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This Valentine’s Day, he needs to keep his mind on the Big Game.
So how can I tell him he’s knocked up his best friend’s little sister?
I can’t believe I hooked up with my brother’s best friend Steve!
I’ve long had a crush on him but didn’t kiss him until my graduation party.
Unfortunately that also doubled as his going away party.
He’s been drafted by the NFL and is headed off to play football for them.
Meanwhile I’m starting college in a different city.
But it turns out I’ll be taking something of Steve’s with me.
Because over a month later, I find out I’m pregnant!
My brother is so livid about it that I don’t tell him Steve’s the father.
He already disapproved of my crush on him because he thinks he’s a player.
So I’m surprised as Steve shows up when the baby is born on Valentine’s Day.
He says he’s in love with me and wants to claim what’s his.
But we both know my brother will be having none of that.
He wants to be in my life for real, not just on the down low.
But are both of us ready to face super high stakes to make that happen?

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Chapter 1 – Bella

I can’t believe I’ve finally graduated from high school.

Sometimes it seemed like this day would never come, yet it did.

Now my brother Derek and I are at our house celebrating at my graduation party. We spent the whole day decorating and making everything look amazing. And our time and effort really paid off.

The house is crowded, and all our guests are partying and enjoying themselves. Derek and I stand by the refreshment table, each helping ourselves to something to drink. We decided to go all out on the party, so there's no shortage of beer, wine coolers, or snacks.

My brother gives me a one-armed hug.

"I'm so proud of you, little sis," he says, and walks away from the table with a drink in his hand as I call after him.


Now I’m just standing here looking at the crowd in awe as I admire the turnout. Everyone from school is here, as well as my brother Derek's best friend, Steve, of course.

What would this party be without Steve?

What would anything in my life be like without Steve, actually?

We've known him forever. Steve and Derek are the same age and they played football together in high school. Then they both went to state college together and play ball there, too.

Their football careers have been similar throughout their entire friendship.

The only difference between them— and it’s a pretty big one, and a brand new one— is that Steve just got drafted to play in the NFL, for the New York Leviathans team.

Since we’re so close, we decided that my graduation party would double as Steve's going away party.

Everyone's dancing and eating and talking and just enjoying themselves. I lose myself in my thoughts, though, as they turn towards Steve like they always end up doing no matter how many times I try to stop them.

We grew up together, the three of us, despite the two of them being older than I am. I never really thought of Steve as an older brother figure— in fact, just the opposite.

I always had a crush on him growing up. Even now, as I watch him standing in the crowd, talking to my brother, I can't help but admit to myself that I still have a big crush on him. He looks so handsome and suave tonight— even more than usual.

Everyone has dressed up a little for the party. I made sure to keep my outfit modest because I know how overprotective my brother is. He’s been more like a father to me than a brother, and although I appreciate his efforts to take care of me, I often wish he would realize I’ve grown up now and I can handle my own.

Eventually Steve drifts away and some of the girls at our party immediately start talking to him. I quickly look away.

This is all very typical, since he's so good looking. He’s also known to be charming, so it's easy to see why girls swoon over him. But still— I can’t help but get a bit jealous, even though I know I could never have him. My brother would kill him and probably lock me up in my room for life.

As the party rages on, everyone gradually gets tipsier and tipsier. My parents are the first to pass out drunk in the corner. That's also something that’s quite typical, sadly, and it’s a big part of the reason Derek has always had to step into a parental role in my life, even though he’s actually just my brother.

Suddenly my friend Janice rushes over to me.

"Oh, my gosh, this party is so great!" she exclaims loudly, as if we’re half a football field away from each other.

Clearly, she’s one of the tipsy guests. And she's going to be completely sloshed if she doesn't slow down on the drinks. She nearly falls over and so we both burst into laughter.

"Yes, it is. Can you really believe we're actually graduating?" I ask her, because I still feel a bit incredulous about it myself.

“Sure can!” she says. “Felt like it would never happen, so it’s about time!”

“That’s true.”

I nod, thinking about how weird it is that some things can sometimes feel like they take forever and also like they’re over so soon, all at the same time.

Janice pulls me into the crowd, and we start dancing with our drinks in our hands. I tell myself to stop brooding over Steve and feeling jealous. Tonight's all about having fun and celebrating.

After the song ends, I gulp the rest of my drink thirstily. Then I head back over to the table and pick up another wine cooler. Steve's there too, also getting a drink.

"Hey, you, congratulations!" he says.

I smile and blush a little at him.

"Oh, thanks," I reply shyly.

I open my drink and take a quick sip for courage. He leans over and gives me a quick hug. It wakes up all the feelings that I have for him again, as they all float back up to the surface. I feel like I literally have to fight them down.