackie Collins. They would be disappointed to find out that my steamy scenes are concocted from basically thin air, and that I’m making it all up. It takes the zip out of things.

Maybe I’ll go with the third option and tell the fans that I can’t reveal my sources. This is a safe option, but it is a total buzzkill. I hate to disappoint the people who love my work, especially since by nature, I’m a people-pleaser. It’s weird to behave like a top secret agent, when really, I just want my readers to be happy.

A knock on my hotel door pulls me from my reverie and opening it reveals my best friend and publicist, Mattie. She’s my complete opposite in appearance and I know that if we hadn’t been paired up as college roommates freshman year, I never would have thought to be friends. She’s beautiful in a Vogue cover kind of way – legs a mile long and long blonde hair thrown carelessly over her shoulder in beachy waves. With the way she looks, people never assume that Mattie would have a heart of gold, but she’s the nicest person I know. She flashes me a smile and makes her way into my room.

“Time to get ready! We’re going to the hotel bar.” Mattie is practically bouncing. Her personality comes out a lot when she gets excited and she’s been excited for this Vegas trip for weeks, even if it’s for work.

“Jeans and a t-shirt aren’t good enough for a hotel bar?” I ask with confusion. It’s what I’m most comfortable in, after all.

“No. Absolutely not. Cocktail dress. The hot blue one. Chop, chop, Jane.”

I sigh and accept defeat. Mattie doesn’t have to work hard to convince me of anything because she’s pretty much always right when it comes to clothes. Maybe this is an extra-fancy bar and I’d look out of place in my jeans and sneakers.

Sighing, I grab a navy dress from the hanger in the closet and move to the bathroom to get changed. Mattie smiles encouragingly at me as I close the door. I know she doesn’t care if I were to change in front of her, but there’s something hugely vulnerable about changing in front of a person with a body of a goddess. My thick thighs and round belly don’t compare to the smooth planes and tight butt that Mattie has worked hard for.